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CPAN File Handle Input Output IO Modules

IO::AIO::Util - useful functions missing from IO::AIO

IO::AIO - Asynchronous Input/Output

IO::All::LWP - IO::All interface to LWP



IO::Automatic - automatically choose a suitable IO::* module

IO::BLOB::Pg - Emulate IO::File interface for PostgreSQL Large Objects

IO::BufferedSelect - Line-buffered select interface

IO::Busy - Intercept terminal input while something else is happening

IO::CSVHeaderFile - Perl extension for CSV Files

IO::Capture::Stdout::Extended - Extend functionality of IO::Capture::Stdout


C<IO::Capture> - Abstract Base Class to build modules to capture output.

IO::Cat - Object-oriented Perl implementation of cat

IO::Uncompress::Base - Base Class for IO::Uncompress modules

IO::Compress::Bzip2 - Write bzip2 files/buffers


IO::Compress::Lzop - Write lzop files/buffers


IO::Default - replace select with $DEFOUT, $DEFERR, $DEFIN

IO::Digest - Calculate digests while reading or writing

IO::Dir::Dirfd - Perl extension to extract the file descriptor from a dirhandle

IO::Dir::Recursive - IO::Dir working recursive

IO::Dirent - Access to dirent structs returned by readdir

IO::DiskImage::Floppy - manipulate fdd image.

IO::Epoll - Scalable IO Multiplexing for Linux 2.5.44 and higher

IO::EventMux - Multiplexer for sockets, pipes and any other types of filehandles that you can set O_NONBLOCK on and does buffering for the user.

IO::Events - Non-blocking IO using events


IO::Extended - more print functions

IO::File::Cached - an caching file IO handle

IO::File::CompressOnClose - compress a file when done writing to it

IO::File::Lockable - supply lock based methods for I/O File objects

IO::File::Log - IO::File abstraction on logging files

Multi - Print to multiple filehandles with one output call

IO::File::String - load/save whole file as single string

IO::File::flock - extension of IO::File for flock

IO::Ftp - A simple interface to Net::FTP's socket level get/put

IO::Handle::Record - IO::Handle extension to pass perl data structures

IO::Handle::Rewind - pretend to rewind filehandles

IO::InSitu - Avoid clobbering files opened for both input and output

IO::Infiles - Multiple handlers for multiple __END__-like tokens

IO::Interactive - Utilities for interactive I/O

IO::Interface - Perl extension for access to network card configuration information

IO::KQueue - perl interface to the BSD kqueue system call

IO::LCDproc - Perl extension to connect to an LCDproc ready display.

IO::Lambda - non-blocking I/O in lambda style

IO::Language - Perl module for I18N output.

Class - supply object methods for locking files

IO::Multiplex::KQueue - IO::Multiplex by kqueue

IO::Multiplex - Manage IO on many file handles

IO::Mux - Multiplex several virtual streams over a real pipe/socket

IO::NestedCapture - module for performing nested STD* handle captures

IO::NonBlocking - Object-oriented interface to non-blocking IO server implementation.

IO::Null -- class for null filehandles


C<IO::Ppoll> - Object interface to Linux's C<ppoll> call

IO::Pty::Easy - Easy interface to IO::Pty

IO::React - Interaction with an IO::Handle

IO::Select::Trap - IO::Select functionality on Scalar-based Filehandles

IO::SendFile - Perl extension that implements the sendfile interface.

IO::Simple - Adds error checking to file handles and provides per file handle options.

IO::Sockatmark - Perl extension for TCP urgent data

IO::Socket::INET6 - Object interface for AF_INET;AF_INET6 domain sockets

IO::Socket::Multicast6 - Send and receive IPv4 and IPv6 multicast messages

IO::Socket::Multicast - Send and receive multicast messages

IO::Socket::PortState::cPanel - Perl extension for checking if all the ports a cPanel server uses is open.

IO::Socket::PortState - Perl extension for checking the open or closed status of a port.

IO::Socket::SIPC - Serialize perl structures for inter process communication.

IO::Socket::SSL -- Nearly transparent SSL encapsulation for IO::Socket::INET.

IO::Socket::SecureSocks - Doing socks over a secure wire


IO::Socket::TIPC - TIPC sockets for Perl

IO::Socket::Telnet - transparent telnet negotiation for IO::Socket::INET

IO::Statistics - Transparently perform statistics on IO handles

IO::String - Emulate file interface for in-core strings

IO::StructuredOutput - Perl OO extension to ease creation of structured data output

IO::Tail - follow the tail of files/stream

IO::Tee - Multiplex output to multiple output handles

IO::Tokenized - Extension of Perl for tokenized input


IO::Tty::Util - Perl bindings for tty utility functions

IO::Tty - Low-level allocate a pseudo-Tty, import constants.

IO::Unread - push more than one character back onto a filehandle

IO::Util - A selection of general-utility IO function

IO::WithHeader - read/write header and body in a single file

IO::YAML - read and write YAML streams incrementally

IO::Zlib - IO:: style interface to L<Compress::Zlib>