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CPAN Networking Devices IPC Net Modules

Net::ACL - Class representing a generic access-list/route-map

Net::ADNS - Perl wrapper for the Asynchronous DNS client library

Net::AIML - Perl interface to the AIML server

Net::AIMTOC - Perl implementation of the AIM TOC protocol

Net::AIM - Perl extension for AOL Instant Messenger TOC protocol

Net::AOLIM - Object-Oriented interface to the AOL Instant Messenger TOC client protocol

Net::APP - Critical Path Account Provisioning Protocol

Net::Abuse::Utils - Routines useful for processing network abuse

Net::Address::Ethernet - find hardware ethernet address

Net::Address::IPv4::Local - A class for discovering the local system's IP address

Net::Akismet - Perl interface to Akismet - comment and trackback spam fighter

Net::Amazon::AWIS - Use the Amazon Alexa Web Information Service

Net-Amazon-DVD2IMDB - Use Amazon to convert a DVD title to an IMDB movie id.

Net::Amazon::EC2 - Perl interface to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud environment.

Net::Amazon::MechanicalTurk - Amazon Mechanical Turk SDK for Perl

Net::Amazon::RemoteCart - Perl extension for dealing with's remote shopping cart API

Net::Amazon::S3 - Use the Amazon S3 - Simple Storage Service


Net::Amazon::SimpleQueue - Use the Amazon Simple Queue Service

Net::Amazon::Thumbnail - Use the Amazon Alexa Site Thumbnail web service

Net::Amazon - Framework for accessing via REST

Net::Analysis::Listener::HTTPClientPerf - analysis of client performance

Net::Analysis - Modules for analysing network traffic

Net::Appliance::Logical - Base Class for interacting various network appliances

Net::Appliance::Phrasebook - Network appliance command-line phrasebook

Net::Appliance::Session - Run command-line sessions to network appliances

Net::Arping - Ping remote host by ARP packets

Net::Artera - Perl extension for Artera XML API.

Net::BEEP::Lite::TLSProfile - A TLS tuning profile for Net::BEEP::Lite.

Net::BEEP::Lite - Perl framework for BEEP.

Net::BGP::Router - A BGP Router based on Net::BGP

Net::BGP - Border Gateway Protocol version 4 speaker/listener library

Net::Backpack - Perl extension for interfacing with Backpack

Net::Bind::rbldnsdAccessor - access rbldnsd files with Perl or BIND

Net::Bind - load various Net::Bind modules

Net::BitTorrent::File - Object for manipulating .torrent files

Net::BitTorrent::LibBT::Tracker - Access a tracker running under libbttracker

Net::BitTorrent::PeerPacket - Parse/Build Peer Packets from BitTorrent

Net::Blacklist::Client - Queries multiple RBLs or URIBLs in parallel.


Net::Bluetooth - Perl Bluetooth Interface

Net::Bonjour - Module for DNS service discovery

Net::CDDBScan - String search interface to CDDB datbase

Net::CDDBSearch - String search interface to CDDB database

Net::CDP - Cisco Discovery Protocol advertiser/listener

Net::CIDR::Compare - Find intersections across multiple lists of CIDR ranges, fast.

Net::CIDR::Lite - Perl extension for merging IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR addresses

Net::CIDR::MobileJP - mobile ip address in Japan

Net::CIDR - Manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation

Net::CSTA - Perl extension for ECMA CSTA

Net::CUPS - Common Unix Printing System Interface

Net::Chat::Daemon - run a daemon that is controlled via instant messaging

Net::ChooseFName - Perl extension for choosing a name of a local mirror of a net resource.

Net::Cisco::AccessList::Extended - Generate Cisco extended access-lists

Net::Cisco::ObjectGroup - Generate Cisco ACL object groups

Net::Citadel - protocol coverage

Net::Connection::Simple - Perl extension handling simple connection info within an application

Net::Connection::Sniffer -- gather stats on network connections

Net::CouchDb - Interface to CouchDb

Net::CyanChat - Perl interface for connecting to Cyan Worlds' chat room.

