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CPAN Development Support Sub Modules

Sub::AliasedUnderscore - transform a subroutine that operates on C<$_> into one that operates on C<$_[0]>

Sub::ArgShortcut - simplify writing functions that use default arguments

Sub::Assert - Design-by-contract like pre- and postconditions, etc.

Sub::Autostub - Stubbed OO and functional calls with logging.

Sub::Caller - Add caller information to the end of @_.

Sub::CharacterProperties - support for user-defined character properties


Sub::Context - Perl extension to dispatch subroutines based on their calling context

Sub::Current - Get the current subroutine

Sub::Curry - Create curried subroutines

Sub::DeferredPartial - Deferred evaluation / partial application.

Sub::Exporter - a sophisticated exporter for custom-built routines

Sub::ForceEval - eval subroutines, re-throw exceptions if there is an eval; otherwise cluck and return undef.

Sub::Identify - Retrieve names of code references

Sub::Information - Get subroutine information

Sub::Installer - A cleaner way to install package subroutines

Sub::Install - install subroutines into packages easily

Sub::Lexical - implements lexically scoped subroutines

Sub::Methodical - call methods as functions

Sub::MicroSig - microsigs for microvalidation of sub arguments

Sub::Multi - Data::Bind-based multi-sub dispatch

Sub::NamedParams - Perl extension for using named arguments with any sub

Sub::Name -name a sub

Sub::Override - Perl extension for easily overriding subroutines

Sub::ParamFrame - Supply key alias and defaults of named arguments.

Sub::ParamLoader - Map named argument list into a hash modified according to a rule

Sub::Parameters - enhanced parmeter handling

Sub::PatMat - call a version of subroutine depending on its arguments

Sub::PatternMatching - Functional languages' Pattern Matching for Perl subs

Sub::Pipeline - subs composed of sequential pieces

Sub::Quotelike - Allow to define quotelike functions

Sub::Recursive - Anonymous memory leak free recursive subroutines

Sub::Regex - Creating Synonymous Subroutines

Sub::ScopeFinalizer - execute a code on exiting scope.

Sub::Signatures - Use proper signatures for subroutines, including dispatching.

Sub::Slice - split long-running tasks into manageable chunks

Sub::Timebound - Perl extension for timebound computations

Sub::Uplevel - apparently run a function in a higher stack frame

Sub::Usage - Issue subroutine/method usage

Sub::Versive - Subroutine pre- and post-handlers