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CPAN Data Type Utilities Tie Modules

Tie::Alias::Array - required by Tie::Alias::TIEARRAY

Tie::Alias::Handle - required by Tie::Alias::TIEHANDLE

Tie::Alias::Hash - required by Tie::Alias::TIEHASH

Tie::AliasHash - Hash with aliases key

Tie::Alias - create aliases in pure perl

Tie::Amazon::S3 - tie Amazon S3 buckets to Perl hashes

Tie::Array::BoundedIndex - Bounded arrays

Tie::Array::FileWriter - A Perl module for writing records to files as items are pushed onto a virtual array

Tie::Array::Iterable - Allows creation of iterators for lists and arrays

Tie::Array::Lazy - Lazy -- but mutable -- arrays.

Tie::Array::Packed::Auto - auto uses Tie::Array::Packed or Tie::Array::PackedC

Tie::Array::PackedC - Tie a Perl array to a C-style array (packed; elements of a single, simple data type)

Tie::Array::Packed - store arrays in memory efficiently as packed strings

Tie::Array::Pack - An array implemented as a packed string

Tie::Array::Pointer - ties a perl array to a C pointer

Tie::Array::RestrictUpdates - Limit the number of times you change elements in an array.

Tie::Array::Sorted - An array which is kept sorted

Tie::Array::Unique - Keep array's contents unique

Tie::Assert - Enforces restrictions on variables' contents

Tie::Autotie - Automatically ties underlying references

Tie::CArray - Space-efficient, typed, external C Arrays

Tie::CPHash - Case preserving but case insensitive hash table

Tie::CSV_File - ties a csv-file to an array of arrays

Tie::Cache::LRU::Expires - Extends Tie::Cache::LRU with expiring

Tie::Cache::LRU - A Least-Recently Used cache

Tie::CacheHash - Maintains sorted lists of top entries

Tie::Cacher - Cache aset of key/value pairs. Tie and OO interface.

Tie::Cache - LRU Cache in Memory

Tie::Cfg - Ties simple configuration files to hashes. Handles arrays and recurrent sections.

Tie::CharArray - Access Perl scalars as arrays of characters

Tie::CheckVariables - check/validate variables for their datatype

Tie::Comma - A simple and easy way to format numbers with commas, using a tied hash.

Tie::Concurrent - Paranoid tie for concurrent access

Tie::Config - class definitions for tied hashes config file reading

Tie::Constrained - Auto pre-validation of changes to variables

Tie::CountLoop - Have a counter looping in a scalar with min max and increment value.

Tie::Coupler - Tie based implementation of coupled scalars

Tie::Cvs - Perl extension to tie Hashes to CVS trees

Tie::Cycle::Sinewave - Cycle through a series of values on a sinewave

Tie::Cycle - Cycle through a list of values via a scalar.

Tie::DBI - Tie hashes to DBI relational databases


Tie::DB_FileLock - Locking access to Berkeley DB 1.x

Tie::DB_Lock - ties hashes to databases using shared and exclusive locks

Tie::DNS - Tie interface to Net::DNS

Tie::DataUUID - tie interface to Data::UUID;

Tie::DictFile - tie a hash to local dictionary file

Tie::DirHandle - definitions for tied directory handles

Tie::Dir - class definition for reading directories via a tied hash

Tie::Discovery - Lazily evaluated "discovery" hashes

Tie::DiskUsage - Tie disk-usage to a hash

Tie::DxHash - keeps insertion order; allows duplicate keys

Tie::EncryptedHash - Hashes with encrypting fields.


Tie::ExecHash - Give special powers only to some keys

Tie::FTP - A module to open files on FTP servers as filehandles

Tie::FieldVals - an array tie for a file of enhanced Field:Value data

Tie::File::AsHash - Like Tie::File but access lines using a hash instead of an array

Tie::File::FixedRecLen - Fixed Length Record support for Tie:File

Tie::FileHandle::Base - a base class to simplify filehandle tie module implementation

Tie::FileHandle::Buffer - filehandle tie that captures output

Tie::FileHandle::MultiPlex - filehandle tie that sends output to many destinations

Tie::FileLRUCache - A lightweight but robust filesystem based persistent LRU cache

Tie::FileSystem - Access file system via a Perl hash

Tie::Filehandle::Preempt::Stdin - Preempt STDIN during testing.

