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CPAN Language Extensions Acme Modules

Acme::24 - Your favourite TV-show Acme module

Acme::6502 - Pure Perl 65C02 simulator.

Acme::Abuse - Perl extension for setid modules

Acme::Anything - Anything, even imaginary modules are loadable


Acme::AsciiArt2HtmlTable - Converts Ascii art to an HTML table

Acme::Aspartame - raise the alarum if a source filter was used

Acme::AutoColor - automatic color names

Acme::BadExample - Perl document, yes. Perl code, no damn way!

Acme::Beatnik - Source Filter to implement the Beatnik language

Acme::BeyondPerl::ToSQL - RDBMS calculates instead of Perl

Acme::BlahBlahBlah - Perl extension for blah blah blah

Acme::Bleach::Numerically - Fit the whole world between 0 and 1

Acme::Bleach - For I<really> clean programs

Acme::BloodType - For those obsessed with celebrities' blood types

Acme-BooK-Is-My-Bitch - BooK is my Bitch

Acme::BottomsUp - Write individual statements backwards

Acme::Brainfuck - Embed Brainfuck in your perl code

Acme::Buckaroo - Buckaroo Banzai Characters Infest Your Code!

Acme::Buffy - An encoding scheme for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans

Acme::Bushisms - Dubya Does Perl

Acme::ButFirst - Do something, but first do something else.

Acme::Canadian - Canooks in your code, eh?

Acme::Chef - An interpreter for the Chef programming language

Acme::Class::Std - "Enhances" Class::Std;

Acme::Clouseau - Perl extension clouseau-i-fying text!

Acme::Code::FreedomFighter - Defends our right to code in any style waiting for the right moment to strike back at the evil oppressors.

Acme::Code::Police - Enforce rigorous coding standards

Acme::Colour::Fuzzy - give names to arbitrary RGB triplets

Acme::Colour - additive and subtractive human-readable colours

Acme::ComeFrom - Parallel Goto-in-reverse


Acme::CorpusScrambler - An Acme way doing Lorem Ipsum.

Acme::CramCode - Compress your code

Acme::CreatingCPANModules - Created during a talk in London

Acme::Currency - There are other currencies beside $$$

Acme::Current::Forever - Acme::Current workalike that doesn't require you to update every bloody day

Acme::Curses::Marquee - Animated Figlet!

Acme::DNS::Correct - Fix the DNS System

Acme::DRM - Library providing cryptographic capabilities especially suited for Digital Rights Management. Protects against Pirates. May increase global warming. Note: Not guaranteed to protect against Pirates or increase global warming.

Acme::Dahut::Call - replicates the melodious sound of the wild Dahut ... in Text.

Acme::Dahut - A module for the Higher Circles

Acme::Damn - 'Unbless' Perl objects.


Acme::DeepThoughts - Jack Handey does perl

Acme::Don't - The opposite of C<do>

Acme::DonMartin - For programs that are easy to dictate over the telephone

Acme::Dot - Call methods with the dot operator

Acme::DoubleHelix - Double-helix programming

Acme::Drunk - Get Drunk, Acme Style

Acme::ESP - The power to implant and extract strings' thoughts.

Acme::Echo - Display perl statements before, after, and/or during execution

Acme::Everything - Effectively loads every class in CPAN

Acme::EyeDrops - Visual Programming in Perl

Acme::Filter::Kenny - Kenny source filter

Acme::Fitness - Perl extension for calculating fitness results

Acme::FizzBuzz - The FizzBuzz program can be written shortest

Acme::Floral - Produces fragrant perl

Acme::Godot - Nothing to be done

Acme::Goedelize - Goedelize text

Acme::Gosub - Implement BASIC-like "gosub" and "greturn" in Perl

Acme::Goto::Line - Perl extension for extending goto with line number goto

Acme::Greek - Ιτ'σ αλλ γρεεκ το με!

Acme::GuessNumber - Automatic number guessing game robot

Acme::HaltingProblem - A program to decide whether a given program halts

Acme::Hello - Print a greeting message

Acme::Hoge - Replace "foo" in output with "hoge".

Acme::Holy - Test whether references are blessed.

