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list of changes to VCS::CMSynergy

VCS::CMSynergy::Changes - list of changes to VCS::CMSynergy


VCS::CMSynergy::Changes - list of changes to VCS::CMSynergy


Changes in Version 1.30

  Ported CM/Synergy 6.5: the product is now called "Telelogic Synergy".

  Also some changes to the test suite, but it still requires 

  the "tutorial" database from CCM 6.4 before SP1 (upgraded, of course,

  to your Synergy version).

  examples/project_diff in --terse mode will now mark ("~") items

  that have different cvtypes (e.g. directory vs regular file)

  or instances in both projects.

  Small cleanups. It is now checked that certain special keywords,

  e.g. "task_objects", can only be used in query-type methods

  when the result data structure is a hash or an array ref (i.e.

  _not_ a VCS::CMSynergy::Object).

Changes in Version 1.29

  Implemented get_member_info_hashref() and get_member_info_object() 

  as wrappers for the optional command "get_member_info" (from

  the "PC Integrations" package), cf. README.get_member_info.

  New class VCS::CMSynergy::Project (subclass of VCS::CMSynergy::Object)

  for methods on Synergy projects. All VCS::CMSynergy::Object producing

  methods will automatically return a VCS::CMSynergy::Project if the

  the object's cvtype is "project".

  query_object() subsumes query_object_with_attributes() which 

  is only kept as an alias for backward compatibility.

  object_from_cvid() now takes an optional list of keywords (to prime

  the object's attributes when using :cached_attributes.).

  Implemented object_from_proj_ref().

  More special keywords recognized in query_* (and related) methods:

  "cr_objects", "baseline_project", "baseline_object". These are similar

  to "task_objects" (which splits the list of tasks returned from 

  Synergy's pseudo attribute %task and objectifies the elements)

  for the pseudo attributes %change_request, %baseline, %in_baseline.

Changes in Version 1.28

  INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: set_attribute() doesn't fail anymore when

  you try to change the value of an inherited attribute. Instead, it

  silently converts the inherited attribute to a local attribute

  (using "ccm attribute -create -force ...").

  This also works when using :tied_objects and assigning to


  Implemented relations_hashref(), relations_object(), wrappers

  for "ccm relate -show" similar to the query_*() family.

  Implemented V::C::Object methods recursive_is_member_of(), 


  Add option "mark_projects" to project_tree(): list projects instead

  of their top level directories.

  Add special handling of CM Synergy release objects 

  (i.e. of cvtype "relasedef") to the query_*() functions because they

  also have a non-standard objectname method.

  Don't cache the results of "ccm attr -la" in VCS::CMsynergy::Object anymore 

  because it bloated V::C::Os for little gain.

  Convert VCS::CMSynergy::Object to use to Class::Accessor::Fast.

  Convert tests to use Test::Deep.

  Use Module::Install to bundle Test::* modules i(and others)

  required for `make test' only. Change Makefile.PL accordingsly, add

  MANIFEST.SKIP and generate MANIFEST and META.yml.

  Rewrote examples/project_diff.

  Finally got rid of the (undocumented) $OneArgFoo misfeature (and

  corresponding first parameter of _ccm()).

Changes in Version 1.27

  Fixed a bug where empty string attributes could be returned 

  as undef in query_*() (depending on the order of %keywords 

  in the actual query). Reason was the careless use of split()

  without a limit (which strips trailing empty fields by default).

  INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Make attribute values returned from 

  the query_*() family consistent with the return value of get_attribute()

  w.r.t. a trailing newline: If the "real" attribute value is "foo\nbar\n"

  then that's what query_hashref() would have returned. But get_attribute()

  would have returned "foo\nbar" (i.e. stripped the trailing newline).

  The reason is that get_attribute() uses "ccm attr -show" and

  Synergy always appends a newline to the output of a command unless

  one is already there. So there's no way of telling whether the "real"

  value was "foo\nbar" or "foo\nbar\n". Therefore ccm() has always stripped

  a trailing newline from the command's stdout. Now we return "foo\nbar"

  in both cases. Always try to preserve the order of a user's roles.

  If an insertion preserving order tied hash class (e.g. Tie::IxHash)

  is available, also preserve the order of user lines.

  Implemented folder_object() (similar to task_object()).

  Make cat_object() work when destination is a filehandle or glob ref

  (now that my fix has found its way into IPC::Run3).

  Implement V::C::Object methods is_RELATION_of and has_RELATION

  (via AUTOLOAD): $obj->is_RELATION_of is short for


  Add README.datetime about problems with CM Synergy when trying

  to obtain predictable and consistent datetime values.