Net::DAAP::Client::Auth - obsolete extension to Net::DAAP::Client

Net::DAAP::Client - client for Apple iTunes DAAP service

Net::DAAP::DMAP - Perl module for reading and writing DAAP structures

Net::DAAP::Server::AAC - DAAP server that handles MP3 and AAC

Net::DAAP::Server::MythTV - Publish MythTV videos to DAAP clients like Apple's Front Row

Net::DAAP::Server - Provide a DAAP Server

Net::DAV::Server - Provide a DAV Server

Net::DBus - Perl extension for the DBus message system

Net::DCCIf - Interface to the DCC daemon


Net::DHCP::Info - Fast dhcpd.leases and dhcpd.conf parser

Net::DHCP::Watch - A class for monitoring a remote DHCPD server.

Net::DHCPClientLive - stateful DHCP client object

Net::DHCPClient - A DHCP Client API


Net::DLookup - Perform domain lookups on 2-letter and 3-letter TLDs

Net::DMAP::Server - base class for D[A-Z]AP servers

Net::DNAT - Psuedo Layer7 Packet Processer

Net::DNS::Async - Asynchronous DNS helper for high volume applications

Net::DNS::Check::Check - OOP Perl module based on L<Net::DNS;Net::DNS> for domain name checking.

Net::DNS::Codes - collection of C<C> library DNS codes


Net::DNS::LivedoorDomain::DDNS - Update your livedoor DOMAIN DynamicDNS records.

Net::DNS::Method - Base class for Net::DNS::Server methods

Net::DNS::SEC - DNSSEC extensions to Net::DNS

Net::DNS::Server - Perl extension to implement dynamic DNS servers

Net::DNS::TestNS - Perl extension for simulating simple Nameservers

Net::DNS::ToolKit - tools for working with DNS packets

Net::DNS::ValueDomain::DDNS - Update your Value-Domain DynamicDNS records.

Net::DNS::Version - Perl module to grab DNS server version

Net::DNS::Zone::Parser - A Zone Pre-Parser

Net::DNS::ZoneCheck -- validate a DNS zone composed of RR records

Net::DNS::ZoneFile::Fast -- parse BIND8/9 zone files

Net::DNS::ZoneFile - Perl extension to convert a zone file to a collection of RRs

Net::DNSBL::MultiDaemon - multi DNSBL prioritization

Net::DNSBLLookup - Lookup IP Address in Open Proxy and SPAM DNS Blocklists

Net::DNSServer - Perl module to be used as a name server

Net::DNS - Perl interface to the DNS resolver

Net::DPAP::Client - Connect to iPhoto shares

Net::DPAP::Server - Provide a DPAP Server

Net::DRI - Interface to Domain Name Registries/Registrars/Resellers

Net::DSML - A perl module that supplies methods for connecting to a LDAP Directory Services Markup Language server.


Net-DVDProfiler - Get the UPC numbers for your DVD collection, located on DVD Profiler.

Net::Daemon::SSL - perl extensions for portable ssl daemons

Net::Daemon - Perl extension for portable daemons

Net::Defensio - Perl interface for antispam services.

Net::Delicious::Export::Post::XBEL - export your posts as XBEL SAX events

Net::Delicious::Export - base class for exporting Net::Delicious thingies

Net::Delicious - OOP for the API

Net::Dev::Tools::MIB::MIBLoadOrder - Parse MIB files and determine MIB Load Order.

Net::Dev::Tools::Syslog - Send, Listen Syslog messages, Parse syslog files.

Net::Dev::Tools::Syslog - Send, Listen Parse Syslog messages.


Net::Digg - Quickly consume and interface with the Digg API.


Net::Domain::ExpireDate -- obtain expiration date of domain names

Net::Domain::TLD - Work with TLD names

Net::Dopplr - interface with's web service

Net::Download::Queue - Download files with one or more workers.

Net::Download::XMLScripted::XMLScripted - Perl XML scripted download program

Net::DownloadMirror - Perl extension for mirroring a remote location via FTP to the local directory

Net::EMI::Client - EMI/UCP GSM SMSC Protocol Client Class

Net::EMI::Common - EMI/UCP GSM SMSC Protocol Common library class

Net::EMI - EMI/UCP GSM SMSC Protocol Class

Net::EPP::Client - a client library for the TCP transport for EPP, the Extensible Provisioning Protocol

Net::EPP::Frame - An EPP XML frame system built on top of L<XML::LibXML>.