Acme::Hyde - Hyde Calculator

Acme::Hyperindex - Look deep into structures using a list of indexes



Inline::PERL - Bring the power of PERL programming to your Perl programs.

Acme::Innuendo - polite access to Perl's private parts


Acme::JAPH - Turn anything into a JAPH

Acme::JavaTrace - Module for using Java-like stack traces

Acme::Kensiro - kensiro-sinsu

Acme::LAUTER::DEUTSCHER - make your program's output indistinguishable from someone yelling German

Acme::LAUTER::DEUTSCHER - make your program's output indistinguishable from someone yelling German


Acme::Labs -- When you need an extraordinary plan to Take Over the World

Acme::Lambda - Perl with lambdas!

Acme::Laugh - add joy to your scripts.

Acme::LeetSpeak - Speak like a kI[)dI3

Acme::Licence - A module to easily apply a licence to your code

Acme::LifeUniverseEverything - Revises your code based on The Ultimate Answer, as computed by the organic computer matrix "Earth"

Acme::Lingua::EN::Inflect::Modern - modernize Lingua::EN::Inflect rule's


Acme::Lingua::Pirate::Perl - be writin' thy Perl like a swarthy sea-dog

Acme::Lingua::Strine::Perl - make Perl more like Damian

Acme::Lisp - Evals lisp code on array references


Acme::Lou - Let's together with Lou Ohshiba

Acme::MJD - Mark Jason Dominus does perl

Acme::Magic8Ball - ask the Magic 8 Ball a question

Acme::Magpie - steals shiny things

Acme::Math::Google - Let Google do the math

Acme::MemorableExit - provides an elegant way for your program to exit

B::Deobfuscate::Dict::RefactorCode - B:: helper for A::MS::RefactorCode

B::Deobfuscate::Dict::RefactorCode - B:: helper for A::MS::RefactorCode

Acme::MetaSyntactic::buzzwords - Pointy-haired boss lingo

Acme::MetaSyntactic - Themed metasyntactic variables names

Acme::Meta - Enhances the Meta package

Acme::Method::CaseInsensitive - Perl module for case insensitive method invocation

Acme::Metification - Give Perl the power of Metaprogramming!

Acme::Mobile::Therbligs - count keystrokes to write mobile text messages

Acme::Module::Authors - Thank you CPAN authors

Acme::Monkey - Monkeys here, monkeys there, MONKEYS everywhere!

Acme::Monta - TV of Japan is reproduced in Web.

Acme::MorningMusume::ShinMember - Create random Morning Musume!

Acme::MorningMusume - All about Japanese pop star "Morning Musume"

Acme::Morse::Audible - Audio Programming with Perl

Acme::MorseComments - Completely useless module that replaces all of your software's comments with morse code.

Acme::Net::OdiousPlan - Your Gateway to Web 2.0 Riches


Acme::NoTalentAssClown - Get some Bolton Lyrics!

Acme::Nooo - But I don't B<care> if "It Has Objects"!

Acme::Note - Make a mental note for programming style

Acme::Nothing - No more module loading !

Acme::No - makes no work the way I want it to

Acme::NumericMethod - I know numeric methods

Acme::OSDc - the OSDc programming language

Acme::Octarine - Provides Octarine support for Acme::Colour

Acme::Oil - Oil is slippery and combustible.

Acme::OneHundredNotOut - A raise of the bat, a tip of the hat

Acme::Ook - the Ook! programming language

Acme::Opish - Prefix the audible vowels of words

Acme::Oppai - Oppai! Oppai!

Acme::Orange - Like Acme::Colour but only for important colours

Acme::PETEK::Testkit - Perl module codebase for Tester's Toolkit

Acme::PGPSign - Perl extension for signed scripts

Acme::PIA::Export - Export contacts, calendars or todos from Arcor's PIA messaging

Acme::PM::Chicago - Functions useful for the group

Acme::PM::Erlangen::SteffenW::BuildTest - create a CPAN Module using Module::Build on Win32-Systems

Acme::POE::Acronym::Generator - Generate random POE acronyms.

