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CPAN Miscellaneous Modules Modules

AI::Categorizer - Automatic Text Categorization

AI::DecisionTree - Automatically Learns Decision Trees

AI::FANN - Perl wrapper for the Fast Artificial Neural Network library

AI::* - All 25 AI modules in section.

Agent::TCLI::Package::Net - Network related commands for TCLI Agents

Agent::TCLI - Transactional Contextual Line Interface

Alien::CodePress - Installing and finding CodePress.

Alien::GvaScript - Gva extension to the prototype javascript framework

Alien::IE7 - installing and finding IE7 JS compatibility library

Alien::* - All 13 Alien modules in section.


Alvis::Convert - Perl extension for converting documents from a number of different source formats to Alvis XML format.

Alvis::NLPPlatform - Perl extension for linguistically annotating XML documents in Alvis

Alvis::* - All 7 Alvis modules in section.

Bundle::Apache::ASP - Install Apache::ASP and required

Bundle::Apache::Roaming - A bundle to install Apache::Roaming and prerequisites

Astro::ADS - An object orientated interface to NASA's ADS database

Astro::Aladin - Perl class giving access to images and catalogues

Astro::Bibcode - Parse standardised astronomical journal bibcode

Astro::* - All 39 Astro modules in section.

Audio::AMR::Decode - Perl extension do decode .amr files

Audio::AMaMP - Perl language binding for the AMaMP Core


Audio::* - All 53 Audio modules in section.

Baseball::Sabermetrics - A Baseball Statistics Module

Bio::ASN1::EntrezGene - Regular expression-based Perl Parser for NCBI Entrez Gene.



Bio::* - All 33 Bio modules in section.

Bundle::ABH - A bundle to install all Ask's favorite modules

Bundle::AMBS - install all modules by AMBS

Bundle::AndyA - Basic working environment.

Bundle::* - All 139 Bundle modules in section.

Business::AU::ABN - Validate and format Australian Business Numbers

Business::ACN - Validate ACN - Australian Company Number

Business::AU::Data::ANZIC - Australian New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification Codes

Business::* - All 115 Business modules in section.

CGI::Application::Plus - CGI::Application rewriting with several pluses

CPAN::AutoINC - Download and install CPAN modules upon first use

CPAN::Cache - Abstract locally-cached logical subset of a CPAN mirror

CPAN::Checksums - Write a C<CHECKSUMS> file for a directory as on CPAN

CPAN::* - All 56 CPAN modules in section.

CPANPLUS::Daemon -- Remote CPANPLUS access



CPANPLUS::* - All 11 CPANPLUS modules in section.

Chemistry::3DBuilder - Generate 3D coordinates from a connection table

Graphics - Graphic plot for artificial with database support

ArtificialSQL - Artificial chemistry with database support module

Chemistry::* - All 63 Chemistry modules in section.

Chess::Elo - Perl module to calculate Chess "Elo" ratings

Chess::FIDE - Perl extension for FIDE Rating List

Chess::Games::DotCom - API for accessing

Chess::* - All 14 Chess modules in section.

Cisco::ACL - generate access control lists for Cisco IOS

Cisco::Accounting - Cisco and IPCAD ip accounting parser and aggregator

Cisco::Conf - Perl module for configuring Cisco routers via TFTP

Cisco::* - All 8 Cisco modules in section.

DBD::CSV - DBI driver for CSV files

Bundle::DBD::DB2 - A bundle to install all DBD::DB2 related modules

Bundle::DBD::Informix - A bundle to install all DBD::Informix related modules

DBD::* - All 7 DBD modules in section.

Embedix::DB - persistence for ECDs

Festival::Client::Async - Non-blocking interface to a Festival server

Finance::Account::Archive - Storage of account balances

Finance::Amortization - Simple Amortization Schedules

Finance::Bank::ABSA - Check your ABSA bank accounts from Perl

Finance::* - All 77 Finance modules in section.

GPS::Babel - Perl interface to gpsbabel

GPS::Lowrance::LSI - Lowrance Serial Interface Protocol module in Perl

GPS::Lowrance::Trail - Convert between GDM16 Trails and other formats

GPS::* - All 11 GPS modules in section.

GStreamer::GConf - Perl interface to the GStreamer GConf library

GStreamer::Interfaces - Perl interface to the GStreamer Interfaces library

Games::3D - a package containing an object system for 3D games

Games::AIBots - An improved clone of A.I.Wars in Perl

Games::Affenspiel - Play the Affenspiel game

Games::* - All 115 Games modules in section.

