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CPAN Opt Arg Param Proc App Modules

App::Addex::AddressBook::Abook - use the "abook" program as the addex source

App::Addex::AddressBook::Apple - use Apple Address Book as the addex source

App::Addex - generate mail tool configuration from an address book

App::Bootstrap - Bootstrap, stub, or install applications

App::Build - extends Module::Build to build/install/configure entire applications, not just modules and programs

App::CLI - Dispatcher module for command line interface programs

App::Cache - Easy application-level caching

App::CamelPKI - A multi-purpose PKI.

App::Cmd - write command line apps with less suffering

App::Context - An application framework for web applications, command-line programs, server programs, and web services

App::Control - Perl module for apachectl style control of another script or executable

App::Env - manage application specific environments

App::ErrorCalculator - Calculations with Gaussian Error Propagation

App::GUI::Notepad - A wxPerl-based notepad text editor application

App::Grepl - PPI-powered grep

App::Info - Information about software packages on a system

App::Install - Install applications

App::Manager - Perl module for installing, managing and uninstalling software packages.

B<App::Modular> - modularization framework for perl programs

App::Options - Combine command line options, environment vars, and option file values

App::Physics::ParticleMotion - Simulations from Differential Equations

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------- =head1 NAME

App::Relate - backend for "relate" script

App::ValueDomain - a set of values and their labels

App::SimpleScan::Plugin::Cache - Adds %%cache/%%nocache pragmas to simple_scan

App::SimpleScan::Plugin::Forget - forget a variable's value

App::SimpleScan::Plugin::LinkCheck - Link counting/presence/absence plugin

App::SimpleScan::Plugin::Plaintext - check a page's text without markup

App::SimpleScan::Plugin::Retry - implement retry pragma/command line option

App::SimpleScan::Plugin::Snapshot - Allow tests to snapshot results

App::SimpleScan - simple_scan's core code

App::Smbxfer - A "modulino" for file transfer between Samba shares and the local filesystem.

App::Trace - Embedded debug statements, including call/return tracing

App::Wack - the actual code of wack the wisual ack

App::Widget::ChartDirector - Graphing widget which displays graphs and charts for web applications using the ChartDirector graphing library within the App-Context Framework

App::Widget::JSApp - Dynamic, client-side widgets for the App-Context Framework using the js-app Javascript distribution

App::Widget - Family of web user interface widgets for the App::Context Framework, enabling development of complex UI's in a CGI, mod_perl, or other web context

App::sync_cpantesters - Sync CPAN testers failure reports to local dir