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CPAN Miscellaneous Modules Finance Modules

Finance::Account::Archive - Storage of account balances

Finance::Amortization - Simple Amortization Schedules

Finance::Bank::ABSA - Check your ABSA bank accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::AU::StGeorge - Perl library for banking online with StGeorge

Finance::Bank::AllianceAndLeicester - Check your Alliance & Leicester bank accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::BNPParibas - Check your BNP bank accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::Barclays - Check your Barclays bank accounts from Perl


Finance::Bank::Cahoot - Check your Cahoot bank accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::Commerzbank - Check your bank accounts from Perl

CreateCard - Check your CreateCard account from Perl.

Finance::Bank::CreditMut - Check your Crédit Mutuel accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::DE::DeutscheBank - Checks your Deutsche Bank account from Perl

Finance::Bank::DE::NetBank - Check your NetBank Bank Accounts with Perl

Finance::Bank::ES::INGDirect - Check your INGDirect bank accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::Fubon::TW - Check Fubon eBank accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::HSBC - Check your HSBC bank accounts from Perl


Finance::Bank::INGDirect - Check your "ING Direct France" accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::LaPoste - Check your "La Poste" accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::LloydsTSB - Check your bank accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::NL::CLIEOP03 - Generate CLIEOP03 files for Dutch banks.

Finance::Bank::Natwest - Check your Natwest bank accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::NetBranch - Manage your NetBranch accounts with Perl

Finance::Bank::Norisbank - Automated account interaction for customers of Norisbank AG.


Finance::Bank::Postbank_de - Check your bank account from Perl

Finance::Bank::SCSB::TW - Check SCSB accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::Schwab - Check your Charles Schwab accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::Smile - Check your Smile bank accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::Sporo - Perl extension for B<SporoPay> of Slovenska Sporitelna.

Finance::Bank::TB - Perl extension for B<TatraPay> and B<CardPay> of Tatrabanka and B<EliotPay> of .eliot.

Finance::Bank::USAA - Check your USAA accounts from Perl

Finance::Bank::Wachovia - access account info from Perl


Finance::BeanCounter - Module for stock portfolio performance functions.

Finance::Card::Citibank - Check your Citigroup credit card accounts from Perl

Finance::ChartHist - Perl module to produce historical stock price graphs

Finance::Currency::Convert::BChile - Currency conversion module between Chilean Pesos.

Finance::Currency::Convert::DnB - convert currencies with up to date currencies from

Finance::Currency::Convert::WebserviceX - Lightweight currency conversion using WebserviceX.NET

Finance::Currency::Convert::XE - Currency conversion module.

Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo - convert currencies using Yahoo

Finance::Currency::ParValueSeparate - give least number of every parvalue within a certain amount

Finance::Figor - Financial assistant

Finance::HSHrates - Get current US Mortgage Rates from HSH


Finance::IIF - Parse and create IIF files for QuickBooks

Finance::Loan - Calculates monthly payment, interest paid, and unpaid balance on a loan.

Finance::MICR::GOCR::Check - scan a check scan image file for a valid micr line

Finance::MICR::LineParser - validate and parse a MICR code from a string

Finance::Math::IRR - Calculate the internal rate of return of a cash flow

Finance::MoneyNetSymbolLookup - Look up a stock symbol from MoneyNet

Finance::NFS::File::AccountBalance - Read Account Balance Records into data structures

Fiance::NikkeiQuote - Get a stock quote from Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.

Finance::OATS - Stub of a Perl extension to support generating OATS records

C<Finance::Options::Calc> - Option analysis based on different option pricing models.

Finance::Performance::Calc - Perl extension to calculate linked performance numbers.

Finance::QIF - Parse and create Quicken Interchange Format files

Finance::Quote::ESPA - Obtain quotes from Erste-Sparinvest KAG.

Finance::QuoteHist - Perl module for fetching historical stock quotes.

Finance::QuoteOptions - Perl extension for retrieving options pricing and series information from the web.

Finance::QuoteTW - Fetch quotes of mutual funds in Taiwan

Finance::Quote - Get stock and mutual fund quotes from various exchanges

Finance::SE::OMX - Getting stock information from the swedish stock exchange

Finance::SE::PPM - Retrieve a person's account status from the Swedish PPM

Finance::Streamer - Interface to Datek Streamer.

Finance::TW::CurrencyConvert - Currency convertor using the quote from Taiwan's financial market

Finance::TW::EmergingQuote - Check stock quotes from Taiwan Emerging Stock

Finance::TW::TSEQuote - Check stock quotes from Taiwan Security Exchange

Finance::TickerSymbols - Perl extension for getting symbols lists from web resources

Finance::YahooChart - Get a chart from Yahoo! Finance

Finance::YahooJPN::QuoteDetail - fetch detail quotes of Japanese stock markets.

Finance::YahooJPN::Quote - fetch a quote of Japanese stock market

Finance::YahooJPN::Sym2Name - converts a Japanese stock symbol to the name

Finance::YahooProfile - Get a stock profiles from Yahoo!