Net::EPP::Proxy - a proxy server for the EPP protocol.

Net::EPP::ResponseCodes - a module to export some constants that correspond to EPP response codes

Net::EPP::Simple - a simple EPP client interface for the most common jobs


Net::Elexol::EtherIO24 - Object interface for manipulating Elexol Ether I/O 24 units with Perl

Net::Ewtoo::Bot - a Ewtoo-compatible talker robot client module

Net::FCP - client protocol

Net::FPing - quickly ping a large number of hosts

Net::FS::Flickr - store and retrieve files on Flickr

Net::FS::Gmail - store and retrieve files on Gmail

Net::FTP::AutoReconnect - FTP client class with automatic reconnect on failure

Net::FTP::Common - simplify common usages of Net::FTP

Net::FTP::File - Perl extension for simplifying FTP file operations.

Net::FTP::Lite - Perl extension for blah blah blah

Net::FTP::Recursive - Recursive FTP Client class

Net::FTP::RetrHandle - Tied or IO::Handle-compatible interface to a file retrieved by FTP

Net::FTP::Simple - Simplified interface to a few common FTP tasks with Net::FTP.

Net::FTP::Throttle - Throttle FTP connections

Net::FTP::Versioning - Extends Net::FTP get methods to add versioning support to them

Net::FTP::blat - more methods for Net::FTP Client class

Net::FTPSSL - A FTP over SSL/TLS class

Net::FTPServer::PWP - The FTP server for PWP service.

Net::FTPServer::XferLog - parse FTP server xfer logs.

Net::FTPServer - A secure, extensible and configurable Perl FTP server

Net::FeedBurner - The great new Net::FeedBurner!

Net::FileShare - Object oriented interface for the creation of file sharing clients and servers.

Net::Finger - a Perl implementation of a finger client.

Net::FireEagle - Object methods for working with the FireEagle location service.

Net::Flickr::API - base API class for Net::Flickr::* libraries

Net::Flickr::Backup - OOP for backing up your Flickr photos locally

Net::Flickr::Geo - tools for working with geotagged Flickr photos

Net::Flickr::RDF - a.k.a RDF::Describes::Flickr

Net::Flickr::Simile - base class for Net::Flickr::Simile packages

Net::Flow - decode and encode NetFlow/IPFIX datagrams.

Net::Frame::Device - get network device information and gateway

Net::Frame::Dump - tcpdump like implementation

Net::Frame::Layer::8021Q - 802.1Q layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::GRE - Generic Route Encapsulation layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::ICMPv4 - Internet Control Message Protocol v4 layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::ICMPv6 - Internet Control Message Protocol v6 layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::IPv6 - Internet Protocol v6 layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::LLC - Logical-Link Control layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::LLTD - Link Layer Topology Discovery layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::LOOP - LOOP layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::OSPF - Open Shortest Path First layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::PPPLCP - PPP Link Control Protocol layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::PPPoES - PPP-over-Ethernet layer object

Net::Frame::Layer::STP - Spanning Tree Protocol layer object

Net::Frame::Simple - frame crafting made easy

Net::Frame::Tools - useful network utilities created using Net::Frame

Net::Frame - the base framework for frame crafting

Net::FreeDB2 - FreeDB generic connection class

Net::FreeDB - Perl interface to freedb server

Net::Friends - Perl extension for interacting with GPSDrive friendsd server

Net::FullAuto - Perl Based Secure Distributed Computing Network Process Automation Utility

Net::GPSD::Server::Fake - Provides a Fake GPSD daemon server test harness.

Net::GPSD - Provides an object client interface to the gpsd server daemon.