  Add tests for POD and POD coverage and all test failures.

  Drop README.IPC-Run3 as behaviour with fork is fixed with IPC::Run3 0.032.

Changes in Version 1.26

  INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: get_attribute() doesn't fail any more if the

  attribute doesn't exist for the given object, it returns "undef"

  instead.  This is more consistent with the behaviour of "ccm query

  -f %foo ..."  when some returned object doesn't have attribute "foo":

  "ccm query -f %foo ..."  puts "<void>" into the corresponding column

  which all query_*() methods will translate to "undef". It also fits

  better with the object-as-hash-of-its-attributes metapher when using


  INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The initial attribute value is now mandatory

  (i.e. must be defined) for create_attribute().

  Added README.IPC-Run3 about problems when scripts using VCS::CMSynergy

  do fork() and call VCS::CMSynergy methods both from parent and child.

  Make query_count() accept shortcut queries like the rest of query_*.

  Fix quoting of string values in shortcut queries: use double quotes

  if the string contains single quotes. Fix the regex used to

  sanitize the query string.

Changes in Version 1.25 (not released)

  The method to set an attribute to an empty string value used by 

  set_attribute() doesn't work on Windows (and I don't know any that works),

  so error out in this case.

  Fixed a bug where multi-line valued properties would be returned

  as undef by property().

  Dont stop session in VCS::CMSynergy::DESTROY if the current process

  is not the one that created the VCS::CMSynergy object (i.e. after a fork,

  stop session only in the parent, never in the child).

Changes in Version 1.24

  Fix for bug reported by Robert Kirchner:

  If a session (i.e. VCS::CMSynergy object) is implicitly DESTROYed

  at program termination the script always exits with status 0,

  regardless of any explicit status set with exit(). 

  This was caused by an unlocalized $? in VCS::CMSynergy::Client::exec().

Changes in Version 1.23 (not released)

  Implemented query_count().

  Implemented pseudo keyword "task_objects" (query_* and history_* methods).

  The query string in query_*() methods may now contain newlines

  to improve legibility. These will be replaced by blanks in _query().

  Make set_attribute() work for empty string values.

Changes in Version 1.22

  Fix breakage on Cygwin introduced in 1.20 - UseCoprocess

  still doesn't work though.

  Restore which was accidentally mangled in 1.20.

  Change documentation and usage of VCS::CMSynergy::Helper::GetOptions()

  to use the returned value as a hash.

Changes in Version 1.20

  WARNING: This version is known NOT to work on Cygwin 

  (due to CRLF vs LF issues).

  IPC::Run3 is now a requisite module.

  Dropped support for CM Synergy 4.5.

  Implemented dcm_database_id(), dcm_delimiter(), dcm_enabled(), 

  default_project_instance() and VCS::CMSynergy::Object::exists().

  Implemented "unique" VCS::CMSynergy::Objects when using :cached_attributes.

Changes in Version 1.19 (not released)

  Implemented project_tree(), made examples/project_diff use it.

  Replaced IPC::Open3 with IPC::Run3 in VCS::CMSynergy::Client::exec().

  Implemented object_from_cvid(), documentet object_other_version().

  Implemented VCS::CMSynergy::Object::copy_attribute().

  Reinstated types() because of popular demand (read the ACcent sources

  if you really want to know what exactly is returned by "ccm show -types").

  Added migrate_auto_rules().

Changes in Version 1.18

  Removed types() - not useful.

  Removed proj_vers(), use displayname() instead.

  Added attribute caching (optional feature, "use VCS::CMSynergy ':cached_attributes'").

  Added query_object_with_attributes() and "attributes" option 

  for traverse_project() that prime object caches with results from query.

  Documented VCS::CMSynergy::Client; reorganized PODs.

  Added example script project_tree (thanks to Anne Feldmeier

  for the simplified itree building algorithm).

Changes in Version 1.17 (not released)

  Added example script project_diff.

  Fixed bug (typo) in spotted by Jürgen Schorer.

  Fixed t/07workarea.t so that it doesn't assume that the temporary

  project work area path is of the form tempdir/name-version, 

  use attribute wa_path instead.

  Implemented `postprocess' callback for traverse_project().

  Trace information for CM commands now includes the elpased time to

  execute the command. Layout of trace information changed for debug

  levels >= 8.

Changes in Version 1.16


  w.r.t. to VCS::CMSynergy class methods (e.g. ps() or databases()), see below.

  INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The hash returned by finduse() and the "finduse" 

  keyword for query_arrayref()/query_hashref() no longer has keys of the

  form "project-version". The keys are now the full objectnames of the

  projects (regardless which form is returned by CM Synergy). This was

  necessary sincd CM Synergy 6.3 allows for projects with instance

  other than '1'.

  Implemented traverse_project() (modelled on File::Find).

  Hacked up script examples/grep_attr: greps attribute values

  for a list of objects (optionally determined by a query).

  Documented the fact that query_arrayref() and query_hashref() will

  rewrite values for keyword "objectname" that CM Synergy returns

  in deprecated fullname form.

  Tested on CM Synergy 6.3 SP1 (some tests needed adjustments).

Changes in Version 1.15 (not released)

  INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: VCS::CMSynergy class methods are now

  implemented differently and should not expect to use the value 

  of $ENV{CCM_HOME} current at the time the method is called.

  Code that doesn't manipulate $ENV{CCM_HOME} is unaffected,

  but the following idiom (often seen in administrator scripts

  in an environment with several CM Synergy installations) 



    # run "ccm ps" on all our installations

    use VCS::CMSynergy;


    foreach my $ccm_home (qw(/usr/local/ccm51 /usr/local/ccm62))


        local $ENV{CCM_HOME} = $ccm_home;

        my $ps = VCS::CMSynergy->ps(...);



  That's because the very first invocation of any VCS::CMSynergy

  (or VCS::CMSynergy::Client) class method "captures" the value

  of $ENV{CCM_HOME} at that time. This value is then used for all

  class method invocations.  Hence in the above example,

  you will run "ccm ps" twice with CCM_HOME=/usr/local/ccm51.

  The correct way to rewrite the example is to make the setting of

  CCM_HOME explicit by introducing a VCS::CMSynergy::Client object:

    use VCS::CMSynergy;

    use VCS::CMSynergy::Client;


    foreach my $ccm_home (qw(/usr/local/ccm51 /usr/local/ccm62))


        my $installation = VCS::CMSynergy::Client->new(CCM_HOME => $ccm_home);

        my $ps = $installation->ps(...);



  Split out VCS::CMSynergy class methods (e.g. ps()) into their own class,

  VCS::CMSynergy::Client. Basically, a V::C::Client object encapsulates 

  a particular setting of CCM_HOME. Invoking these methods as class

  methods (either on VCS::CMSynergy or VCS::CMSynergy::Client) still works,

  but they are silently redirected to a "default" V::C::Client object.

  This object is instantiated the first time it is needed and gets the

  value of CCM_HOME valid in %ENV at that time. If you want to call

  V::C::Client methods with different values of CCM_HOME in the

  same program, you must explicitly instantiate different V::C::Client objects

  and call the methods via these objects. In fact, the motivation for

  this surgery were too many administrative programs that wanted to operate

  on several installations in one invocation and had to resort to ugly

  switcheroo of $ENV{CCM_HOME} to do that.

  Optional usage of Memoize has been dropped.

  Documented former private methods ccm_with_option() 

  and ccm_with_text_editor().

Changes in Version 1.14

  Implemented tied hash interface for VCS::CMSynergy::Object.

  Now you can get/set attributes by treating an V::C::Object like a hash.

  Since this requires every V::C::Object to hold a reference to the sesssion,

  this is only available if Scalar::Util is detected at runtime (so we

  can weaken the referemce).

Changes in Version 1.13 (not released)

  Implemented get_releases()/set_releases() for manipulating the release table.

  Implement property().

  Fixed 'ye olde text_editor trick on Windows (checked on NT 4.0 and XP):

  CM Synergy seems unable to execute "shell" builtins (like "copy"),

  use "xcopy" instead.

  Made VCS::CMSynergy work on cygwin (even UseCoprocess works).

  This requires Filesys::CygwinPaths to translate Cygwin path names 

  (e.g. as returned by File::Temp::tempfile()) to Windows path names.

  Changed record/field separators (used internally by query/finduse/history)

  from \cD/\cG to \cA/\cD, but someone will probably succeed in

  entering these into some attribute. Anyway, avoid \x1C-\x1E as

  they are used by Change Synergy in some attribute of "problem".

  Added a hint on the usage of new(ui_database_dir => ...).

  Merge pod entries for query_arrayref/query_hashref and 


  Fixed brown paper bag errors in set_attribute (wrong usage check)

  and set_error (handling of HandleError).

