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CPAN Microsoft Windows Modules Win32 Modules

Win32::AD::Control::DirSync - LDAPv3 DirSync control wrapper for Net::LDAP

Win32::AD::User - provides routines for Active Directory user administration.

Win32::ADO - ADO Constants and a couple of helper functions

Win32::API::Interface - Object oriented interface generation


Win32::API - Perl Win32 API Import Facility


Win32::ASP::Extras - a extension to Win32::ASP that provides more methods

Win32::ASP - a module for ASP Programming

Win32::AbsPath - convert relative to absolute paths

Win32::Autoglob -- expand globs in @ARGV when the shell doesn't

Win32::CaptureIE - Capture web pages or its elements rendered by Internet Explorer

Win32::Clipboard - Interaction with the Windows clipboard

Win32::Codepage::Simple - get codepage, simply

Win32::Console::ANSI - Perl extension to emulate ANSI console on Win32 system.

Win32::CryptData - Perl wrapper for Win32 CryptProtectData and CryptUnprotectData functions.

Win32::CtrlGUI - a Module for controlling Win32 GUIs based on Win32::Setupsup

Win32::Daemon::Simple - framework for Windows services

Win32::Die - Dying gracefully under Win32

Win32::DirSize - Calculate sizes of directories on Win32

Win32::DriveInfo - drives on Win32 systems

Win32::Env - set and retrieve global system and user environment variables under Win32.

Win32::EventLog::Carp - for carping in the Windows NT Event Log

Win32::Excel::Refresh - Perl extension for automating the refresh of Microsoft Excel Workbooks

Win32::Exe - Manipulate Win32 executable files

Win32::FetchCommand - Filename extension association resolution.

Win32::File::Summary - Perl extension read property informations from MS compound files and normal files.

Win32::File::VersionInfo - Read program version information on Win32

Win32::File::Ver - Read program version information on Win32

Win32::FileNotify - Monitor file changes

Win32::FileOp - 0.14.1

Win32::FileTime - Perl module for accessing Win32 file times



Win32::Fmode - determine whether a Win32 filehandle is opened for reading, writing , or both.

Win32::Font::NameToFile - Return the name of a TrueType font file from a description

Win32::Fonts::Info - Perl extension for get a list of installed fontfamilies on a Win32 Computer.

Win32::GUI::HyperLink - A Win32::GUI Hyperlink control

Win32::GUI::SplashScreen - Win32::GUI SplashScreen support

XMLBuilder - Build Win32::GUIs using XML.

Win32::GUIRobot - send keyboard and mouse input to win32, analyze graphical output



Win32::GuiTest - Perl GUI Test Utilities.

Win32::Hardlink - Hardlink support on Windows

Win32::IE::Mechanize - Like "the mech" but with IE as user-agent

Win32::IEAutomation - Web application automation using Internet Explorer

Win32::IEFavorites - handles Internet Explorer's Favorites

Win32::IIS::Admin - Administer Internet Information Service on Windows

Win32::IPConfig - IP Configuration Settings for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

Win32::IPHelper - Perl wrapper for Win32 IP Helper functions and structures.

Win32::InstallShield - InstallShield data file interface

Win32::InternetExplorer::Window - Perl extension for using OLE to create controlable InternetExplorer windows

Win32::InternetShortcut - handles Internet Shortcut

Win32::Locale - get the current MSWin locale or language

Win32::MBCS - Utf8 and win32 local multi-byte string conversion

Win32::MCI::Basic - Basic Perl interface to Windows MCI API

Win32::MCI::CD - Play and control audio cd's via MCI API

Win32::MSAgent - Interface module for the Microsoft Agent

Win32::MSI::DB - Modify MSI databases

Win32::Mock - Mock Win32 modules

Win32::MprApi - Perl wrapper for Win32 Router Configuration functions.

Win32::MultiLanguage - Interface to IMultiLanguage I18N routines

Win32::Net::Session - Perl extension for getting informations about connected clients to a server or workstation.

Win32::NetName - A more universal way of obtaining the UNC names of local paths

Win32::NetPacket - OO-interface to the WinPcap Packet Driver API.

Win32::NetSend - Sends message from NT to NT or Win9x running winpopup

Win32::Outlook::IAF - Internet Account File management for Outlook Express/2003.

Win32::Palm::Install - Simple installer for palm.

Win32::PerfCounter - Use Windows' high performance counter

Win32::PingICMP - ICMP Ping support for Win32 based on ICMP.DLL

Win32::PowerPoint - helps to convert texts to PP slides


Win32::Process::CommandLine - Perl extension for getting win32 process command line parameters

Win32::Process::Info - Provide process information for Windows 32 systems.

Win32::Process::List - Perl extension to get all processes and thier PID on a Win32 system

Win32::Process::Memory - read and write memory of other windows process


Win32::Process::User - Perl extension for to get the user and domain name of a process

Win32::RASE - managing dialup entries and network connections on Win32

Win32::Registry::File - Perl interface to MS-Windows registry files.

Win32::RemoteTOD - Get the time & timezone of a remote Win32 machine

Win32::Resources - Manipulate windows executable resources

Win32::SAPI4 - Perl interface to the Microsoft Speech API 4.0

Win32::SAPI5 - Perl interface to the Microsoft Speech API 5.1

Win32::SDDL - SDDL parsing module for Windows

Win32::Scanner::EZTWAIN - An interface to the classic EZTWAIN library

Win32::Screenshot - Capture and process the screen, window or rectangle


Win32::SearchPath - Perl extension for the Win32 API SearchPath.

Win32::Security::EFS - Perl interface to functions that assist in working with EFS under Windows plattforms.


Win32::SerialPort - User interface to Win32 Serial API calls

Win32::SerialPort - User interface to Win32 Serial API calls

Win32::SharedFileOpen - Open a file for shared reading and/or writing

Win32::ShutDown - a perl extension to let you shutdown and/or restart and/or logoff a Windows PC

Win32::Snarl - Perl extension for Snarl notifications

Win32::Socketpair - Simulate socketpair on Windows

Win32::SoundRec - Module for recording sound on Win32 platforms

Win32::StreamNames - Perl extension for reading Windows ADS names

Win32::StrictFileNames - Enable case sensitive filenames checking.

Win32::Symlink - Symlink support on Windows


Win32::TestServerManager - manage simple test servers on Win32

Win32::TieRegistry::Dump - dump Win32 registry tree

Win32::TieRegistry::PMVersionInfo - store in Win32 Registry PM $VERSION info

Win32::ToolHelp - Perl extension for obtaining information about currently executing applications

Win32::UTCFileTime - Get/set UTC file times with stat/utime on Win32

Win32::Uptime - Calculate uptime for Win32 systems

Win32::UrlCache - parse Internet Explorer's history/cache/cookies

Win32::Useful - Collection of useful functions that extend Win32 functionality

Win32::Wallpaper - Modify Win32 Wallpaper

Win32::WebBrowser - open the default web browser on Win32

Win32::Word::Writer - Create Microsoft Word documents

Win32::mIRC - Communicate with mIRC via DDE