Net::Gadu - Interfejs do biblioteki dla protokołu Gadu-Gadu

Net::Gnats - Perl interface to GNU Gnats daemon


Net::Goofey - Communicate with a Goofey server

Net::Google::AuthSub - interact with sites that implement Google style AuthSub

Net::Google::Calendar::Server - pretend to be like Google's Calendar

Net::Google::Calendar - programmatic access to Google's Calendar API

Net::Google::GData - Handle basic communication with Google services

Net::Google::SafeBrowsing::UpdateRequest - Update a Google SafeBrowsing table

Net::Google - simple OOP-ish interface to the Google SOAP API

Net::Gopher::Response::XML - Convert a Gopher/Gopher+ response to XML

Net::Gopher - The Perl Gopher/Gopher+ client API

Net::GrowlClient - Perl implementation of Growl Network Notification Protocol

Net::Growl - Growl Notifications over the network.

Net::GrpNetworks - Perl extension to determine in which network group a IP belongs to.



Net::HTTPTunnel - Create sockets that are tunnels through an HTTP 1.1 proxy

Net::Hesiod - Perl interface to Hesiod Library API

Net::Hiveminder - Perl interface to


Net::ICB -- Object oriented interface to an fnet server.

Net::ICQ::On - ICQ Online Tester

C<Net::ICQV5CD> - Module to crypt/decrypt ICQ protocol V5 packets.

C<Net::ICQV5> - Net::ICQV5 is a Perl module that allows your Perl programs to send and receive ICQ messages.

Net::ICQ - Pure Perl interface to an ICQ server

Date::ICal - Perl extension for ICalendar date objects.

Net::ICal -- Interface to RFC2445 calendaring and scheduling protocol.

Net::IChat - use apple's iChat as a messaging tool

Net::IDN::Encode - Encoding/Decoding of Internationalized Domain Names.

Net::IDN::Nameprep - IDN nameprep tools

Net::IMAP::Simple::NB - Non-blocking IMAP.

Net::IMAP::Simple::SSL - SSL support for Net::IMAP::Simple

Net::IMAP::Simple - Perl extension for simple IMAP account handling.

Net::IP::CMatch - Efficiently match IP addresses against IP ranges with C.

Net::IP::Extract - Perl module to extract Ip Address from a document

Net::IP::Match::Regexp - Efficiently match IP addresses against ranges

Net::IP::Match::XS - Efficiently match IP addresses against IP ranges with C.

Net::IP::Match - Efficiently match IP addresses against IP ranges

Net::IP::Resolver - Resolve IPs to a particular network

Net::IP::Route::Reject - Perl module for adding/removing reject routes

Net::IPAddr::Find - Find IP addresses in plain text

Net::IPMessenger - Interface to the IP Messenger Protocol

Net::IPP::IPP - IPP Constants

Net::IPv4Addr - Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses.

Net::IPv6Addr -- check validity of IPv6 addresses


Net::IP - Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses

Net::IRC2 - Client interface to the Internet Relay Chat protocol.

Net::IRC3 - An event system independend IRC protocol module

Net::IRCService - Perl extension for creating a irc services for:

Net::IRC - Perl interface to the Internet Relay Chat protocol

Net::IRR - Perl interface to the Internet Route Registry Daemon

Net::ISCABBS - Perl interface to the ISCABBS system

Net::ITE - OOP-ish interface to the Internet Topic Exchange

Net::IdentServer - An rfc 1413 Ident server which @ISA [is a] Net::Server.

Net::Ident - lookup the username on the remote end of a TCP/IP connection

Net::Ifconfig::Wrapper - provides a unified way to configure network interfaces on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Linux, OS X, and WinNT.

Net::Interface - Perl extension to access network interfaces


Net::Jabber::Bot - Automated Bot creation with safeties

Net::Jabber::Loudmouth - Perl interface for the loudmouth jabber library

Net::Jabber - Jabber Perl Library

Net::Jifty - interface to online Jifty applications

Net::Kotonoha - A perl interface to

Net::LDAP::Express - Simplified interface for Net::LDAP

Net::LDAP::HTMLWidget - Like FromForm but with Net::LDAP and HTML::Widget

Net::LDAP::Server::Test - test Net::LDAP code

Net::LDAP::Server - LDAP server side protocol handling

Net::LDAPapi - Perl5 Module Supporting LDAP API

Net::LMTP - Local Mail Transfer Protocol Client



Net::LibLO - Perl interface for liblo Lightweight OSC library

Net::LibNIDS - Perl extension for reassembly of TCP/IP streams using the libnids package

