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CPAN Language Extensions Config Modules

Config::Abstract - Perl extension for abstracting configuration files

Config::Any - Load configuration from different file formats, transparently

Config::ApacheExtended - use extended apache format config files

Config::ApacheFormat - use Apache format config files

Config::Apt::Sources - Parse and manipulate apt sources

Config::AutoConf - A module to implement some of AutoConf macros in pure perl.

Config::Auto - Magical config file parser

Config::Backend::INIREG - a .ini or registry backend for Config::Frontend.

Config::Backend::INI - a .ini file backend for conf

Config::Backend::SQL - An SQL backend for Config::Frontend.


Config::BuildHelper - A tool to help build config files

Config::Cascade - simple configuration file framework for managing multi-level configurations, with regexp validation.

Config::Cfe - File configuration module

Config::Constants - Configuration variables as constants

Config::Context - Add C<< <Location> >> and C<< <LocationMatch> >> style context matching to hierarchical configfile formats such as Config::General, XML::Simple and Config::Scoped

Config::Crontab - Read/Write Vixie compatible crontab files

Config::DBI - database connection support via Config::ApacheFormat files

Config::Directory - OO hash-based interface to directories of files

Config::DotNetXML - Get config in the manner of .NET Framework

Config::Easy - Access to a simple key-value configuration file.

Config::Fast - extremely fast configuration file parser

Config::File - Parse a simple configuration file

Config::Find - Find configuration files in the native OS fashion

Config::Format::Ini - Reads INI configuration files


Config::FreeForm - Provide in-memory configuration data

Config::Frontend::Tie - Ties hashes to Config::Frontend.

Config::Frontend - Configuration module with flexible backends

Config::General::Match - Add C<< <Location> >> and C<< <LocationMatch> >> style matching to Config::General

Config::General - Generic Config Module

Config::Generic - Sophisticated Config Parsing Module

Config::Grammar - A grammar-based, user-friendly config parser

Config::Hierarchical - Hierarchical configuration container

Config::INI - simple .ini-file format

Config::Inetd - Interface inetd's configuration file


Config::IniFiles - A module for reading .ini-style configuration files.

Config::IniHash - Perl extension for reading and writing INI files

Config::IniSearch - Wrapper class for Config::IniHash to search for INI files



Config::JSON - A JSON based config file system.

Config::Loader - Replaced by Config::Merge

Config::LotusNotes - Access Lotus Notes/Domino configuration

Config::Magic - Perl extension for reading all kinds of configuration files

Config::Maker - File generation library.

Config::Maker - File generation library.

Config::Manager - Configuration Manager

Config::Merge - load a configuration directory tree containing YAML, JSON, XML, Perl, INI or Config::General files

Config::Mini - Very simple INI-style configuration parser

Config::Model::CursesUI - Curses interface for configuration tree

Config::Model::Itself - Model for Config::Model

Config::Model::Xorg - Xorg configuration model for Config::Model

Config::Model - Model to create configuration validation tool

Config::Natural - Module that can read easy-to-use configuration files

Config::Objective - Perl module for parsing object-oriented config files

Config::Options - Module to provide a configuration hash with option to read from file.

Config::PFiles::Path - manipulate PFILES path for IRAF Compatible parameter files

Config::PackageGlobal::OO - A generic configuration object for modules with package global configuration

Config::Patch - Patch configuration files and unpatch them later

Config::Pod - Configuration files in POD format

Config::Properties::Simple - Perl extension to manage configuration files.

Config::PropertiesSequence - provides access to sequential properties loaded from properties file.

Config::Properties - Read and write property files

Config::ReadAndCheck - Perl module for parsing generic config files conforms to predefined line-by-line-based format.


Config:Scoped - feature rich configuration file parser

Config::Secure - Perl extension for scripts run with PSC

Config::Setting - Perl extension for configuration files.

Config::Simple - simple configuration file class

Config::Std - Load and save configuration files in a standard format


Config::Tiny - Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible

Config::Trivial::Storable - Very simple tool for reading and writing very simple Storable configuration files

Config::Trivial - Very simple tool for reading and writing very simple configuration files

Config::Universal - Universal object oriented config file reader

Config::Vars - A module for keeping configuration variables in a central perl file.

Config::Wild - parse an application configuration file with wildcard keywords

Data::Serializer::Config::Wrest - Creates bridge between Data::Serializer and Config::Wrest

Config::XMLPerl - Configuration files based in XML, where Perl data codes as XML values are enabled.

C<Config::XPath> - a module for retrieving configuration data from XML files by using XPath queries

Config::YAML - Simple configuration automation

Config::YUM - Perl extension for parsing yum.conf