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An object-oriented Perl Applications Programming Interface for the NEXUS file format

Version: 0.67 - translate an alignment into NEXUS format using BioPerl

Bio::NEXUS::AssumptionsBlock - Represents ASSUMPTIONS block of a NEXUS file

Bio::NEXUS::Block - Provides useful functions for blocks in NEXUS file.

Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock - Represents a CHARACTERS Block of a NEXUS file

Bio::NEXUS::CodonsBlock - Represents CODONS block in NEXUS file

Bio::NEXUS::DataBlock - Represents the deprecated DATA Block in NEXUS file.

Bio::NEXUS::DistancesBlock - Represents DISTANCES block in NEXUS file

CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Fast - FormBuilder interface to CGI::FastTemplate

CGI::FormBuilder::Field - Internally used to create a FormBuilder field

CGI::FormBuilder::Source::File - Initialize FormBuilder from external file

CGI::FormBuilder - Easily generate and process stateful forms

Bio::NEXUS::Functions - Provides private utiliy functions for the module

Bio::NEXUS::HistoryBlock - Represents a HISTORY block of a NEXUS file

CGI::FormBuilder::Template::HTML - FormBuilder interface to HTML::Template

Installation - Bio::NEXUS Installation Instructions.

Bio::NEXUS::MatrixBlock - Provides functions for handling blocks that have matrices

CGI::FormBuilder::Messages - Localized message support for FormBuilder

CGI::FormBuilder::Multi - Create multi-page FormBuilder forms - Trees as strings - PostScript plot of tree + data table - Command-line NEXUS file manipulation tool

Bio::NEXUS - An object-oriented Perl Applications Programming Interface for the NEXUS file format

Bio::NEXUS::Node - Provides functions for manipulating nodes in trees

Bio::NEXUS::NotesBlock - Represents a NOTES block in a NEXUS file.

Bio::NEXUS::SetsBlock - Represents SETS block of a NEXUS file

CGI::FormBuilder::Source - Source adapters for FormBuilder

Bio::NEXUS::SpanBlock - Represent SPAN block in a NEXUS file.

Bio::NEXUS::TaxaBlock - Represents TAXA block of a NEXUS file

Bio::NEXUS::TaxUnit - Represents a taxon unit in a NEXUS file

Bio::NEXUS::TaxUnitSet - Represents a sets of OTUS in a NEXUS file

CGI::FormBuilder::Template - Template adapters for FormBuilder

CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Text - FormBuilder interface to Text::Template

Bio::NEXUS::Tree - Provides functions for manipulating trees

Bio::NEXUS::TreesBlock - Represents TREES block of a NEXUS file

CGI::FormBuilder::Template::TT2 - FormBuilder interface to Template Toolkit

Tutorial - Hands-on tutorial for using Bio::NEXUS module.

Bio::NEXUS::UnalignedBlock - Represents an UNALIGNED block of a NEXUS file

Bio::NEXUS::UnknownBlock - Represents a simple object for storing information unrecognized blocks by the Bio::NEXUS module.

CGI::FormBuilder::Util - Utility functions for FormBuilder

Bio::NEXUS::WeightSet - Represents column weights in alignment