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Critique Perl source code for best-practices

Version: 1.080

Perl::Critic::Exception::AggregateConfiguration - A collection of a set of problems found in the configuration and/or command-line options.

Devel::AssertOS - require that we are running on a particular OS

Perl::Critic::BuildUtilities - Common bits of compiling Perl::Critic.

Devel::CheckOS - check what OS we're running on

Perl::Critic::Config - The Perl::Critic user-preferences, combined from any profile file and command-line parameters.

Perl::Critic::ConfigErrors - An exception object collecting a set of problems found by L<Perl::Critic::Config>.

Perl::Critic::Exception::Configuration - A problem with L<Perl::Critic> configuration

Perl::Critic::Utils::Constants - Global constants

Perl::Critic - Critique Perl source code for best-practices

Perl::Critic::Defaults - The global configuration default values.

Perl::Critic::DEVELOPER - How to make new Perl::Critic::Policy modules

Perl::Critic::Document - Caching wrapper around PPI::Document

Perl::Critic::Exception - A problem identified by L<Perl::Critic>

Perl::Critic::Exception::Configuration::Option::Policy::ExtraParameter - The configuration referred to a non-existent parameter for a policy.

Perl::Critic::Exception::Fatal - A problem that should cause L<Perl::Critic> to stop running

Perl::Critic::Exception::Fatal::Generic - A problem for which there is no specialized information

Perl::Critic::Exception::Configuration::Option::Global - A problem with L<Perl::Critic> global configuration

Perl::Critic::Exception::Fatal::Internal - A problem with the L<Perl::Critic> implementation, i.e. a bug

KomodoIntegration - Integrating perlcritic and Komodo

Perl::Critic::Utils::McCabe - Functions that calculate the McCabe score of source code.

Perl::Critic::Exception::Configuration::Option - A problem with an option in the L<Perl::Critic> configuration

Perl::Critic::Exception::Configuration::Option::Policy::ParameterValue - A problem with the value of a parameter for a policy

Perl::Critic::Policy - Base class for all Policy modules

Perl::Critic::Exception::Fatal::PolicyDefinition - A bug in a policy

Perl::Critic::PolicyFactory - Instantiate Policy objects

Perl::Critic::PolicyListing - Display information about Policies

Notes on PolicyParameter design

Perl::Critic::PolicySummary - Description of the bundled Policy modules

Perl::Critic::Utils::PPI - Utility functions for dealing with PPI objects.

Perl::Critic::Utils::PPIRegexp - Utility functions for dealing with PPI regexp tokens.

Perl::Critic::ProfilePrototype - Generate a Perl::Critic profile

Perl::Critic::Statistics - Compile stats on Perl::Critic violations

Perl::Critic::TestUtilitiesWithMinimalDependencies - Testing functions that only depend upon L<strict>, L<warnings>, and L<Exporter>.

Perl::Critic::TestUtils - Utility functions for testing new Policies

Perl::Critic::Theme - Construct thematic sets of policies

Perl::Critic::TODO - Things for Perl::Critic developers to do

Perl::Critic::UserProfile - The contents of the user's profile, often F<.perlcriticrc>.

Perl::Critic::Utils - Utility subs and vars for Perl::Critic

Perl::Critic::Violation - Represents policy violations