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Audio::TagLib - a library for reading and editing audio meta data, commonly known as I<tags>.

Version: 1.43

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::AttachedPictureFrame - An ID3v2 attached picture frame implementation

Audio::TagLib::AudioProperties - A simple, abstract interface to common audio properties

Audio::TagLib::ByteVector - A byte vector

Audio::TagLib::ByteVectorList - A list of ByteVectors

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::CommentsFrame - An implementation of ID3v2 comments

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::ExtendedHeader - ID3v2 extended header implementation

CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Fast - FormBuilder interface to CGI::FastTemplate

CGI::FormBuilder::Field - Internally used to create a FormBuilder field

Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FieldListMap - Perl-only class

CGI::FormBuilder::Source::File - Initialize FormBuilder from external file

Audio::TagLib::FileRef - This class provides a simple abstraction for creating and handling files

Audio::TagLib::FileRef::FileTypeResolver - A class for pluggable file type resolution.

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::Footer - ID3v2 footer implementation

CGI::FormBuilder - Easily generate and process stateful forms

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::Frame - ID3v2 frame implementation

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::FrameFactory - A factory for creating ID3v2 frames

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::FrameList - Perl-only class

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::FrameListMap - Perl-only class

Audio::TagLib::ID3v1::GenreMap - Perl-only class

Audio::TagLib::MPEG::Header - An implementation of MP3 frame headers

CGI::FormBuilder::Template::HTML - FormBuilder interface to HTML::Template

Audio::TagLib::ID3v1 - Functions in this namespace

Audio::TagLib::APE::Item - An implementation of APE-items

Audio::TagLib::APE::ItemListMap - Perl-only class

Audio::TagLib::String::Iterator - Perl-only class

CGI::FormBuilder::Messages - Localized message support for FormBuilder

CGI::FormBuilder::Multi - Create multi-page FormBuilder forms

Audio::TagLib::Ogg::Page - An implementation of Ogg pages

Audio::TagLib::Ogg::PageHeader - An implementation of the page headers associated with each Ogg::Page

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::RelativeVolumeFrame::PeakVolume - Struct that stores the relevant values for ID3v2 peak volume

Audio::TagLib::Vorbis::Properties - An implementation of audio property reading for Ogg Vorbis

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::RelativeVolumeFrame - An ID3v2 relative volume adjustment frame implementation

CGI::FormBuilder::Source - Source adapters for FormBuilder

Audio::TagLib::String - A wide string class suitable for unicode

Audio::TagLib::ID3v1::StringHandler - A abstraction for the string to data encoding in ID3v1 tags.

Audio::TagLib::StringList - A list of strings

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::SynchData - A few functions for ID3v2 synch safe integer conversion

Audio::TagLib::Tag - A simple, generic interface to common audio meta data fields

Audio::TagLib - a library for reading and editing audio meta data, commonly known as I<tags>.

CGI::FormBuilder::Template - Template adapters for FormBuilder

CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Text - FormBuilder interface to Text::Template

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::TextIdentificationFrame - An ID3v2 text identification frame implementation

CGI::FormBuilder::Template::TT2 - FormBuilder interface to Template Toolkit

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::UniqueFileIdentifierFrame - An implementation of ID3v2 unique identifier frames

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::UnknownFrame - A frame type unkown to Audio::TagLib

Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::UserTextIdentificationFrame - An ID3v2 custom text identification frame implementation

CGI::FormBuilder::Util - Utility functions for FormBuilder

Audio::TagLib::MPEG::XingHeader - An implementation of the Xing VBR headers

Audio::TagLib::Ogg::XiphComment - Ogg Vorbis comment implementation