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CPAN Data Type Utilities Algorithm Modules

Algorithm::Accounting - Generate accounting statistic for general logs

Algorithm::Accounting - Generate accounting statistic for general logs

Algorithm::AhoCorasick - efficient search for multiple strings

Algorithm::Annotate - represent a series of changes in annotate form

Algorithm::BinPack - efficiently pack items into bins

Algorithm::Bucketizer - Distribute sized items to buckets with limited size

Algorithm::C3 - A module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm

Algorithm::CRF - Perl binding for CRF++

Algorithm::CheckDigits - Perl extension to generate and test check digits

Algorithm::ChooseSubsets - OO interface to iterate through subsets of a list.

Algorithm::Closest::NetworkAddress - finds the closest network address from a defined list

Algorithm::Cluster - Perl interface to the C Clustering Library.

Algorithm::Combinatorics - Efficient generation of combinatorial sequences

Algorithm::CurveFit - Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting

Algorithm::Dependency::Objects - An implementation of an Object Dependency Algorithm

Algorithm::Dependency::Source::DBI - Database source for Algorithm::Dependency

Algorithm::Dependency - Base class for implementing various dependency trees


Algorithm::Diff - Compute `intelligent' differences between two files / lists

Algorithm::DrillDown - Turns a long list into an easy-to-navigate tree

Algorithm::EquivalenceSets - FIXME

Algorithm::Evolutionary - Perl extension for performing paradigm-free evolutionary algorithms.

Algorithm::Evolve - An extensible and generic framework for executing evolutionary algorithms

Algorithm::FEC - Forward Error Correction using Vandermonde Matrices

Algorithm::FastPermute - Rapid generation of permutations

Algorithm::FloodControl - Limit event processing to count/time ratio.

Algorithm::GDiffDelta - generate and apply GDIFF format binary deltas

Algorithm::GenerateSequence - a sequence generator

Algorithm::HITS::Lite - HITS algorithm implementation not requiring PDL

Algorithm::HITS - Perl implementation of HITS algorithm

Algorithm::Hamming::Perl - Perl implementation of ECC Hamming encoding, for single bit auto error correction.

Algorithm::HowSimilar - Perl extension for quantifying similarites between things

Algorithm::Huffman - Perl extension that implements the Huffman algorithm

Algorithm::IncludeExclude - build and evaluate include/exclude lists

Algorithm::Interval2Prefix - Generate prefixes from intervals

Algorithm::InversionList - Perl extension for generating an inversion list from a bit sequence.

Algorithm::Knap01DP - Solves the 0-1 Knapsack problem using the Dynamic Programming Technique

Algorithm::Knapsack - brute-force algorithm for the knapsack problem

Algorithm::LCSS - Perl extension for getting the Longest Common Sub-Sequence

Algorithm::LUHN - Calculate the Modulus 10 Double Add Double checksum

Algorithm::LatticePoints - Run code for each lattice points

Algorithm::Line::Bresenham - simple pixellated line-drawing algorithm

Algorithm::MarkovChain::GHash - Object oriented Markov chain generator, glib/C storage

Algorithm::MarkovChain - Object oriented Markov chain generator

Algorithm::MedianSelect::XS - Median finding algorithm

Algorithm::Merge - Three-way merge and diff

Algorithm::Metric::Chessboard - Calculate distances on a square grid with optional wormholes.

Algorithm::MinMax - Finding the minimum and maximum of an array with at most 3n/2 - 2 comparisons.



Algorithm::NaiveBayes - Bayesian prediction of categories

Algorithm::NeedlemanWunsch - sequence alignment with configurable scoring

Algorithm::Networksort - Create inline comparisons for sorting.

Algorithm::PageRank - Calculate PageRank in Perl

Algorithm::Pair::Best - Perl module to select pairings (designed for Go tournaments, but can be used for anything, really).

Algorithm::Pair::Swiss - Generate unique pairings for tournaments

Algorithm::Partition - Partition a set of integers.

Algorithm::Permute - Handy and fast permutation with object oriented interface

Algorithm::Points::MinimumDistance - Works out the distance from each point to its nearest neighbour. Kinda.

Algorithm::QuadTree - A QuadTree Algorithm class in pure Perl.

Algorithm::QuineMcCluskey - solve Quine-McCluskey set-cover problems

Algorithm::RabinKarp - Rabin-Karp streaming hash

Algorithm::RandomMatrixGeneration - Perl module to generate matrix given the marginals.

Algorithm::RectanglesContainingDot_XS - C/XS implementation of Algorithm::RectanglesContainingDot

Algorithm::RectanglesContainingDot - find rectangles containing a given dot

Algorithm::SISort - Select And Insert sorting algorithm

Algorithm::SVMLight - Perl interface to SVMLight Machine-Learning Package

Algorithm::SVM - Perl bindings for the libsvm Support Vector Machine library.

Algorithm::Scale2x - Generic implementation of the Scale2x algorithm

Algorithm::ScheduledPath - Find scheduled paths in a directed graph

Algorithm::SetCovering - Algorithms to solve the "set covering problem"

Algorithm::SixDegrees - Find a path through linked elements in a set

List::SkipList - Perl implementation of skip lists

List::SkipList - Perl implementation of skip lists


Algorithm::SpiralSearch - Function Optimization of Two Parameters

MyStep - Trace execution steps of an algorithm

Algorithm::TokenBucket - Token bucket rate limiting algorithm

Algorithm::Tree::NCA - Constant time retrieval of I<Nearest Common Ancestor>

Algorithm::Verhoeff - Perl extension for checking and computing Verhoeff check digits