Changes in Version 1.12

  INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: attribute() has been replaced by two methods 

  get_attribute() and set_attribute().

  attributes() has been renamed to list_attributes().

  Move VCS::CMSynergy hash keys CCM_HOME, CCM_ADDR and CCM_INI_FILE

  into sub hash env. Change ccmexec to pass it a hash ref with keys/values

  to temporarily add to %ENV instead of passing CCM_HOME.

  Factor ccm() into _ccm() (does all the work except error handling) and

  make ccm() a simple wrapper for it. Get rid of IgnoreError and

  use _ccm for all "internal" calls.

  Document "HandleError" and set_errror().

  Pod: change all method "=item"s to "=head2"; the man page looks slightly

  worse, but the HTML rendering is much better.

  CMSynergy/ renamed to CMSynergy/

  Implemented create_attribute(), delete_attribute(), and copy_attribute().

Changes in Version 1.10

  Document types of options for new().

  Document option `KeepSession' for new().

  Mention correct way to explicity stop a session.

  Implement ccm_addr().

  Make database() lazy.

Changes in Version 1.09 (not released)

  Make it work for ancient Continuus 4.5 (fixes #1681):

    - `ccm ps -rfc_address ADDR' doesn't find the process if host part of ADDR

       is given as name (instead of an IP address); esp. this breaks

       `ccm ps -rfc_address $ccm->{CCM_ADDR}' - used in new()

    - different error messages from `ccm finduse' if object is not in use

    - adjust test cases

  Correctly handle (Raise|Print|Handle)Error when ps() in new() fails.

  Add 'remote_client => 1' to options for new() (causes `-rc' for `ccm start').

Changes in Version 1.08

  INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The pseudo keyword "finduse" in query_arrayref()

    and query_hashref() does not return a list of project references

    any more. It now returns a hash which maps proj_vers to relative_path. 

    Similarly, the rows returned by finduse() have changed from

        [ $description, @project_references ]


        [ $description, \%usage_map ].

  Converted findpath() to use new finduse(), adjusted t/04finduse.t.

  Convert tests to use Test::More.

  Makefile.PL: don't require Memoize anymore, just recommend it.

  Windows: will sleep(2) _after_ "ccm stop" and _before_ unlinking 

    files_to_unlink (because they may still be "busy" - probably "ccm stop"

    returns _before_ CM Synergy really has ceased operation).

  Fix problem with set_error() that's probably a perl bug 

    (at least for 5.6.1, fixed in 5.8.1, cf #9998, #9739 on

      sub foo


         my @x = (2, 1, 0);     # last elem must be false

         return @x if wantarray and @x;

         print "OOPS\n";


      my @foo = foo;

    This will print "OOPS". Somehow wantarray seems to force list context

    onto the right-hand side of "and" - @x will thus evaluate to its

    last element.

Changes in Version 1.07

  INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The 3-arg form of attribute() does not return

    the old value any more.

  Document 3-arg form of attribute().

  When setting attributes, cope with arbitrary types by looking

    up the super_type recursively until one of the well known types 

    (for which we "just know" whether they need the "text_editor"

    trick )is found.

  Kludge for annoying `Security violation...' warning on Windows

    (thanks to Peter Kreuz for the explanation what's goin' on).

  Rewritten output parsing for history_*().

  Fix typo in types().

  Add error() and ccm_command() calss/instance methods, prefer

    them in docs over explicit $ccm->{error} or $VCS::CMSynergy::error.

  Add "ui_database_dir" option to new().


=head2 Version 1.05

  The Great Renaming: s/CMSyngery/VCS::CMSynergy/g.

  First version uploaded to CPAN.

Version 1.04

  Split out

  Fix bug with multi-line valued attributes in query_* functions.

  Rewritten output parsing for query_*() and finduse().

  Make "ccm->set('foo', undef) " execute "ccm unset foo".

  Fix bug reported by Jürgen Schorer: CCM_HOME not passed down to "ccm start".

  Rewritten test cases.

  Make tests work under NT and Cygwin.

  Split out (and currently don't distribute)

Version 1.02

  Fill $VERSION from CM Synergy version.

  Add LICENSE in preparation for CPAN upload.

Version 1.01

  Fix exit code of ccm() when using coprocess.

Version 1.00

  "ccm ps" can't be called interactively.

  Make set_error callable as class method.

  Convenience function: CMObject::proj_vers.

Version 0.98

  Downgrade required Perl version  to 5.6.0 (untested).

  Use if available, otherwise memoization is a no-op.

Version 0.97

  Fix problems when outer SIGCHLD handler is present.