Net::Libdnet6 - adds IPv6 support to Net::Libdnet

Net::Libdnet - Perl interface to libdnet

Net::Lite::FTP - Perl FTP client

Net::LiveJournal -- access LiveJournal's APIs

Net::Lorcon - Raw wireless packet injection using the Lorcon library

Net::LuceneWS - Interface to the Lucene Web Service

Net::Lyskom - Perl module used to talk to LysKOM servers.

Net::MAC::Vendor - look up the vendor for a MAC

Net::MAC - Perl extension for representing and manipulating MAC addresses

Net::MDNS::Client - Perl extension for the multicast DNS client.

Net::MDNS::Server - Perl extension for a multicast DNS server

Net::MRIM - Perl implementation of agent protocol


Net::MacMap - a module used to determine the vendor of an interface based on the MAC address.

Net::MarkLogic::XDBC - XDBC connectivity for MarkLogic CIS servers.

Net::Meerkat - Perl interface to O'ReillyNet's Meerkat

Net::Milter - Masquerade as the MTA to communicate with email filters through a milter interface.

Net::MirapointAdmin - Perl interface to the Mirapoint administration protocol

Net::MirrorDir - Perl extension for compare local-directories and remote-directories with each other

Net::MovableType - light-weight MovableType client

Net::Msmgr - Microsoft Network Chat Client Toolkit

Net::MySQL - Pure Perl MySQL network protocol interface.

Net::NBName - NetBIOS Name Service Requests

Net::NBsocket -- Non-Blocking Sockets

B<> - Lists hosts/users in a netgroup group.


Net::NTP - Perl extension for decoding NTP server responses

Net::Nessus::ScanLite - This module uses NTP 1.2 fast over SSL to perform nessus attacks on given host.

Bundle::Net::Nessus - A bundle to install the Net::Nessus package

Net::NetSend - Perl extension for sending Windows Popup Messages

Net::Netcraft::Query - Query the Netcraft webserver search

Net-Netflix - Get all ratings from your Netflix account.



Net::Netstat::Wrapper - Perl module for getting the current tcp open ports

Net::Nsca - a perl way to send status checks to NetSaint, locally and remotely

Net::Nslookup - Provide nslookup-like capabilities


Net::OICQ - Perl extension for QQ instant messaging protocol

Net::OSCAR - Implementation of AOL's OSCAR protocol for instant messaging

Net::OmaDrm - Perl Module to encapsulate OMA DRM format for a media type

Net::OpenDHT - Access the Open Distributed Hash Table

Net::OpenID::Consumer::Yadis - library for consumers of OpenID identities, which uses Yadis protocol to search identity

Net::OpenID::Consumer - library for consumers of OpenID identities


Net::OpenID::Server - library for building your own OpenID server


Net::OpenSoundControl - OpenSound Control client and server implementation

Net::OpenVPN::Manage - Manage an OpenVPN process via it's management port

Net::P0f - Perl wrapper for the P0f utility

Net::PH - CCSO Nameserver Client class

Net::POP3::PerMsgHandler - subroutine for per message from POP3 server

Net::POP3::SSLWrapper - simple POP3S wrapper for Net::POP3

Net::POP3_auth - Post Office Protocol 3 Client with AUTHentication

Net::PSYC - Implementation of the Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing.

Net::Packet::Shell - Scapy like implementation using Net::Packet, just to prove it

Net::Packet::Target - an object for all network related stuff

Net::Packet - a framework to easily send and receive frames from layer 2 to layer 7

Net::Pager - Send Numeric/AlphaNumeric Pages to any pager/phone around the world through the SimpleWire network.

Net::ParseWhois - An extendable alternative to Net::Whois for parsing whois information.

Net::Patricia - Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP address lookups

Net::Pavatar - Pavatar client

Net::Pcap::Reassemble - IP fragment reassembly for Net::Pcap

C<Net::PcapUtils> - Utility routines for Net::Pcap module

Net::Pcap - Interface to pcap LBL packet capture library

Net::Peep - Perl extension for Peep: The Network Auralizer.

