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CPAN Language Extensions Regexp Modules

Regexp::Assemble - Assemble multiple Regular Expressions into a single RE

Regexp::Bind - Bind variables to captured buffers

Regexp::Cherokee - Regular Expressions Support for Cherokee Script.

Regexp::Common::AT::NICAT - Defines patterns for NICAT objects

Regexp::Common::AT::Profanity - provide regexes for profanity in Austrian German

Regexp::Common::Email::Address - Returns a pattern for Email Addresses

Regexp::Common::IRC - provide patterns for parsing IRC messages

Regexp::Common::net::CIDR -- provide patterns for CIDR blocks.

Regexp::Common::profanity_us -- provide regexes for U.S. profanity

Regexp::Common::time - Date and time regexps.


Regexp::Compare - partial ordering for regular expressions


Regexp::Copy - copy Regexp objects

Regexp::DefaultFlags - Set default flags on regular expressions

Regexp::DeferredExecution - Defer execution of C<> codeblocks until the end of a successful match

Regexp::English - Perl module to create regular expressions more verbosely

Regexp::Ethiopic - Regular Expressions Support for Ethiopic Script.

Regexp::Exhaustive - Find all possible matches, including backtracked and overlapping, of a pattern against a string

Regexp::Extended - Perl wrapper that extends the re module with new features.

Regexp::Fields - named capture groups

Regexp::Genex - get the strings a regex will match, with a regex

Regexp::Ignore - Let us ignore unwanted parts, while parsing text.

Regexp::Keep - filter to allow the C<\K> escape in regexes

Regexp::Log::BlueCoat - A regexp builder to parse BlueCoat log files

Regexp::Log::Common - A regular expression parser for the Common Log Format

Regexp::Log::DateRange - construct regexps for filtering log data by date range

Regexp::Log::Helix - A regular expression parser for Helix log format.

Regexp::Log::RealServer - A regular expression parser for RealServer log format.

Regexp::Log::WMS - A regular expression parser for WMS log format.

Regexp::Log - A base class for log files regexp builders

Regexp::Match::List - Matches a string to a list of regular expressions

Regexp::MatchContext - Replace $MATCH, $PREMATCH, and $POSTMATCH

Regexp::MultiLanguage - Convert common regular expressions checks in to Perl, PHP, and JavaScript code.

Regexp::NamedCaptures - Saves capture results to your own variables

Regexp::Optimizer - optimizes regular expressions

Regexp::Parser - base class for parsing regexes

Regexp::Shellish - Shell-like regular expressions

Regexp::Subst::Parallel - Safely perform multiple substitutions on a string in parallel.

Regexp::Trie - builds trie-ized regexp

Regexp::Tr - Run-time-compiled tr/// objects.

Regexp::Wildcards - Converts wildcard expressions to Perl regular expressions.