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CPAN Images Pixmaps Bitmaps Image Modules

Image::ANSI - Load, create, manipulate and save ANSI files

Image::BMP - Bitmap parser/viewer

Image::Base - base class for loading, manipulating and saving images.

Template::Plugin::BioChrome - Template Toolkit Plugin for Image::BioChrome

Image::ButtonMaker - Button generator.

Image::Button - Base class for building PNG buttons using GD.

Image::Caa - Colored ASCII Art

Image::Caption - Perl module for captioning RGB data

Image::Compare - Compare two images in a variety of ways.

Image::DS9 - interface to the DS9 image display and analysis program

Image::DeAnim - create static GIF file from animated GIF

Image::DecodeQR - decode QRCode

Image::Delivery - Efficient transformation and delivery of web images


Image::Dot - create 1x1 pixel image files

Image::EXIF - Perl extension for exif library

Image::Embroidery - Parse and display embroidery data files


Image::Filter - Apply filters onto images.

Image::Flight::Suborbital - draw diagram of suborbital rocket flight profile

Image::GD::Thumbnail - produce thumbnail images with GD


Image::IPTCInfo::RasterCaption - get/set IPTC raserized caption w/Image::Magick

Image::IPTCInfo::TemplateFile - Template files for IPTC IIM Text

Image::IPTCInfo - Perl extension for extracting IPTC image meta-data

Image::Identicon - Generate Identicon image

Image::Imager::Thumbnail - Produces thumbnail images with Imager

Image::Imlib2::Thumbnail::S3 - Generate thumbnails of an image into S3

Image::Imlib2::Thumbnail - Generate a set of thumbnails of an image

Image::Imlib2 - Interface to the Imlib2 image library

Image::Info - Extract meta information from image files

Image::Kimdaba - Parser for the KDE Image Database

Image::LibRSVG - Perl extension for librsvg

Image::Magick::Brand - Perl extension for creating branded images with ImageMagick.

Image::Magick::Info - Retreive image attributes with Image::Magick.

Image::Magick::Iterator - sequentially read Image::Magick object from a filehandle.

Image::Magick::Square - Takes image and crops to a square

Image::Magick::Thumbnail::Fixed - Perl extension for creating fixed sized thumbnails without distortion.

Image::Magick::Thumbnail::NotFound - Create thumbnails as http requests for them fail

Image::Magick::Thumbnail::PDF - make thumbnail of a page in a pdf document

Image::Magick::Thumbnail - Produces thumbnail images with ImageMagick

Image::Maps::Plot::FromLatLong - plots points on Mercator Projection world/regional map

Image::Mate - Interface to Gd, Imager, ImageMagick modules

Image::Math::Constrain - Scaling math used in image size constraining (such as thumbnails)

Image::MetaData::GQview - Perl extension for GQview image metadata


Image::ObjectDetect - detects objects from picture

Image::Ocrad - Call ocrad, the GNU Optical Character Recognition utility

Image::OrgChart - Perl extension for writing org charts

Image::PBMlib - Helper functions for PBM/PGM/PPM image file formats

Image::PNGwriter - Use pngwriter from Perl.

Image::ParseGIF - Parse a GIF image into its compenent parts.

Image::Pbm - Load, create, manipulate and save pbm image files.

Image::Pngslimmer - slims PNGs

Image::Processor - Perl extension for woking with disk stores of images

Image::RGBA - Functions for sampling simple RGBA images

Image::Random - select random image from a directory

Image::Resize - Simple image resizer using GD

Image::Seek - A port of ImgSeek to Perl

Image::Shoehorn::Gallery - generate "smart" HTML slideshows from a directory of image files.

Image::Shoehorn - massage the dimensions and filetype of an image

Image::Signature - Deriving signatures of images

Image::Size - read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats

Image::TestJPG - Test the validity of JPEG image streams.

Image::ThousandWords - convert an image to colored HTML text

Image::Thumbnail - Simple thumbnails with GD/ImageMagick/Imager

Image::Timeline - Create GIF or PNG timelines

Image::VisualConfirmation - Add anti-spam visual confirmation/challenge to your web forms

Image::WMF - Perl extension for creating Windows Metafile images on UNIX.

Image::WorldMap - Create graphical world maps of data

Image::XBin - Load, create, manipulate and save XBin image files

Image::XFace - encode and decode `X-Face' 48x48x1 face bitmaps

Image::Xbm2bmp - for converting image file from XBM to BMP.

Image::Xbm - Load, create, manipulate and save xbm image files.