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Interface to Domain Name Registries/Registrars/Resellers

Version: 0.81

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Domain::AERO - .AERO Whois commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::DRD::AFNIC - AFNIC .FR/.RE Registry driver for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::ASIA - ASIA EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::AT - .AT EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::AT::ATResult - NIC.AT Result Condition EPP Mapping for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::DRD::BE - .BE policies for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Domain::BIZ - .BIZ Whois commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Cache - Local cache for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::CAT - .CAT EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::ASIA::CED - .ASIA EPP CED extensions

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::CentralNic - CentralNic EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Data::Changes - Bundle of changes in Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Domain::COM - .COM/.NET Whois commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Domain::common - Whois commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Connection - Whois Connection handling for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::US::Contact - EPP .US Contact NEXUS Extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Data::ContactSet - Handle an ordered collection of contacts for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::COOP - .COOP EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::DAS - DAS Protocol for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::CAT::DefensiveRegistration - .CAT EPP Defensive Registration extension commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::DNSBE - DNSBE EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Domain - Whois Domain commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::DRD - Superclass of all Net::DRI Domain Registry Drivers

Net::DRI - Interface to Domain Name Registries/Registrars/Resellers

Net::DRI::Transport::Dummy - Net::DRI dummy transport for tests & debug

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::E164 - EPP E.164 Number Mapping for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::AFNIC::Email - AFNIC Email Protocol for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP - EPP Protocol for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Domain::EU - .EU Whois commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::EURid - EURid EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Exception - Class to store all exceptions inside Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::SE::Extensions - .SE EPP Domain/Contact Extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::DRD::Gandi - Gandi .COM/.NET/.ORG/.BIZ/.INFO/.NAME/.BE Registry driver for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::GracePeriod - EPP Grace Period commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::RRP::Core::Host - RRP Host commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Data::Hosts - Handle ordered list of nameservers for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::DRD::ICANN - ICANN policies for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::VeriSign::IDNLanguage - EPP IDN Language commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::IENUMAT - Infrastructure ENUM .AT EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Domain::INFO - .INFO Whois commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::AT::IOptions - ENUM.AT Options EPP Mapping for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::ASIA::IPR - .ASIA EPP IPR extensions

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::LU - DNSLU EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Message - Whois Message for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Domain::MOBI - .MOBI Whois commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Domain::NAME - .NAME Whois commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::VeriSign::NameStore - VeriSign EPP NameStore Extension for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::NSgroup - EPP NSgroup extension commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::DRD::NU - .NU policies for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois::Domain::ORG - .ORG Whois commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::PL - .PL EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::LU::Poll - EPP DNS-LU Poll extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::VeriSign::PollLowBalance - EPP Low Balance Mapping for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::VeriSign::PollRGP - EPP RGP Poll Mapping for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol - Superclass of all Net::DRI Protocols

Net::DRI::Data::Raw - Encapsulating raw data for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Registry - Specific instance of driver inside Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Core::RegistryMessage - EPP Registry messages commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Data::RegistryObject - Additional API for Net::DRI operations

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::CentralNic::Release - EPP Release CentralNic extension commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::AT::Result - ENUM.AT Result Condition EPP Mapping for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::ResultStatus - Encapsulate details of an operation result with standardization on EPP for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::RRP - RRP 1.1/2.0 Protocol for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::SE - Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP class for .SE

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::SecDNS - EPP DNS Security Extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::RRP::Core::Session - RRP Session commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Transport::SMTP - SMTP transport for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Transport::SOAP - SOAP Transport for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Transport::Socket - TCP/TLS Socket connection for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::RRP::Core::Status - RRP Status for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Data::StatusList - Handle a collection of statuses for an object, in a registry independent fashion for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::EURid::Sunrise - EURid Sunrise EPP extension for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::VeriSign::Sync - EPP Sync commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Transport - Superclass of all Net::DRI Transports

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::CentralNic::TTL - EPP DNS TTL CentralNic extension commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::US - .US EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Util - Various useful functions for Net::DRI operations

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::VeriSign - VeriSign EPP extensions for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::DRD::VNDS - Verisign .COM/.NET Registry driver for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Transport::Web - Web Scraping for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::CentralNic::WebForwarding - EPP WebForwarding CentralNic extension commands for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::Whois - Whois Protocol for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::EPP::Extensions::VeriSign::WhoisInfo - EPP Whois Info for Net::DRI

Net::DRI::Protocol::AFNIC::WS - AFNIC Web Services Protocol for Net::DRI