Acme::PSON - PSON Module

Acme::Palindrome - Programs are the same backward and forward

Acme::PerlML - Replaces your ugly Perl code with powerful XML

Acme::PerlTidy - Clean code every time

Acme::Phlegethoth - Improve your code's readability, if you're an Ancient One


Acme::Playwright - Simple text obfuscation in the form of a play.

Acme::Pony - An encoding scheme for Silly People

Acme::Pr0n - expose the naughty bits of modules to the world

Acme::Prereq::A - Module for testing CPAN module prerequisites

Acme::Prereq::B - Module for testing prerequisites

Acme::Prereq::None - Module for testing CPAN module prerequisites

Acme::ProgressBar - a simple progress bar for the patient

Acme::Pythonic - Python whitespace conventions for Perl

Acme::Python - For I<real> python programs

Acme::RFC4824 - Internet Protocol over Semaphore Flag Signaling System

Acme::RTB - Perl extension for building realtimebattle bots

Acme::Raise_my_kwalitee - Raising my kwalitee on CPANTS

Acme::Rant - Extends Perl's Ability to Let You Rant

Acme::Read::Like::A::Monger - convert prose to something a Perl hacker can understand.

Acme::RedShirt -- Write programs that die upon beaming down

Acme::Ref - unstringify a reference

Acme::Remote::Strangulation::Protocol - The wisdom of Larry Wall

Acme::RemoteINC - Slowest Possible Module Loading

Acme::Roman - Do maths like Romans did

Acme::SDUM::Renew - Renew your books from

Acme::SOAP::Dodger - be a hippy

Acme::Scurvy::Whoreson::BilgeRat::Backend::insultserver - generate insults in the style of the old Insult Server

Acme::Scurvy::Whoreson::BilgeRat - multi-lingual insult generator

Acme::Signum - Address signal handlers by number

Acme::Siteswap - Provide information about Juggling Siteswap patterns

Acme::Smirch - For I<really> dirty programs

Acme::Snark - What I tell you three times is true

Acme::Sneeze::JP - Someone is talking about you

Acme::Sneeze - Bless you

Acme::Spider - frighten some other modules

Acme::Spinners - A fully extensible framework...for creating text spinners.

Acme::Spinner - Perl extension for blah blah blah

Acme::Steganography::Image::Png - hide data in Png images

Acme::Stegano - Put some text inside another

Acme::Takahashi::Method - turns your script into slides accordingly to the Takahashi Method

Acme::Tango - Turn colours orange

Acme::Tao - strongly suggests proper respect for the Tao

Acme::Terror::AU - Fetch the current AU terror alert level

Acme::Terror::NL - Fetch the current NL terror alert level

Acme::Terror::UK - Fetch the current UK terror alert level

Acme::Terror - Fetch the current US terror alert level

Acme::Test::Buffy - example Test::Builder testing module

Acme::Test::Pr0n - Perl extension for wasteing your time.

Acme::Test::Weather - Test the weather conditions for a user.

Acme::Tests - How much do you know ?


Acme::Text::Rhombus - Draw an alphanumerical rhombus

Acme::Tie::Eleet - Perl extension to 5pE4k 1Ik3 4n 3l337!

Acme::Time::Asparagus - Time on the vegetable clock

Acme::Time::Baby -- Tell time little children can understand

Acme::Tiroler - write code like a tyrolean says it

Acme::Tpyo - Perl extension for misspelling words!

Acme::True -

Acme::Turing - Turing machine emulation

Acme::UNIVERSAL::new - the only constructor you ever need

Acme::USIG - express the true nature of strict

Acme::Umlautify - dd mlts t vrthng!

Acme::Valid - your script will be valid Perl

Acme::VarMess - Blow up your variable names

Acme::VerySign - make unused subroutines useful

Acme::Void - Making void things more void

Acme::Voodoo - Do bad stuff to your objects

Acme::Wabby - Create semi-random sentences based upon a body of text.

Acme::WalkMethods - Develope the wrong way

Acme::Web20::Validator - Web 2.0 Validation


Acme::Your - not our variables, your variables

Acme::emcA - Acme::emcA

Acme::landmine - variables that explode

Acme::please - intercal-compliant politesse

Acme::speeed - Makes your script terminate B<really> fast!

Acme::use::strict::with::pride - enforce bondage and discipline on very naughty modules.