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CPAN Miscellaneous Modules Geo Modules

Geo::Approx - represents an approximate global position by a single number

Geo::Cache - Object interface for GPS waypoints

Geo::Caching - Object interface for querying website

Geo::Coder::Canada - Perl extension for getting longitude and latitude cordinates given a Canadian address. Also, provides reverse geocoding to return the nearest shipping address given a longitude and latitude point.

Geo::Coder::Google - Google Maps Geocoding API

Geo::Coder::US - Geocode any US address

Geo::Coder::Yahoo - Geocode addresses with the Yahoo! API

Geo::Coordinates::Convert - Perl extension for converting geographic coordinates from decimal degrees to Lambert II and vice versa

Geo::Coordinates::DecimalDegrees - convert between degrees/minutes/seconds and decimal degrees

Geo::Coordinates::OSGB --- Convert Coordinates from Lat/Long to UK Grid

Geo::Coordinates::Parser - A coordinate parser class.

Geo::Coordinates::RDNAP - convert to/from Dutch RDNAP coordinate system

Geo::Coordinates::UTM - Perl extension for Latitiude Longitude conversions.



Geo::Distance - Calculate Distances and Closest Locations

Geo::Dymaxion - Plot latitude/longitude on a Fuller Dymaxion map

Geo::E00 - Perl extension for reading Esri-E00 formats

Geo::Ellipsoid - Calculate positions, distances, and bearings on the surface of an ellipsoid.

Geo::Fips55 - Perl extension for parsing FIPS-55 gazetteer data

Geo::GD::Image - Perl extension to draw Well Known Binary blobs directly into a GD::Image

Geo::GDAL - Read/write raster-based GIS data with the GDAL library

Geo::GNIS - Perl extension for parsing USGS GNIS gazetteer data

Geo::GNUPlot - Perl extension for plotting position tracks onto a world map.

Geo::Google - Perform geographical queries using Google Maps

Geo::IP::PurePerl - Look up country by IP Address

Geo::IP2Location - Fast lookup of country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP and domain name from IP address by using IP2Location database. Supports IPv4 and IPv6.

Geo::IPfree - Look up country of IP Address. This module make this off-line and the DB of IPs is free & small.

Geo::IP - Look up country by IP Address

Geo::METAR - Process aviation weather reports in the METAR format.

Geo::PostalAddress - Country-specific postal address parsing/formatting

Geo::PostalCode - Find closest zipcodes, distance, latitude, and longitude.

Geo::Postcode - UK Postcode validation and location

Geo::Proj4 - Wrap the powerful PROJ.4 cartographic projections library

Geo::Raster - Perl extension for raster algebra

Geo::ReadGRIB - Perl extension that gives read access to GRIB "GRIdded Binary" format Weather data files.

Geo::ShapeFile - Perl extension for handling ESRI GIS Shapefiles.

Geo::Shapelib - Perl extension for reading and writing shapefiles as defined by ESRI

Geo::SpaceManager - Place rectangles without overlap

Geo::StreetAddress::US - Perl extension for parsing US street addresses

Geo::TAF - Decode METAR and TAF strings

Geo::TigerLine::Abbreviations - Tiger/LINE feature abbreviations

Geo::TigerLine - TIGER/Line geographic data

Geo::Track::Log - Represent track logs and find a location based on a track log and a date.

Geo::Vector - Perl extension for geospatial vectors


Geo::WeatherNOAA - Perl extension for interpreting the NOAA weather data

Geo::WeatherNWS - A simple way to get current weather data from the NWS.