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Perl extension for performing paradigm-free evolutionary algorithms.

Version: 0.54

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::ArithCrossover - Arithmetic crossover operator; performs the average of the n parents crossed

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Base - Base class for OPEAL operators; operators are any object with the "apply" method, which does things to individuals or populations.

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Bitflip - BitFlip mutation

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::BitString - Classic bitstring individual for evolutionary computation; usually called I<chromosome>

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::CanonicalGA - Canonical Genetic Algorithm, with any representation

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::ChangeLengthMutation - Increases/decreases by one the length of the string

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Creator - Operator that generates groups of individuals, of the intended class

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::DeltaTerm - Termination condition for an algorithm; checks that the difference of the best to a target is less than a delta

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Easy - evolutionary algorithm, single generation, with variable operators.

Algorithm::Evolutionary - Perl extension for performing paradigm-free evolutionary algorithms.

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::FullAlgorithm - Skeleton class for a fully-featured evolutionary algorithm

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::GaussianMutation - Changes numeric chromosome components following the gaussian distribution

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::GenerationalTerm - Checks for termination of an algorithm.

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::IncMutation - Increments/decrements by one the value of one of the components of the string, takes into account the char class

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Inverover - Michalewicz\'s inver-over Operator.

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::LinearFreezer - used by Simulated Annealing algorithms

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Mutation - BitFlip mutation, changes several bits in a bitstring, depending on the probability

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::NoChangeTerm - Checks for termination of an algorithm; terminates when several generations transcur without change

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Permutation - Per-mutation. Got it?

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::QuadXOver - n-point crossover operator; puts a part of the second operand into the first operand; can be 1 or 2 points.

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::RouletteWheel - Fitness-proportional selection, using a roulette wheel

SimulatedAnnealing - An operator that performs the simulated annealing algorithm on an individual, using an external freezer.

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::String - A character string to be evolved. Useful mainly in word games

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::TournamentSelect - Tournament selector, takes individuals from one population and puts them into another

Tree - A Direct Acyclic Graph, or tree, useful for Genetic Programming-Style stuff

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::TreeMutation - GP-like mutation operator for trees

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::Vector - Array as an individual for evolutionary computation

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::VectorCrossover - Crossover for L<Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::Vector>.

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Wheel - Random selector of things depending on probabilities

XML - Syntax and semantics of the XML files used in OPEAL