Net::Ping::External - Cross-platform interface to ICMP "ping" utilities

Net::Ping - check a remote host for reachability

Net::Plesk - Perl extension for Plesk XML Remote API

Net::Pownce - Perl OO interface to

Net::Printer - Perl extension for direct-to-lpd printing.

Net::Prizm - Perl client interface to Motorola Canopy Prizm

Net::Protocol::Simple - Perl extension for handling simple generic protocol layers within applications

Net::Proxy - Framework for proxying network connections in many ways

Net::QMQP - Quick Mail Queueing Protocol Client for qmail

Net::QMTP - Quick Mail Transfer Protocol client

Net::RBLClient - Queries multiple Realtime Blackhole Lists in parallel

Net::RDEP - Remote Data Exchange Protocol Client

Net::RGTP - Reverse Gossip client

Net::RRP::Lite - simple interface of RRP.

Net::RRP - there are file for RRP protocol and operations.

Net::RTP - Send and receive RTP packets

Net::RULI - Perl extension for RULI, a library for easily querying DNS SRV resource records

Net::RVP - implementation of the Rendez-Vous Protocol for instant messaging

Net::Radius::Client - Pure-Perl, VSA-empowered RADIUS client

Net::Radius::PacketOrdered - interface to RADIUS packets with proxy states

Net::Radius::SSG - Perl extension for communicating with a Cisco SSG router.

Net::Radius::Server - Framework for RADIUS Servers


Net::Random - get random data from online sources

Net::RawIP - Perl extension for manipulate raw ip packets with interface to B<libpcap>

Net::Rendezvous::Publish::Backend::Apple - interface to Apple's mDNS routines

Net::Rendezvous::Publish::Backend::Avahi - Publish zeroconf data with the Avahi library.

Net::Rendezvous::Publish::Backend::Howl - interface to Porchdog software's Howl library

Net::Rendezvous::Publish - publish Rendezvous services

Net::Rendezvous - Module for DNS service discovery

Net::Rexec - Perl extension for the client side of the REXEC protocol.

Net::Rsh - perl client for Rsh protocol

Net::SAP - Session Announcement Protocol

Net::SCP::Expect - Wrapper for scp that allows passwords via Expect.

Net::SCP - Perl extension for secure copy protocol



Net::SDP - Session Description Protocol

Net::SFTP::Foreign - Secure File Transfer Protocol client

Net::SFTP::Recursive - Perl class for transfering files recursively and securely

Net::SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol client


Net::SLP - Perl extension for accessing the Service Location Protocol API. SLP can be used to discover the location of services

Net::SMPP - pure Perl implementation of SMPP 3.4 over TCP

Net::SMS::2Way - BulkSMS API

Net::SMS::BulkSMS - send SMS messages via provider

Net::SMS::Clickatell - Access to Clickatell SMS messaging service


Net::SMS::Mollie - Send SMS messages via the service

Net::SMS::Mtnsms - a module to send SMS messages using the Mtnsms web2sms gateway.

Net::SMS::MyTMN - Send SMS trough MyTMN!

Net::SMS::O2 - a module to send SMS messages using the O2 web2sms gateway.

Net::SMS::Optimus - Send SMS through

Net::SMS::PChome - Send SMS messages via the service.

Net::SMS::TMobile::UK - Send SMS Messages via the T-Mobile UK Website.

Net::SMS::Web - a generic module for sending SMS messages using web2sms gateways.

Net::SMS - Sends wireless messages to any carrier including text messages and SMS.

Net::SMTP::IPMM - IronPort Mail-Merge interface


Net::SMTP::OneLiner - extension that polutes the local namespace with a send_mail function.


B<Net::SMTP::Retryable> - Net::SMTP wrapper

Net::SMTP::SSL - SSL support for Net::SMTP

Net::SMTP::Server::Client2 - A better client for Net::SMTP::Server.

Net::SMTP::TLS - An SMTP client supporting TLS and AUTH

Net::SMTP_auth - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Client with AUTHentication

Net::SNMP::EV - adaptor to integrate Net::SNMP into the EV event loop.