Tie::File - Access the lines of a disk file via a Perl array

Tie::Filter - Tie a facade around a scalar, array, or hash


t::Tie::FormA - Complete Software Test Description for the Tie::FormA Program Module

Tie::Formatted - embed sprintf


Tie::Function - wrap functions in tied hash sugar

Tie::GHash - A smaller hash

Tie::Google - Single-variable access to Google search results


Tie::Handle::CSV - easy access to CSV files

Tie::Handle::HTTP - Tie class for doing HTTP range requests for read calls.

Tie::Handle::Scalar - Perl extension for tieing a scalar to a filehandle.

Tie::Handle::TtyRec - write a ttyrec

Tie::Hash::Abbrev::BibRefs - match bibliographic references to the original titles

Tie::Hash::Approx - Approximative match of hash keys using String::Approx

Tie::Hash::CustomStorage - Tie hash and value storage

Tie::Hash::Array - a hash which is internally implemented as a sorted array

Tie::Hash::Cache::MRU - a simple MRU cache with a TIEHASH interface

Tie::Hash::Cannabinol - Perl extension for creating hashes that forget things

Tie::Hash::Constant - make a hash return a constant for all its members

Tie::Hash::Create - Extend Tie::ExtraHash, enables the tie-object to reflect the tied array

Tie::Hash::CustomStorage - Tie hash and value storage

Tie::Hash::Expire - Hashes with keys that expire after a user-set period.

Tie::Hash::FixedKeys - Perl extension for hashes with fixed keys


Tie::Hash::Indexed - Ordered hashes for Perl

Tie::Hash::Interpolate - tied mathematical interpolation/extrapolation

Tie::Hash::KeysMask - Control key aliasing by mask function, e.g. omit case of character distinction

Tie::Hash::Layered - Perl extension for layerable hash values

Tie::Hash::Longest - A hash which knows its longest key and value

Tie::Hash::MultiValue - store multiple values per key

Tie::Hash::Rank - A hash which turns values into ranking positions

Tie::Hash::RegexKeys - Match hash keys using Regular Expressions

Tie::Hash::Regex - Match hash keys using Regular Expressions

Tie::Hash::Sorted - Presents hashes in sorted order

Tie::Hash::Stack - Maintains an array of hashes like a stack.

Tie::Hash::StructKeyed - use structures like hashes and arrays as keys to a hash

Tie::Hash::TwoWay - Perl extension for two-way mapping between two disjoint sets

Tie::Hash::Vivify - Create hashes that autovivify in interesting ways.

Tie::HashDefaults - Let a hash have default values

Tie::HashHistory - Track history of all changes to a tied hash

Tie::History - Perl extension giving scalars, arrays and hashes a history.

Tie::InsertOrderHash - insert-order-preserving tied hash

Tie::IntegerArray - provides a tied array of packed integers of any bit length

Tie::Ispell - Ties an hash with an ispell dictionary

Tie::IxHash::Easy - Auto-ties internal hashes in a tied hash

Tie::IxHash::FromText - A parser for contructing IxHash objects

Tie::IxHash - ordered associative arrays for Perl

Tie::JCR - A tied hash interface for Java::JCR::Node

Tie::Judy - Perl extension for using a Judy array instead of a hash.

Tie::LDAP - Tie LDAP database to Perl hash. - ordered hashes


Tie::LazyFunction - sugar to defer evaluation in a tied scalar

Tie::LazyList - Perl extension for lazy lists growing on demand


Tie::LogFile - Simple Log Autoformating

Tie::MLDBM - Multi-Level Storage and Locking Class

Tie::Math - Hashes which represent mathematical functions.

Tie::MmapArray - mmap a file as a tied array

Tie::Mounted - Tie a mounted node to an array

Tie::Multidim - "tie"-like multidimensional data structures

Tie::NetAddr::IP - Implements a Hash where the key is a subnet

Tie::NumRange - Keeps a number within a range of values.

