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CPAN Miscellaneous Modules Games Modules

Games::3D - a package containing an object system for 3D games

Games::AIBots - An improved clone of A.I.Wars in Perl

Games::Affenspiel - Play the Affenspiel game

Games::Alak -- simple game-tree implementation of a gomoku-like game

Games::AlphaBeta - game-tree search with object oriented interface

Games::Backgammon - Perl extension for modelling backgammon games


Games::Battleship - "You sunk my battleship!"

Games::Bingo::Bot - A simple class holding IRC related methods for bingo

Games::Bingo::Print - a PDF Generation Class for Games::Bingo

Games::Bingo - a bingo game Perl implementation

Games::Blackjack - Blackjack Utility Classes

Games::Board -- a parent class for board games

Games::Boggle::Board - create a boggle board

Games::Boggle - find words on a boggle board

Games::Bowling::Scorecard - score your bowling game easily

Games::Cards::Bridge::Contract - Bridge contract and scoring class

Games::Cards -- Perl module for writing and playing card games

Games::Checkers - Play the Checkers games



Games::Console - provide a 2D quake style in-game console

Games::Crossword::Puzzle - six letters for "reusable unit of code"

Games::Crosswords - Crosswords Game

Games::Cryptoquote - Solves Cryptoquotes

Games::Dice::Advanced - simulate dice rolls, including weird and loaded dice

Games::Dice::Probability - Perl extension for calculating dice probabilities and distributions.

Games::Dice - Perl module to simulate die rolls


Games::Dissociate - a Dissociated Press algorithm and filter



Games::Euchre - Euchre card game for humans and computers

Games::EverQuest::LogLineParser - Perl extension for parsing lines from the EverQuest log file.

Games::FEAR::Log - Log analysis tool for F.E.A.R. dedicated servers

AGATourn - Perl extensions to ease the pain of using AGA tournament data files.

Games::Go::Coordinate - represents a board coordinate in the game of Go

Games::Go::GMP - Low-level interface to the Go Modem Protocol


Games::Go::Image2SGF -- interpret photographs of go positions.

Games::Go::Rank - represents a player's rank in the game of Go

Games::Go::SGF2misc::SVG - Package to simplify SGF game rendering using Image::LibrSVG

Games::Go::SGF2misc - Reads SGF files and produces usable output in many formats

Games::Go::SGF - Parse and dissect Standard Go Format files


Games::Goban - Board for playing go, renju, othello, etc.

Games::GuessWord - Guess the letters in a word

Games::Hack::Live - Perl script to ease playing games

Games::Hack::Patch::i686 - How to patch code sequences on i686

Games::Hack::Patch::x86_64 - How to patch code sequences on x86_64

Games::IL2Device::Link - A simple class for talking to IL2 clients.

Games::Irrlicht - use the Irrlicht 3D Engine in Perl

Games::Jumble - Create and solve Jumble word puzzles.

Games::LMSolve - base class for LM-Solve solvers factories


B<Games::Literati> -- Literati resolver

LogicPuzzle - Perl extension for helping to solve brain teaser puzzles

Games::Mastermind::Cracker - quickly crack Mastermind

Games::Mastermind::Solver - a Master Mind puzzle solver

Games::Mastermind - A simple framework for MasterMind games

Games::Maze::FirstPerson - First person viewpoint of Games::Maze

Games::Maze::SVG - Build mazes in SVG.

Games::Maze - Create Mazes as Objects.

Games::Messages - Random messages for common situations in games


Games::NES::Emulator - An object-oriented NES emulator

Games::NES::ROM - View information about an NES game from a ROM file


Games::Nintendo::Mario -- a class for jumping Italian plumbers

Games::Nintendo::Wii::Mii - Mii in Nintendo Wii data parser and builder.

Games::Nonogram - solve and analyze Nonogram


Games::OpenGL::Font::2D - load/render 2D colored bitmap fonts via OpenGL

Games::Othello - Perl extension for modelling a game of Othello.

Games::PMM - the base distribution of the Paper Maché Monsters Game

Games::Pentominos - solving the pentominos paving puzzle


Games::Perlwar - A Perl variant of the classic Corewar game

Games::PetalsAroundTheRose - Petals Around the Rose Game

Games::Poker::HandEvaluator - Evaluate poker hands

Games::Poker::OPP - Implements the Online Poker Protocol

Games::Poker::Omaha::Hutchison - Hutchison method for scoring Omaha hands

Games::Poker::TexasHold'em - Abstract state in a Hold'em game

Games::Puzzles::SendMoreMoney - Solve SEND+MORE=MONEY problems

Games::Quakeworld::Query - A class for querying QuakeWorld servers

Games::QuizTaker - Take your own quizzes and tests



Games::Score - Keep track of score in games

Games::ScottAdams - Perl extension for representing Scott Adams games

B<Games::Scrabble> -- please use Games::Literati, for a complete Literati/Scrabble resolver.

Games::Sequential - sequential games framework with OO interface

Games::Set - The rules for the game of Set

Games::Shogi - Base class describing the Shogi game and variants

Games::Sudoku::Component::TkPlayer - Let's play Sudoku

Games::Sudoku::Component - provides APIs for Sudoku solver/generator

Games::Sudoku::General - Solve sudoku-like puzzles.

Games::Sudoku::Lite -- Fast and simple Sudoku puzzle solver


Games::Sudoku::Solver - Solve 9x9-Sudokus recursively.


Games::Tetris - representation of a tetris game state

Games::Tournament::BlackJack - Framework for Simulating BlackJack Tournaments.

Games::Tournament::RoundRobin - Round-Robin Tournament Schedule Pairings

Games::Tournament::Swiss - FIDE Swiss Same-Rank Contestant Pairing

Games::Trackword - Find words on a Trackword grid.

Games::Traveller::Animals::AnimalEncounter -- a row in an Animal Encounters table


Games::Traveller::UWP - The Universal World Profile parser for the Traveller role-playing game.

Games::Traveller::UwpTools - Tools for Universal World Profile manipulation for the Traveller role-playing game.

Games::WoW::Armory - Access to the WoW Armory

Games::WoW::PVP - fetch informations about pvp grades for world of warcraft

WordFind - Class for generating Word Find type puzzles

Games::Worms -- alife simulator for Conway/Patterson/Beeler worms, etc.