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CPAN Networking Devices IPC Modules




CORBA::* - All 15 CORBA modules in section.

ControlX10::CM11 - Perl extension for X10 'ActiveHome' Controller

DCE::Perl::RPC - Perl extension for DCE RPC protocol composer/parser

DNS::BL - Manage DNS black lists

DNS::Config - DNS Configuration

DNS::EasyDNS - Update your EasyDNS dynamic DNS entries

DNS::* - All 7 DNS modules in section.

Danga::Socket::Callback - Use Danga::Socket From Callbacks

Fwctl - Perl module to configure the Linux kernel packet filtering firewall.

Ham::APRS::FAP - Finnish APRS Parser

IP::Anonymous - Perl port of Crypto-PAn to provide anonymous IP addresses

IP::Country::DNSBL - IP geolocation via DNS

IP::Country - fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses

B<IPC::Cache> - a perl module that implements an object storage space where data is persisted across process boundaries

ChildSafe - control a child process without blocking

IPC::Cmd::Cached - Run expensive commands and cache their output

IPC::* - All 29 IPC modules in section.

dbtarpit - extension for Linux iptables

IPTables::IPv4 - Perl module for manipulating iptables rules for the IPv4 protocol

IPTables::libiptc - Perl extension for iptables libiptc

JSON::Any - Wrapper Class for the various JSON classes.

JSON::DWIW - JSON converter that Does What I Want

JSON::PC - fast JSON Parser and Converter

JSON::* - All 7 JSON modules in section.

LSF::Base - Object oriented Perl extension for use with the Platform Computing Corporation's Load Sharing Facility Base product.

LSF::Batch - Perl extension for use with the Platform Computing Corporation's Load Sharing Facility Batch product.

LSF::Hosts - Retrieve information about LSF hosts.

Modem::VBox - Perl module for creation of voiceboxes.

Net::ACL - Class representing a generic access-list/route-map

Net::ADNS - Perl wrapper for the Asynchronous DNS client library

Net::AIML - Perl interface to the AIML server

Net::* - All 520 Net modules in section.

NetAddr::IP::Count - Count hosts in named subnets

NetAddr::IP::Find - Find IP addresses in plain text

NetAddr::IP::Obfuscate - Replace IP addresses in plain text with obfuscated equivalents

C<NetPacket::SpanningTree> - Assemble and disassemble IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree protocol packets.

C<NetPacket::LLC> - Assemble and disassemble IEEE 802.3 LLC protocol packets.

C<NetPacket::SpanningTree> - Assemble and disassemble IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree protocol packets.

POE::API::Hooks - Implement lightweight hooks into POE

POE::API::Peek - Peek into the internals of a running POE environment

POE::Component::AI::MegaHAL - A non-blocking wrapper around AI::MegaHAL.

POE::* - All 198 POE modules in section.

Parallel::Fork::BossWorker - Perl extension for easiliy creating forking queue processing applications.

Parallel::ForkControl - Finer grained control of processes on a Unix System

Parallel::ForkManager - A simple parallel processing fork manager

Parallel::* - All 14 Parallel modules in section. - PERL Interface to Cisco AS5200 Access Router - PERL Interface to 3Com/USR Total Control HiPerARC



RFID::EPC::Tag - An EPC tag.

RFID::* - All 5 RFID modules in section.

RPC::Async - Asynchronous RPC framework

RPC::JSON - JSON-RPC Client Library

RPC::Lite - A lightweight yet flexible framework for remote process communication.

RPC::* - All 8 RPC modules in section.

BridgeQuery - Perl extension for retrieving bridge tables.

SNMP::Class - A convenience class around the NetSNMP perl modules.

SNMP::Effective - An effective SNMP-information-gathering module

SNMP::* - All 16 SNMP modules in section.


SOAP::Amazon::MerchantTransport - An easy to connect to Amazon Merchant Services

SOAP::Amazon::S3 - A module for interfacing with Amazon S3 through SOAP

SOAP::* - All 21 SOAP modules in section.

Socket::Class - A class to communicate with sockets

C<Socket::GetAddrInfo> - a wrapper for Socket6's C<getaddrinfo> and C<getaddrinfo>, or emulation for platforms that do not support it

Socket::MsgHdr - sendmsg, recvmsg and ancillary data operations

Socket::* - All 6 Socket modules in section.