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Base classes for the RT Foundry system

Version: 0.01

VCP::Filter::addlabels - Add labels to each revision

CGI::Kwiki::Blog - Blogging Class for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::Branch - VCP's concept of a branch.

VCP::Dest::branch_diagram - An experimental diagram drawing "destination"

VCP::Branches - A collection of VCP::Rev objects.

VCP::Branches - Introduction to transferring branches with VCP

CGI::Kwiki::CGI - CGI Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

CGI::Kwiki::Changes - Changes Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::Filter::changesets - Group revs in to changesets

CGI::Kwiki::Config - Config Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

CGI::Kwiki::Config_yaml - Simplistic YAML Config Parser for CGI::Kwiki

CGI::Kwiki::CGI - CGI Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::Utils::cvs - utilities for dealing with the cvs command

VCP::Source::cvs - A CVS repository source

VCP::Filter::cvslabelbranch - put cvs label on apropriate branch

CGI::Kwiki::Database - Database Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::DB - Persistant storage for id -> maps

VCP::DB_File - Persistant storage for id -> maps

VCP::Debug - debugging support for VCP

VCP::Dest - A base class for VCP destinations

CGI::Kwiki::Plugin::Diff - A Diff Plugin for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::DiffFormat - special diff format for VCP

CGI::Kwiki::Display - Display Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

CGI::Kwiki::Driver - Driver Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

CGI::Kwiki::Edit - Edit Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::FilesDB - Persistant storage for path -> state

VCP::Filter - A base class for filters

CGI::Kwiki::Formatter - Formatter Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

RTx::Foundry - Base classes for the RT Foundry system

VCP::HeadRevsDB - Persistant storage for id -> maps

VCP::Filter::identity - identity

CGI::Kwiki::Import - Import the external Kwiki page

CGI::Kwiki::Javascript - Default Javascript for CGI::Kwiki

CGI::Kwiki - A Quickie Wiki that's not too Tricky

VCP::Filter::labelmap - Alter or remove labels from each revision

VCP::License - The license file for VCP.

VCP::Logger - Update message, bug, and Log file management

VCP::MainBranchIdDB - Persistant storage for tracking which branch_ids are the main CVS dev branch for each file.

VCP::Maintenance - VCP code maintenance tips & tricks

VCP::Filter::map - rewrite name, branch_id or delete revisions

CGI::Kwiki::New - Default New Wiki Generator for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::Newlines - Newline, ^Z, and NULL handling in VCP

VCP::Source::null - A null source, for testing purposes

VCP::Utils::p4 - utilities for dealing with the p4 command

CGI::Kwiki::Pages - Default Pages for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::Patch - Apply the unified diffs used in RevML

CGI::Kwiki::Formatter::Plasma - Plasma's Formatter for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::Plugin - A base class for VCP::Source and VCP::Dest

CGI::Kwiki::Prefs - Preferences Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

CGI::Kwiki::Privacy - Privacy Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::Process - How vcp works

VCP::Rev - VCP's concept of a revision

VCP::RevMapDB - Persistant storage for id -> maps

VCP::Source::revml - Outputs versioned files to a revml file

VCP::Revs - A collection of VCP::Rev objects.

CGI::Kwiki::Scripts - Script container for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::DB_File::sdbm - Subclass providing SDBM_File storage

CGI::Kwiki::Search - Search Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

CGI::Kwiki::Slides - Slide Show Plugin for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::Filter::sort - Sort revs by field, order

VCP::Source - A base class for repository sources

VCP::Filter::stringedit - alter any field character by character

CGI::Kwiki::Style - Default Stylesheets for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::Utils::svn - utilities for dealing with the subversion command

VCP::Filter::svncompactbranch - compact branch to conserve memory

VCP::Filter::svnlabeller - Create placeholder revisisions for labels

CGI::Kwiki::Template - HTML Template Base Class for CGI::Kwiki

VCP::TestUtils - support routines for VCP testing

VCP::UI::Text - A textual user interface for VCP.

VCP::Dest::topo_table - An experimental diagram drawing "destination"

VCP::UI - User interface framework for interactive mode VCP.

VCP::UIMachines - State machines for user interface

VCP::Utils - utilities used within VCP's modules.

VCP - Versioned Copy, copying hierarchies of versioned files

VCP::Utils::vss - utilities for dealing with the vss command

CGI::Kwiki::Pages::zh_cn - Default pages for Traditional Chinese

CGI::Kwiki::Pages::zh_tw - Default pages for Traditional Chinese