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CPAN Data Type Utilities Data Modules

Data::ACL - Perl extension for simple ACL lists

Data::Alias - Comprehensive set of aliasing operations

Data::All - Access to data in many formats from many places

Data::Annotated - Data structure Annotation module

Data::Average - Hold Data Set To Calculate Average

Data::BT::PhoneBill - Parse a BT Phone Bill from their web site

Data::BenchmarkResults - Perl extension for averaging and comparing multiple benchmark runs.

Data::Bind - Bind and alias variables

Data::BitMask - bitmask manipulation

Data::Bucket - indexed data store

Data::Buffer - Read/write buffer class

Data::CGIForm - Form Data Interface.

Data::CHEF - Complex Hash Exchange Format

Data::COW - clone deep data structures copy-on-write

Data::CTable - Read, write, manipulate tabular data

Data::Classifier - A tool for classifying data with regular expressions

Data::ClearSilver::HDF - Convert from Perl Data Structure to ClearSilver HDF

Data::Comparable - present your object for comparison purposes

Data::Compare - compare perl data structures

Data::Constraint - prototypical value checking

Data::Container - base class for objects containing a list of items

Data::Convert::MicrochipTechnology::Float - Converts Microchip Technology 32-bit float to a number


Data::Conveyor - stage-based conveyor-belt-like ticket handling system

Data::Currency - Container class for currency conversion/formatting

Data::DRef - Delimited-key access to complex data structures

Data::Decode - Pluggable Data Decoder

Data::Define - Make undef's defined


Data::Describe - Perl extension for scanning/describing a text file or array.

Data::Diff - data structure comparison module

Data::Digest - Objects that represent a digest values

Data::Dimensions - Strongly type values with physical units

Data::Direct - Perl module to emulate seqeuntial access to SQL tables.

Data::Display - Perl extension for formating and displaying array.

Data::Diver - Simple, ad-hoc access to elements of deeply nested structures

Data::Domain::Bundle - install Data::Domain and derived distributions

Data::Domain::Net - Data domain classes for IP addresses

Data::Domain::SemanticAdapter - Adapter for Data::Semantic objects

Data::Domain::URI - Data domain classes for URIs

Data::Domain - Data description and validation



Data::Dump::Streamer - Accurately serialize a data structure as Perl code.

Data::DumpXML - Dump arbitrary data structures as XML


Data::Dumper::EasyOO - wraps DD for easy use of various printing styles

Data::Dumper::Names - Dump variables with names

Data::Dumper::Simple - Easily dump variables with names

Data::Dumper - stringified perl data structures, suitable for both printing and C<eval>

Data::Dump - Pretty printing of data structures

Data::ENAML - Perl extension for ENAML data representation

Data::Eacherator - simple each-like iterator generator for hashes and arrays

Data::Encrypted - Transparently store encrypted data via RSA

Data::Entropy - entropy management

Data::Faker::JapaneseFemaleName - Data::Faker plugin

Data::Faker - Perl extension for generating fake data

Data::Fallback - fallback through an array of levels till you find your data, cacheing where desired

Data::Fax - Perl extension for setting up DataFAX object.

Data::Filter - filter data structures with structured filters.

Data::FixedFormat - convert between fixed-length fields and hashes

Data::Float - details of the floating point data type

Data::Flow - Perl extension for simple-minded recipe-controlled build of data.


Data::FormValidator::Constraints::DateTime - D::FV constraints for dates and times

Data::FormValidator::Constraints::HTTP - Simple Data::FormValidator constraint methods for checking various HTTP methods.

Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Japanese - Japan-Specific Constraints For Data::FormValidator

Data::FormValidator::Constraints::MethodsFactory - Create constraints for Data::FormValidator

Data::FormValidator::Filters::HTMLScrubber - Data::FormValidator filter that allows to scrub/sanitize html

Data::FormValidator::Filters::Image - Filter that allows you to shrink incoming image uploads using Data::FormValidator


Data::FormValidator::Util::HTML - HTML utility functions for DFV

Data::FormValidator - Validates user input based on input profile.

Data::Freezer - A namespace aware object freezer based on Pixie.

Data::GUID::URLSafe - url-safe base64-encoded GUIDs

Data::GUID - globally unique identifiers


Data::Grouper - Perl module to aggregate data for use with template modules.

Data::HTMLDumper - Uses Data::Dumper to make HTML tables of structures

Data::Hash::Flatten - isomorphic denormalization of nested HoH into AoH

Data::Hash::Totals - Handle hashes that are totals or counts

Data::HexDump::XXD - format hexadecimal dump like B<xxd>

Data::HexDump - Hexadecial Dumper

Data::Hexdumper - A module for displaying binary data in a readable format

Data::Hexify - Perl extension for hexdumping arbitrary data

Data::Hierarchy::Traverser - Perl extension for generic hierarchy structure traversal.

