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Obtaining Technical Support for DBD::Informix

DBD::Informix::TechSupport - Obtaining Technical Support for DBD::Informix


DBD::Informix::TechSupport - Obtaining Technical Support for DBD::Informix


use DBD::Informix::TechSupport;


This document describes how to obtain technical support for IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2007.0914 (2007-09-14) (which is also known as DBD::Informix). It also describes how to use the Perl module to report information to any of technical support channels.


IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2007.0914 (2007-09-14) is not officially supported by IBM Informix Technical Support. If you are using a supported configuration, they will route problem reports to the maintenance team listed below.

This release is supported by Jonathan Leffler <>. You may also report your bugs via the CPAN resolution tracking system:

Such bug reports can be sent by email to <> they also get sent to, etc.

Under normal circumstances, you will receive a response (but not necessarily a solution) by the end of the next working day (California time, California holiday schedule).


The mailing list for Perl DBI and DBD::Informix is For information on how to subscribe to (and unsubscribe from) the dbi-users mailing list, send a message to You could also consider using the news groups comp.lang.perl.modules (for Perl and DBI) and comp.databases.informix (for DBD::Informix). These channels may provide quicker support, especially over holiday weekends.


We normally only support IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2007.0914 (2007-09-14) if you are using certain supported versions of ESQL/C or Client SDK:

  • Client SDK Version 2.70 (ESQL/C 9.51) or later

You may use Perl Version 5.6.1, but you should ideally be using Perl Version 5.8.0 or a later, stable version of Perl (for example, Version 5.8.6).

You must be using DBI Version 1.38 or later.

If you are using some other version of ESQL/C, or some other version of Perl or DBI, you must use the other support channels documented above.


IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2007.0914 (2007-09-14) is believed to work with all versions of ESQL/C and ClientSDK from ESQL/C 5.00.UC1 upwards. However, you may run into problems with shared libraries if you use versions of ESQL/C which are not explicitly supported. This is sometimes because of problems with the way ESQL/C handles either its own shared libraries or other (system) libraries. If you run into such problems, you can consider editing the library list (see the fix_hpux_syslibs and fix_aix_netstub functions in Makefile.PL for illustrations), or you can build a statically linked Perl executable (see Notes/

It is known that versions of ESQL/C earlier than 5.00.UC1 will not work; if you cannot upgrade from ESQL/C 4.x, then consider using DBD::Informix4, also obtainable from CPAN.

At various times, DBD::Informix has been tested with both OnLine and SE at most versions from 5.00 upwards.

DBD::Informix will probably work with most versions of Perl from 5.005_03 upwards (subject to using an appropriate version of DBI), but you should aim to use 5.8.x until there is a later stable version (such as 5.10) available.

DBD::Informix currently requires DBI v1.38; it will not accept earlier versions.

USING THE DBD::Informix::TechSupport Module

The script InformixTechSupport illustrates how to use the various functions described here.

Using bug_report

The Notes/ file describes in detail the various classes of bug report (A, B, C or D). You specify the bug class and optionally (for a class D bug) a list of tests to run.


        bug_report("D", @test_list);

You should trap both the standard output and standard error output into a file and use that as the basis of your bug report. You will also need to describe the symptoms of any detailed failure you have if the tests pass. Although you would often use the distributed tests, you can substitute your own test provided you include the source code with the bug report and it is cribbed from one the distributed tests.

The bug_report function reconfigures DBD::Informix (all classes), then builds it (classes B, C, D) and tests it (classes C, D).

Using it_works

This generates the information needed for a report that you have managed to get IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2007.0914 (2007-09-14) working.


Using print_versions

This function is called with a string containing the names of the items for which you need the version.

        print_versions("Perl DBI DBD::Informix ESQL/C");

The valid items are:

  • Perl

  • DBI

  • DBD::Informix

  • ESQL/C


Jonathan Leffler