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CPAN Miscellaneous Modules Business Modules

Business::AU::ABN - Validate and format Australian Business Numbers

Business::ACN - Validate ACN - Australian Company Number

Business::AU::Data::ANZIC - Australian New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification Codes

Business::AU::TFN - Validate TFN - Australian Tax File Name

Business::Address::POBox - Check whether an address looks like a P.O.Box

Business::Associates - a library to handle the new XML interface for the Associates program.


B<Business::BankAccount::NZ> - validates New Zealand bank account numbers

Business::Barcode::EAN13 - Perform simple validation of an EAN-13 barcode

Business::Billing::TMobile::UK - The fantastic new Business::Billing::TMobile::UK!

Business::Bof::Client -- Client interface to Business Oriented Framework

Business::Bof::Server -- Application Server featuring User Control and Remote Object Execution


BZS::CCCheck - Credit Card Check numbers

Business::CCProcessor - Pass transaction off to secure processor

Business::CINS - Verify CUSIP International Numbering System Numbers

Business::CN::IdentityCard - Validate the Identity Card NO. in China


Business::CUSIP - Verify Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures Numbers

Business::CanadaPost - A module to fetch shipping costs for Canada Post.

Business::Cashcow - Perl wrapper for Cascow, a lib for making Dankort payment.

Business::CreditCard::Object - a Credit Card object

C<Business::CreditCard> - Validate/generate credit card checksums/names

Business::DE::KontoCheck - Validating Bank-Account Numbers for Germany

Business::DK::CPR - a danish CPR code generator/validator

Business::DK::CVR - a danish CVR code generator/validator

Business::DK::PO - a danish postal order code generator/validator

Business::FR::SIRET - Verify French Companies SIRET

Business::FR::SSN - Verify French SSN

Business::FedEx::DirectConnect - FedEx Ship Manager Direct Connect

Business::GestPayCrypt - Perl interface to the italian online payment system GestPay

Business::Hours - Calculate business hours in a time period

Business::IBAN - Validate and generate IBANs

Business::IS::PIN - Validate and process Icelandic PIN numbers

Business::ISBN::Data - data pack for Business::ISBN

Business::ISBN - work with International Standard Book Numbers

Business::ISMN - work with International Standard Music Numbers

Business::ISSN - Perl extension for International Standard Serial Numbers

Business::KontoCheck - Perl extension for checking German and Austrian Bank Account Numbers

Business::MaxMind::CreditCardFraudDetection - Access free and paid MaxMind credit card fraud detection services

Business::MaxMind::HTTPBase - Base class for accessing HTTP web services

Business::NETeller::Direct - Simple NEReller direct payment client

Business::NoChex - Perl extension for the validation of NoChex payments

Business::OnlinePayment::2CheckOut - 2CheckOut backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet - AuthorizeNet backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::BankOfAmerica - Bank of America backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::Beanstream - Beanstream backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::Capstone - CapstonePay backend module for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::Cardstream - Cardstream Plugin for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::CashCow - Online payment processing via CashCow

Business::OnlinePayment::CyberSource - CyberSource backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::Exact - Perl extension for doing credit card processing through the E-xact v7 Web Services API payment gateway.

Business::OnlinePayment::Ingotz - Ingotz backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::InternetSecure - InternetSecure backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::Jettis - Jettis backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::LinkPoint - LinkPoint backend for Business::OnlinePayment


Business::OnlinePayment::Multiplex - Perl extension using the Business::OnlinePayment interface to add a callback to the content hash

Business::OnlinePayment::Network1Financial - Network1 Financial backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::OCV - OCV backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::OpenECHO - ECHO backend module for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::PPIPayMover - PPI PayMover backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::PayConnect - PaymentOne PayConnect backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::PayPal - PayPal backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::PayflowPro - Payflow Pro backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::PaymentsGateway - PaymentsGateway.Net backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::PlugnPay - plugnpay backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::Protx - Perl Class for making Online Payments via Protx VPS

Business::OnlinePayment::SecureHostingUPG - SecureHosting UPG backend module for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::Skipjack - Skipjack backend module for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::StGeorge - St.George Bank backend for Business::OnlinePayment


Business::OnlinePayment::SurePay - SurePay backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::TCLink - TrustCommerce backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::TransFirsteLink - Transfirst eLink backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::TransactionCentral - Transaction Central backend module for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::VirtualNet - Vital VirtualNet backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::eSec - eSec backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::eSelectPlus - Moneris eSelect Plus backend module for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::iAuthorizer - backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment::viaKLIX - viaKLIX backend for Business::OnlinePayment

Business::OnlinePayment - Perl extension for online payment processing

Business::PT::BI - Validate Portuguese BI

Business::PT::NIF - Validate Portuguese NIF

Business::PayPal::API - PayPal API

Business::PayPal::EWP - Perl extension for PayPal's Encrypted Website Payments

Business::PayPal::IPN - Perl extension that implements PayPal IPN v1.5

Business::PayPal::SDK - An interface to paypals SDK's.

Business::PayPal - Perl extension for automating PayPal transactions

Business::PayBox - OO wrapper for Paybox Java Localhost Listener

Business::PhoneBill::Allopass - A class for micro-payment system from Allopass

Business::ReportWriter - A Business Oriented ReportWriter.

Business::SEDOL - Verify Stock Exchange Daily Official List Numbers


Business::Shipping::DataFiles - Offline rate tables for Business::Shipping

Business::Shipping::DataTools - Convert tables from original format into usable format.

Business::Shipping::UPS_XML - UPS XML Rate Requester

Business::Shipping - API for shipping-related tasks

Business::Shipping - Rates and tracking for UPS and USPS

Business::TNTPost::NL - Calculate Dutch shipping costs

Business::TPGPost - [OBSOLETE] See Business::TNTPost::NL

Business::TW::Invoice::U420 - Print Taiwan Unified Invoice with U420 printer

Business::TW::TSIB::CStorePayment - Module for Taishin Bank Convenient Store Payment Management

Business::TW::TSIB::VirtualAccount - Module for Taishin Bank Virtual Account Management

Business::Tax::Canada - perform Canadian GST/HST/PST calculations

Business::Tax::VAT::Validation - A class for european VAT numbers validation.

Business::Tax::VAT - perform European VAT calculations


Business::UPC - Perl extension for manipulating Universal Product Codes

Business::UPS - A UPS Interface Module

Business::US::USPS::WebTools - Use the US Postal Service Web Tools

Business::US_Amort - class encapsulating US-style amortization

Business::UTV - Module for retrieiving UTV internet account information

Business::WorldPay::Junior - Perl module to handle WorldPay Junior for payment services, including callback services.