Data::Hierarchy - Handle data in a hierarchical structure

Data::Hive - convenient access to hierarchical data

Data::ICal::DateTime - convenience methods for using Data::ICal with DateTime

Data::ICal::TimeZone - timezones for Data::ICal

Data::ICal - Generates iCalendar calendar files

Data::ID::Exim - generate Exim message IDs

Data::ID::Maildir - generate maildir-style unique IDs

Data::Inherited - hierarchy-wide accumulation of list and hash results

Data::Integer - details of the native integer data type


Data::Iter - easily iterate over a hash/array

Data::JavaScript::Anon - Dump big dumb Perl structs to anonymous JavaScript structs

Data::JavaScript - Perl extension for dumping structures into JavaScript code

Data::KeyDiff - Diff one set/list against another with a key basis

Data::LazyACL - Simple and Easy Access Control List - "lazy" variables

Data::LetterTree - Native letter tree Perl binding

Data::Library - virtual class for repository support classes

Data::LineBuffer - provide a line oriented data push back facility for input sources

Data::Locations - magic insertion points in your data

MaskPrint - Data format module.

Data::Match - Complex data structure pattern matching

Data::Match - Complex data structure pattern matching

Data::Message - Parse and Reconstruct RFC2822 Compliant Messages

Data::Mining:AssociationRules - Mine association rules and frequent sets from data.

Data::Miscellany - collection of miscellaneous subroutines

Data::MultiValuedHash - Hash whose keys have multiple ordered values

Data::ObjectDriver - Simple, transparent data interface, with caching

Data::OptList - parse and validate simple name/value option pairs

Data::Ovulation - Female ovulation prediction based on basal body temperature values

Data::Package::CSV - A Data::Package class for CSV data using Parse::CSV

Data::Package::SQLite - A data package for a SQLite database

Data::PackageName - OO handling of package name transformations

Data::Package - Base class for packages that are purely data

Data::Page::Balanced - A data pager that will balance the number of entries per page.

Data::Page::Navigation - adds methods for page navigation to Data::Page

Data::Page::Pageset - change long page list to be shorter and well navigate

Data::Page::Set - Print page indexes

Data::Page::Tied - Tied interface for the Data::Page module

Data::Pager - flexible data pager

Data::Pageset::Variable - Variable results on each page of results.

Data::Pageset - Page numbering and page sets

Data::Page - help when paging through sets of results

Data::Paginated - paginate a list of data

Data::Pagination - Paginal navigation on some data

Data::Passphrase - rule-based passphrase strength checker

Data::Password::BasicCheck - Basic password checking

Data::Password::Check - sanity check passwords

Data::Password::Manager - generate, check, manage B<crypt - des> passwords

Data::Password - Perl extension for assesing password quality.

Data::Path - Perl extension for XPath like accessing from complex data structs

Data::PerlSurvey2007 - Data results and simple code for the results of Perl Survey 2007

Data::Phrasebook::Loader::ApacheFormat - Config::ApacheFormat phrasebook loader

Data::Phrasebook::Loader::DBI - Absract your phrases with a DBI driver.

Data::Phrasebook::Loader::Ini - Absract your phrases with ini files.

Data::Phrasebook::Loader::JSON::Syck - A Data::Phrasebook loader for JSON files

Data::Phrasebook::Loader::XML - Absract your phrases with XML.

Data::Phrasebook::Loader::YAML - Absract your phrases with YAML.

Data::Phrasebook - Abstract your queries!

Data::Pivoter - Perl extension for pivot / cross tabulation of data

Data::Pivot - Perl module to pivot a table

Data::Postponed - Delay the evaluation of expressions to allow post facto changes to input variables

Data::PowerSet - Generate all subsets of a list of elements

Data::Presenter - Reformat database reports

Data::Properties - persistent properties

Data::PropertyList - Convert arbitrary objects to/from strings

Data::Quantity - Perl extension for blah blah blah

Data::Queue::Persistent - Perisistent database-backed queue

Data::Random::String - Perl extension for creating random strings

Data::RandomPerson - Create random people

Data::Random - Perl module to generate random data

Reconciliation - Perl extension for data reconciliation

Data::Record - "split" on steroids

Data::RefQueue - Queue system based on references and scalars.

Data::Region - define hierarchical areas with behaviors

Data::Remember - remember complex information without giving yourself a headache

Reporter - Report generator.

Data::Report - Framework for flexible reporting

Data::ResultsHelper - Perl module to helps sort, paginate and display results sets

Data::Reuse - share constant values with Data::Alias

Data::Rlist - A lightweight data language for Perl, C and C++

Data::Rmap - recursive map, apply a block to a data structure

Data::RoundRobin - Serve data in a round robin manner.