Gedcom::Date - Perl class for interpreting dates in Gedcom files

Gedcom::FOAF - Output FOAF files from Gedcom individuals and families

Geo::Approx - represents an approximate global position by a single number

Geo::Cache - Object interface for GPS waypoints

Geo::Caching - Object interface for querying website

Geo::* - All 49 Geo modules in section.


Handel::Storage::RDBO - RDBO storage layer for Handel 1.x

LEGO::Colors - Set of LEGO Color data

LEGO::NXT - LEGO NXT Direct Commands API.

LaTeX::Authors - Perl extension to extract authors and laboratories in a LaTeX file


LaTeX::Encode - encode characters for LaTeX formatting

LaTeX::* - All 7 LaTeX modules in section.

Logfile::Access - Perl extension for common log format web server logs

Logfile::EPrints - Process Web log files for institutional repositories

Logfile::Radius - Perl module for generating reports from Radius Accounting logfiles

Logfile::* - All 6 Logfile modules in section.

MIDI::Morph - Musical transition tool

MIDI::Music - Perl interface to /dev/music.


MIDI::* - All 9 MIDI modules in section.


MP3::CreateInlayCard - create a CD inlay label for a directory of MP3 files

MP3::Daemon - a daemon that possesses mpg123

MP3::* - All 18 MP3 modules in section.

MPEG::Audio::Frame - a class for weeding out MPEG audio frames out of a file handle.

B<MPEG::ID3v2Tag> - Parses and creates ID3v2 Tags for MPEG audio files.

MPEG::Info - Basic MPEG bitstream attribute parser.

MPEG::* - All 5 MPEG modules in section.

Music::ABC::Archive - Parse ABC music archives

Music::ABC::Song - Handle songs in ABC music archives

Music::Audioscrobbler::MPD - Module providing routines to submit songs to from MPD.

Music::* - All 11 Music modules in section.

MusicBrainz::Client - MusicBrainz Client API

MusicBrainz::Queries - MusicBrainz RDF Query Constants

Ogg::Vorbis::Decoder - An object-oriented Ogg Vorbis to decoder


OurNet::Query - Scriptable queries with template extraction

Penguin::Easy -- provides easy access to Penguin module.

Physics::Lorentz - Package for 4-vectors and transformations

Physics::Particles - Simulate particle dynamics

Physics::Psychrometry - Perl extension for calculating Psychrometric measures for moist air

Physics::* - All 6 Physics modules in section.


RT::Action::NotifyGroup - RT Action that sends notifications to groups and/or users


RT::* - All 36 RT modules in section.

RTx::Shredder - Cleanup RT database

SCUBA::Blender - Module for calculating gas pressures for blending Nitrox or Trimix

SNMP::MIB::Compiler - a MIB Compiler supporting SMIv1 and SMIv2

Silly::K-Rad - Make text hard to read...

Silly::StringMaths - Perl extension for doing maths with strings

Simulation::Automate - A Simulation Automation Tool

Speech::Recognizer::SPX - Perl extension for the Sphinx2 speech recognizer

Speech::Recognizer::SPX - Perl extension for the Sphinx2 speech recognizer

Speech::Recognizer::ScLite - Object-based wrapper around the C<sclite> tool from the NIST SCTK.

Speech::* - All 7 Speech modules in section.

Sphinx::Config - Sphinx search engine configuration file read/modify/write

SyslogScan::Daemon::SpamDetector - Notice spammers in the log files


Telephony::CTPort - Computer Telephony programming in Perl

Video::Capture::V4l::Imager - Capture images from a video webcam

Video::Capture::V4l - Perl interface to the Video4linux framegrabber interface.

Video::Info::Quicktime_PL - pure Perl implementation to extract header info from Quicktime files.

Video::* - All 11 Video modules in section.

Weather::Bug - Get realtime weather where available

Weather::Com - fetching weather information from I<>

Weather::NOAA::GFS - Perl module for forecast weather maps from NOAA GFS site data

Weather::* - All 5 Weather modules in section.

Wizard::SaveAble::LDAP - A package for automatically saved objects, that are stored in a LDAP server's directory structure.

Workflow::Wfmc - A lightweight Workflow Engine in PERL based on XPDL 2.0




bioperl::* - All 5 bioperl modules in section.