Net::SNMP::HostInfo - Access the IP statistics of a MIB-II host

Net::SNMP::Interfaces - provide simple methods to gain interface data via

Net::SNMP::Vendor - lookup the Vendor for a sysObjectID based on the IANA list

Net::SNMP - Object oriented interface to SNMP

Net::SNPP - Simple Network Pager Protocol Client

Net::SPOCP - Perl implementation of the SPOCP protocol

Net::SSH::AuthorizedKeysFile - Read and modify ssh's authorized_keys files


Net::SSH::Perl - Perl client Interface to SSH

Net::SSH::W32Perl - MSWin32 compatibility layer for Net::SSH::Perl

Net::SSH2 - Support for the SSH 2 protocol via libssh2.

Net::SSH - Perl extension for secure shell

Net::SSL::ExpireDate - obtain expiration date of certificate

Net::SSLeay - Perl extension for using OpenSSL

Net::Safari - Wrapper for Safari Online Books API

Net::Scan::Fork - A simple way to manage fork processess.

Net::Scan::Ftp::Anonymous - scan for anonymous read/write access FTP servers

Net::Scan::HTTP::Server::Directory - scan for directory on a web server

Net::Scan::HTTP::Server::Methods - retrieve allowed http methods

Net::Scan::HTTP::Server::Version - grab HTTP server version

Net::Scan::SMTP::Banner - scan for banner message from a SMTP server

Net::Scan::SNMP - scan devices to verify SNMP community

Net::Scan::SSH::Server::SupportedAuth - detect supported authentication method of SSH server

Net::Scan::SSH::Server::Version - grab SSH server version

Net::SeedServe - Perl module for implementing a seed server (should not be used directly - use Net::SeedServe::Server instead).

Net::SenderBase - Query the senderbase service


Net::Server::Mail - Class to easily create a mail server

Net::Server::NonBlocking - An object interface to non-blocking I/O server engine

Net::Server::POP3proxy - POP3 Proxy class for working with virus scanners and anti-spam software


Net::Shaper - Simple TCP Traffic Shaper

Net::Shared - Shared variables across processes that are either local or remote.

Net::SinFP - a full operating system stack fingerprinting suite

Net::SnoopLog - Read snoop network packet logs, from RFC1761 snoop ver 2. Perl implementation.

Net::Social::Service::Facebook - a Facebook plugin for Net::Social

Net::Social::Service::Jabber - a Jabber plugin for Net::Social

Net::Social::Service::Twitter - handle friends from Twitter for Net::Social

Net::Social::Service::Vox - a Vox plugin for Net::Social

Net::Social - abstracted interface for social networks

Net::Socket::NonBlock - Perl extension for easy creation multi-socket single-thread application, especially non-forking TCP servers

Net::Spooler - A Perl extension for writing spooling daemons

Net::Squid::Purge - Send purge requests to squid easily

Net::Starnet::DataAccounting - interface to the SDA protocol

Net::Stomp - A Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol Client

Net::Streamload - Perl extension to upload files to

Net::Subnet::Count - Count hosts in named subnets

Net::Subnets - Computing subnets in large scale networks

Net::Syndic8 - Object-oriented Perl interface to access and change information within the Syndic8 site

Net::Syslog - Perl extension for sending syslog messages directly to a remote syslogd.

Net::TCP::ConnHandler - Simple, event driven, TCP sockets handling

Net::TCPwrappers - Perl interface to tcp_wrappers.

Net::TFTPd - Perl extension for Trivial File Transfer Protocol Server

Net::TFTP - TFTP Client class

Net::TL1 - Perl extension for managing network devices using TL1

POE::Filter::TacacsPlus - TacacsPlus packet filter

POE::Filter::TacacsPlus - TacacsPlus packet filter

Net::TcpDumpLog - Read tcpdump/libpcap network packet logs. Perl implementation.