Data::RuledValidator::Plugin::Japanese - Data::RuledValidator plugin for Japanese

Data::RuledValidator - data validator with rule

Data::SExpression -- Parse Lisp S-Expressions into perl data structures.


Data::SearchReplace - perl extention for searching and replacing entries in complex data structures

Data::Search - Data structure search



Data::Semantic::Bundle - install Data::Semantic and derived distributions

Data::Semantic::Net - Semantic data classes for net-related data

Data::Semantic::URI - Semantic data classes for URIs

Data::Semantic - Common API for data with semantics attached to them

Data::Serializer:: - Modules that serialize data structures

B<ShowTable> - routines to display tabular data in several formats.


Data::SimplePassword - Simple random password generator

Data::SingletonManager - return/set/clear instances of singletons identified by keys in different namespaces.

Data::Sorting - Multi-key sort using function results

Data::SpreadPagination - Page numbering and spread pagination

Data::StackedHash - Stack of PERL Hashes

Data::StackedMap - An object that stores key/value pairs in a stacked fashion

Data::Stack - A Stack!

Data::Stag - Structured Tags datastructures


Data::Storage - generic abstract storage mechanism


Data::Structure::Util - Change nature of data within a structure

Data::Swap - Swap type and contents of variables

Data::Sync - A simple metadirectory/datapump module

Data::TableAutoSum - Table that calculates the results of rows and cols automatic

Data::Table - Data type related to database tables, spreadsheets, CSV/TSV files, HTML table displays, etc.

Data::Tabular::Dumper - Seamlessly dump tabular data to XML, CSV and XLS.

Data::Tabular - Handy Table Manipulation and rendering Object

Data::Tabulate::Plugin::ASCIITable - generate ASCII tables with C<Data::Tabulate>

Data::Tabulate::Plugin::HTMLTable - HTML::Table plugin for Data::Tabulate

Data::Tabulate - Table generation!

Data::Tabulator - Create a table

Data::Taxi - Taint-aware, XML-ish data serialization

Data::Taxonomy::Tags - Represents a set of tags for any item

Data::Template - Generate data structures from templates

Data::TemporaryBag - Handle long size data using temporary file .

Data::Throttler::Memcached - Memcached-Based Data::Throttler

Data::Throttler - Limit data throughput

Data::Timeline::Bundle - install Data::Timeline and derived distributions

Data::Timeline::IScrobbler - Build a timeline from tracks recorded by iScrobbler

Data::Timeline::SVK - Builds a timeline from an 'svk log'

Data::Timeline - Timelines


Data::ToruCa - ToruCa of NTT DoCoMo for treated.

Tie::Hash::Transactional - A hash with checkpoints and rollbacks

Tie::Hash::Transactional - A hash with checkpoints and rollbacks

Data::Transformer - Traverse a data structure, altering it in place

Data::Traverse - Callback-based depth-first traversal of Perl data structures

Data::TreeDumper::OO - Object oriented interface to Data::TreeDumper

Data::TreeDumper::Renderer::ASCII - Proof of concept renderer for B<Data::TreeDumper>

Data::TreeDumper::Renderer::DHTML - DHTML renderer for B<Data::TreeDumper>

Data::TreeDumper::Renderer::GTK - Gtk2::TreeView renderer for B<Data::TreeDumper>

Data::TreeDumper - Improved replacement for Data::Dumper. Powerful filtering capability.

Data::Types - Validate and convert data types.

Data::Type - robust, extensible data- and valuetype system

Data::URIEncode - Allow complex data structures to be encoded using flat URIs.

Data::UUID - Perl extension for generating Globally/Universally Unique Identifiers.

Data::Uniqid - Perl extension for simple genrating of unique id's

Data::VString - Perl extension to handle v-strings

Data::Validate::Domain - domain validation methods

Data::Validate::Email - common email validation methods

Data::Validate::IP - ip validation methods

Data::Validate::Japanese - Validate Japanese Input

Data::Validate::MySQL - validate against MySQL data types

Data::Validate::Struct - Validate recursive Hash Structures

Data::Validate::URI - common url validation methods

Data::Validate::XSD - Validate complex structures by definition

Data::Validate - common data validation methods


VarPrint - display complex variables on STDOUT

Data::Variant -- Variant datatypes for perl.

Data::Visitor::Encode - Encode/Decode Values In A Structure

Data::Visitor - Visitor style traversal of Perl data structures

Data::Vitals - The Perl "Vital Statistics" Library

B<Data::Walker> - A tool for navigating through Perl data structures

Data::Walk - Traverse Perl data structures

Data::XDumper - Accurate human-readable dumps of perl data structures with labeled cross-references.

Data::XML::Variant - Output XML 'variants'

Data::Xtab - Pivot a table of data.

Data::YAML - Easy YAML serialisation of Perl data structures