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CPAN Perl Core Modules Modules

Acme::Abuse - Perl extension for setid modules


Acme::Beatnik - Source Filter to implement the Beatnik language

Acme::* - All 101 Acme modules in section.

Attribute::Constructor - implementing constructors with attributes

Attribute::Context - Perl extension for automatically altering subroutine behavior based upon context

Attribute::Default - Perl extension to assign default values to subroutine arguments

Attribute::* - All 18 Attribute modules in section.


B::Fathom - a module to evaluate the readability of Perl code

B::Flags - Friendlier flags for B

B::* - All 11 B modules in section.


Carp::Assert::More - convenience wrappers around Carp::Assert

Carp::Assert - executable comments


Carp::* - All 7 Carp modules in section.

Config::ApacheExtended - use extended apache format config files

Config::ApacheFormat - use Apache format config files

Config::AutoConf - A module to implement some of AutoConf macros in pure perl.

Config::* - All 40 Config modules in section.

Error::Dumb - simple error management for simple classes

Error::Unhandled - a Module for letting Errors do their own handling

Error::Wait - User-friendly version of C<$?>

Exporter::Cluster - Extension for easy multiple module imports.


Exporter::Easy - Takes the drudgery out of Exporting symbols

Exporter::* - All 9 Exporter modules in section.

Filesys::DiskFree -- perform the Unix command 'df' in a portable fashion

Filesys::DiskSpace - Perl df

Filter::CBC - Source filter for Cipher Block Chaining

Filter::ExtractSource - captures Perl code after processing by source filters

Filter::Handle - Apply filters to output filehandles

Filter::* - All 11 Filter modules in section.


Inline::Awk - Add awk code to your Perl programs.

Inline::BC - Inline ILSM for bc the arbitrary precision math Language

Inline::* - All 31 Inline modules in section.

Module::CPANTS::Generator - Generate Module::CPANTS

Module::CPANTS - CPAN Module Testing

Module::Check_Args - a quick way to check argument counts for methods

Module::* - All 37 Module modules in section.

Perl::Compare - Normalized Comparison for Perl Source Trees


Perl6::Binding - implement Perl6 aliasing features

Perl6::Classes - First class classes in Perl 5

Perl6::Currying - Perl 6 subroutine currying for Perl 5

Perl6::* - All 14 Perl6 modules in section.

PerlIO::eol - PerlIO layer for normalizing line endings

PerlIO::gzip - Perl extension to provide a PerlIO layer to gzip/gunzip

PerlIO::subfile - Perl extension to provide a PerlIO layer to pretend a subsection of a file is a whole regular file.

PerlIO::* - All 21 PerlIO modules in section.

Pod::Compiler - compile POD into an object tree

Pod::Constants - Include constants from POD

Pod::Coverage - Checks if the documentation of a module is comprehensive

Pod::* - All 43 Pod modules in section.

Regexp::Bind - Bind variables to captured buffers

Regexp::Cherokee - Regular Expressions Support for Cherokee Script.

Regexp::Common::Email::Address - Returns a pattern for Email Addresses

Regexp::* - All 22 Regexp modules in section.

Safe::Hole - make a hole to the original main compartment in the Safe compartment

Safe::Logs - Perl extension to avoid terminal emulator vulnerabilities

Safe::World - Create multiple virtual instances of a Perl interpreter that can be assembled together.

Taint::Runtime - Runtime enable taint checking

Test::Cmd - Perl module for portable testing of commands and scripts

B<Test::Helper> - easy creation of test scripts

Thread::App::Shutdown - a singleton to manage shutdown of a threaded application

Thread::Barrier - thread execution barrier

Thread::Bless - make blessed objects thread-aware

Thread::* - All 19 Thread modules in section.

UNIVERSAL::canAUTOLOAD - installs a UNIVERSAL::can that respects AUTOLOAD subs

UNIVERSAL::dump - add dump methods to all classes and objects


enum::fields - Perl extension for defining constants for use in Array-based objects

ex::constant::vars - Perl pragma to create readonly variables

ex::lib::zip - Perl extension to let you C<use> things direct from zip files.

ex::newest - look for newest versions of modules installed several times




perl::* - All 26 perl modules in section.