Net::Telnet::Brcd - Perl libraries to contact Brocade switch

Net::Telnet::Cisco - interact with a Cisco router

Net::Telnet::Netscreen - interact with a Netscreen firewall

Net::Telnet::Options - Telnet options over any socket

Net::Telnet::Trango - Perl extension for accessing the Trango telnet interface

Net::Telnet::Wrapper - wrapper or extension for Net::Telnet and Net::Telnet::Cisco

Net::Telnet - interact with TELNET port or other TCP ports

Net::TiVo - Perl interface to TiVo.

Net::Traceroute:PurePerl - traceroute functionality in perl via raw sockets

Net::Traceroute6 - traceroute functionality in perl

Net::Traceroute - traceroute functionality in perl

Net::Traces::SSFNet - Analyze traces generated by SSFNet

Net::Traces::TSH - Analyze IP traffic traces in TSH format

Net::TrackIT -- interface to DHL's TrackIT web services

Net::TrackUPS -- Interface to UPS's Tracking Web Services

Net::Trackback - an object-oriented interface for developing Trackback clients and servers,

Net::Twitter::Diff - Twitter Diff

Net::Twitter::FriendFinder - find your twitter friend :-)

Net::Twitter - Perl interface to

Net::UCP - Perl extension for EMI - UCP Protocol.

Net::UKDomain::Nominet::Automaton - Module to build, encrypt and send requests to the Nominet automation system via email.

Net::UP::Notify - Send "Net Alerts" to cellular phones with the "Unwired Planet" browser

Net::UPCDatabase - Simple OO interface to

Net::UPS - Implementation of UPS Online Tools API in Perl

Net::UPnP - Perl extension for UPnP

Net::UploadMirror - Perl extension for mirroring a local directory via FTP to the remote location

Net::VNC - A simple VNC client

Net::Vypress::Chat - Perl extension for Vypress Chat protocol

Net::WWD - World Wide Database

Net::Wake - A package to send packets to power on computers.

Net::Whois::ARIN - ARIN whois client

Net::Whois::IANA - A universal WHOIS data extractor.

Net::Whois::IP - Perl extension for looking up the whois information for ip addresses

Net::Whois::Norid - Lookup WHOIS data from norid.

Net::Whois::Proxy - an easy to use recursive whois client library

Net::Whois::RIPE::Syncupdates - Perl Syncupdates client interface


Net::Whois::Raw - Get Whois information for domains

Net::Whois::RegistryFusion - perform cacheable whois lookups using RegistryFusion XML API

Net::WhoisNG - Perl extension for whois and parsing

Net::Whois - Get and parse "whois" domain data from InterNIC

Net::Write - a portable interface to open and send raw data to network

Net::XMPP2 - An implementation of the XMPP Protocol

Net::XMPP - XMPP Perl Library

Net::XRC - Perl extension for XRC Remote API

Net::XWhois - Whois Client Interface for Perl5.

Net::YADIS::Server - simple library for YADIS enabled servers to generate capability discovery documents

Net::YAR - Perl interface to the YAR API

Net::YASA - Interface to YASA

Net::YMSG - Interface to the Yahoo! Messenger IM protocol

Net::Yadis::Discovery - Perl extension for discovering Yadis document from Yadis URL


Net::YahooMessenger - Interface to the Yahoo!Messenger IM protocol


Net::Z3950::PQF - Perl extension for parsing PQF

Net::Z3950::RadioMARC - Perl extension for testing Z39.50 servers

Net::Z3950::Simple2ZOOM - Gateway between Z39.50 and SRU/SRW

Net::Z3950::SimpleServer - Simple Perl API for building Z39.50 servers.


Net::Z3950 - Perl extension for talking to Z39.50 servers.

Net::addrinfo - interface to POSIX getaddrinfo and related constants, structures and functions.

Net::eBay - Perl Interface to XML based eBay API.


Net::iContact - iContact API

Net::iTMS - Interface to the information within the iTunes Music Store

Net::oRTP - Perl interface to the oRTP C library

Net::sFlow - decode sFlow datagrams

Net::vCard - Read and write vCard files. vCard files hold personal information that you would typically find on a business card. Name, numbers, addresses, and even logos. This module can also serve as a base class for other vFile readers.

Net::ValidMX - PERL Module to use DNS and/or regular expressions to verify if an email address could be valid.