Tie::OffsetArray - Tie one array to another, with index offset

Tie::OneOff - create tied variables without defining a separate package

Tie::PerFH - creates scalars specific to a filehandle

Tie::Persistent - persistent data structures via tie made easy

Tie::Plural - Select a string variant based on a quantity.

Tie::Proxy::Hash - Effieciently merge & translate hashes.

Tie::PureDB - Perl extension for pure-db

Tie::RDBM::Cached - Tie hashes to relational databases.

Tie::RangeHash - Allows hashes to associate values with a range of keys

Tie::RangeHash - Allows hashes to associate values with a range of keys

Tie::RefHash::Weak - A Tie::RefHash subclass with weakened references in the keys.

Tie::RefHash - use references as hash keys

Tie::RegexpHash - Use regular expressions as hash keys

Tie::RemoteVar - Share variables everywhere

Tie::Restore - restores ties to an existing object

Tie::STDERR - Send output of your STDERR to a process or mail

Tie::STDOUT - intercept writes to STDOUT and apply user-defined functions to them.

Tie::SaveLater - A base class for tie modules that "save later".

Tie::Scalar::AsArray - base class of arrayref-based tied scalars

Tie::Scalar::AsHash - base class of hashref-based tied scalars

Tie::Scalar::Decay - Scalar variables that decay

Tie::Scalar::Escaped - a variable that gives you a safe value

Tie::Scalar::MarginOfError - Scalars that have margins of error

Tie::Scalar::OK - generate numbered 'ok/not ok' strings

Tie::Scalar::Random - fetch a randomly selected assigned value

Tie::Scalar::RestrictUpdates - Limit the number of times a value is stored in a scalar.

Tie::Scalar::RingBuffer - Treat a scalar as a ring buffer iterator.

Tie::Scalar::Sticky - Block assignments to scalars

Tie::Scalar::Timeout - Scalar variables that time out

Tie::Scalar::Timestamp - Create a scalar that always returns the current timestamp

Tie::Scalar::Transactional - Implementation of Transactional Scalars


Tie::SecureHash - A tied hash that supports namespace-based encapsulation

Tie::Senna - Tie Senna With Hashes

Tie::SentientHash - Perl module implementing intelligent objects

Tie::ShareLite - Tied hash interface to IPC::ShareLite

Tie::Simple - Variable ties made easier: much, much, much easier...

Tie::Slurp::Cached - slurps with locks a la perltie

Tie::Slurp - tie a scalar to a named file

Tie::SortHash - Perl module to keep hashes in a sorted order

Tie::Static - create static lexicals

Tie::StorableDir - Perl extension for tying directories with Storable files

Tie::StrictHash - A hash with 'strict'-like semantics

Tie::Sub - Tying a subroutine, function or method to a hash

Tie::SymlinkTree - Prototype SQL-, Class::DBI- or Tie::*-using apps by storing data in a directory of symlinks

Tie::Sysctl - Tie a hash to /proc/sys

Tie::Syslog - Tie a filehandle to Syslog. If you Tie STDERR, then all STDERR errors are automatically caught, or you can debug by Carp'ing to STDERR, etc.

Tie::Table - Maps relational tables into hashes

Tie::TextDir - interface to directory of files

TieConstant - package allowing creation of true scalar constants

C<Tie::TieDict> -- A Perl tie to a dictionary file

Tie::TinyURL - Tied interface to

Tie::Tk::Listbox - Access Tk::Listbox and similar widgets as arrays

Tie::Toggle - False and true, alternately, ad infinitum.

Tie::Tools - a collection of tying tools

Tie::Trace - easy print debugging with tie, for watching variable

Tie::TransactHash - Edit hash in transactions not changing order during trans.

Tie::TwoLevelHash - Tied interface to multi-dimensional hash files

Tie::UnionHash - Union hashes. Make changes to the last hash in arguments.

Tie::UrlEncoder - interpolatably URL-encode strings

Tie::Util - Utility functions for fiddling with tied variables

Tie::VecArray - An array interface to a bit vector.

Tie::Watch - place watchpoints on Perl variables.