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CPAN Database Interfaces Modules

Alzabo::Display::SWF - Create SWF Movies for visualizing Alzabo database schemas.

Alzabo::GUI::Mason - A GUI for Alzabo using Mason

BBDB::Export - export data from The Insidious Big Brother Database.

BTRIEVE::FileIO - Btrieve file I/O operations

BTRIEVE::Native - Interface to Btrieve ISAM file manager

BerkeleyDB::SecIndices::Accessor - Simply drive your BerkeleyDB database with secondary indices

Bryar::Config::YAML - Bryar configuration stored in YAML

Bryar::DataSource::Multiplex - multiplex Bryar datasources

Bryar::DataSource::SVNRepos - Blog entries from a subversion repository

CDB_File::BiIndex - index two sets of values against eachother.

CDB_File::Generator - generate massive sorted CDB files simply.

CDDB::Fake - Fake CDDB entries if you have none

CDDB::File - Parse a CDDB/freedb data file

DB::Appgen - Perl interface to APPGEN databases

DB::Ent - Database Entity Layer

DB2::Admin - Support for DB2 Administrative API from perl

DBD::ADO - A DBI driver for Microsoft ADO


DBD::Adabas - Adabas Driver for DBI

DBD::* - All 66 DBD modules in section.

DBI::BabyConnect - creates an object that holds a DBI connection to a database

DBI::Dumper - Dump data from a DBI datasource to file.

DBI::FAQ -- The Frequently Asked Questions for the Perl5 Database Interface

DBI::* - All 8 DBI modules in section.

DBIx::AbstractLite - Lightweight DBI SQL abstraction in a hybrid interface

DBIx::AbstractStatement - SQL command kept together with the bindings

DBIx::Abstract - DBI SQL abstraction

DBIx::* - All 165 DBIx modules in section.

DBM::Any - object-oriented interface to AnyDBM_File

C<DBM::DBass> - DBM with associative arrays, file locking and XML records

DB_File::DB_Database - Perl module for reading and writing the DB_File data as a mutifield table with index file supported.

DB_File::Lock - Locking with flock wrapper for DB_File

DB_File::SV18x - Co-existence of berkeley db 1.85, 1.86 and 2+

Db::Ctree - Perl extension to interface with Faircom's CTREE product

Db::DFC - Perl's Object-oriented interface to Documentum's DFC

Db::Documentum - Documentum API interface for Perl.

Db::* - All 6 Db modules in section.

Fax::DataFax::DateTime - Perl extension for miscellanous methods.

Genezzo::Contrib::Clustered - Shared data cluster support for Genezzo

DBD::Gofer::Transport::http - DBD::Gofer client transport using http

Google::Chart - Draw a chart with Google Chart


Google::Data::JSON - General XML-JSON converter based on Google Data APIs

Ingres::Utility::IIMonitor - API to C<iimonitor> Ingres RDBMS utility

Ingres::Utility::IINamu - API to C<iinamu> Ingres RDBMS utility

Lemonolap::Log4lemon - Perl extension for Lemonolap framework

MARC::Charset - convert MARC-8 encoded strings to UTF-8

MARC::Crosswalk::DublinCore - Convert data between MARC and Dublin Core

MARC::Descriptions - MARC metadata looker-upper

MARC::* - All 12 MARC modules in section.

MLDBM::Easy - Provides NON-piecemeal access to MLDBM files

MLDBM::Sync - safe concurrent access to MLDBM databases

MLDBM::TinyDB - create and mainpulate structured MLDBM tied hash references

Metadata::ByInode - Extend metadata in relation to file's inode using a database.

MonetDB::CLI::MapiLib - MonetDB::CLI implementation, using MapiLib

MonetDB::CLI::MapiPP - MonetDB::CLI implementation, using the Mapi protocol

MonetDB::CLI::MapiXS - MonetDB::CLI implementation, using libMapi




MySQL::Backup - Perl extension for making backups of mysql DBs.

MySQL::Config - Parse and utilize MySQL's /etc/my.cnf and ~/.my.cnf files

MySQL::DateFormat -- Manipulate dates back and forth between human-readable and MySQL formats

MySQL::* - All 8 MySQL modules in section.

Mysql::Locker - Safe way of locking and unlocking MySQL tables.

OLE::Storage_Lite - Simple Class for OLE document interface.

ObjStore::Lib::PDL - Persistent PDL-compatible matrices



ObjStore::* - All 5 ObjStore modules in section.


Oracle::CAPI - Perl XS wrapper extension for the Oracle Collaboration Suite CAPI SDK

Oracle::DDL - Perl class for Oracle batch DML

Oracle::DML::Common - Common routines for Oracle DML

Oracle::* - All 13 Oracle modules in section.

Palm::DiabetesPilot - Handler for Diabetes Pilot databases

Palm::Doc - Handler for Palm Doc books

Palm::Keyring - Handler for Palm Keyring databases.

Palm::* - All 15 Palm modules in section.

Postgres::Handler::HTML - HTML Component for PostgreSQL data.

Postgres::Handler - Builds upon DBD::Pg for advanced CGI web apps

RTx::AuthTool - Web authentication tools

RTx::Calendar - Calendar for RT due tasks

RTx::EmailCompletion - Add auto completion on RT email fields

RTx::* - All 8 RTx modules in section.

Relations::Abstract - DBI/DBD::mysql Functions to Save Development Time and Code Space

Relations::Display - DBI/DBD::mysql Query Graphing Module

Relations::Family - DBI/DBD::mysql Relational Query Engine module.

Relations::* - All 5 Relations modules in section.

SQL::Interpolate - Interpolate Perl variables into SQL statements

Spreadsheet::BasicReadNamedCol - Methods to easily read data from spreadsheets with columns in the order you want based on the names of the column headings

Spreadsheet::BasicRead - Methods to easily read data from spreadsheets

Spreadsheet::ConvertAA - Perl extension for Converting Spreadsheet column name to/from decimal

Spreadsheet::* - All 21 Spreadsheet modules in section.

Sybase::Login - A highly configurable Login widget for Sybperl and Perl/Tk

Sybase::RepAgent - Perl extension for building a Sybase Replication Agent which talks to a Sybase Replication Server

Sybase::Simple - Utility module for Sybase::CTlib

Sybase::* - All 5 Sybase modules in section.





perl::* - All 5 perl modules in section.