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CPAN String Lang Text Proc Modules

Barcode::Code128 - Generate CODE 128 bar codes

Biblio::Catalog - Perl extension for managing XML catalog files

B<Biblio::Citation::Parser> - citation parsing framework

B<Biblio::Document::Parser> - document parsing framework

Biblio::* - All 9 Biblio modules in section.

Buscador - a dynamic mail archiver with a twist

CSS::Minifier - Perl extension for minifying CSS

CSS::Moonfall - port of Lua's Moonfall for dynamic CSS generation

CSS::Parse::Packed - A CSS::Parse module packed duplicated selectors.

CSS::* - All 7 CSS modules in section.

B<Chatbot::Eliza> - A clone of the classic Eliza program

Config::ApacheExtended - use extended apache format config files

Config::Generic - Sophisticated Config Parsing Module

Config::Magic - Perl extension for reading all kinds of configuration files

SQL::Dialects::Amazon -- Amazon config file for SQL::Parse

SQL::Dialects::Google -- Google config file for SQL::Parser

SQL::Dialects::Salesforce -- Salesforce config file for SQL::Parser


Email::ARF - abuse report format

Email::Abstract - unified interface to mail representations

Email::AddressParser - RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation

Email::* - All 62 Email modules in section.

Font::AFM - Interface to Adobe Font Metrics files

Font::BDF::Reader - Module for reading in BDF files

Font::FNT - Load, manipulate and save Windows raster fonts

Font::* - All 10 Font modules in section.

FrameMaker::FromHTML - class to convert HTML file to FrameMaker MIF

FrameNet::QueryData - A module for accessing the FrameNet data.

Geo::Approx - represents an approximate global position by a single number

Geo::Cache - Object interface for GPS waypoints

Geo::Caching - Object interface for querying website

Geo::* - All 83 Geo modules in section.


HTML::Summary - module for generating a summary from a web page.


Lingua::AF::Numbers - Perl module for converting numeric values into their Afrikaans equivalents

AM::Abbreviate - Expand or Contract Amharic Abbreviations

Lingua::* - All 211 Lingua modules in section.

Lucene::QueryParser - Turn a Lucene query into a Perl data structure

Lucene::Search::Highlight -- Highlight terms in Lucene search results

Lyrics::Fetcher::AZLyrics - Get song lyrics from

Lyrics::Fetcher::AstraWeb - Get song lyrics from

Lyrics::Fetcher::Google - Get some lyrics. Maybe.

Lyrics::* - All 5 Lyrics modules in section.

MRTG::Config - Perl module for parsing MRTG configuration files

Template::Plugin::Abuse - A plugin for accessing abuse complaints

Net::IRC2 - Client interface to the Internet Relay Chat protocol.

Net::RDEP - Remote Data Exchange Protocol Client

Number::Base::DWIM - delay parsing of based constants as long as possible.

Number::Bytes::Human - Convert byte count to human readable format

Number::Compare::Date - Like Number::Compare, but for epoch seconds

Number::* - All 31 Number modules in section.

OpenOffice::OOBuilder - Perl OO interface for creating OpenOffice documents.


OpenOffice::OOSheets - Perl module for quick access to spreadsheets cells by address and sheets by name.

OpenOffice::* - All 5 OpenOffice modules in section.

PDF::API2::Simple - Simplistic wrapper for the excellent PDF::API2 modules

PDF::API2 - A Perl Module Chain to faciliate the Creation and Modification of High-Quality "Portable Document Format" Files.

PDF::Create - create PDF files

PDF::* - All 20 PDF modules in section.

PDFLib::PPS -- PDFLib Personalization Server OO Interface

PHP::DateTime - Clone of PHP's date and time functions.

PHP::Functions::Mail - Transplant of mail function of PHP

PHP::Include - Include PHP files in Perl

PHP::* - All 7 PHP modules in section.

Parse::AFP - IBM Advanced Function Printing Parser

Parse::AccessLogEntry - Parse one line of an Apache access log

Parse::Apache::ServerStatus::Extended - Simple module to parse apache's extended server-status.

Parse::* - All 63 Parse modules in section.

PerlPoint::Converters - README and common functions for PerlPoint converters

B<PerlPoint::Tags::XML> - PerlPoint tag set used by pp2sdf


PerlPoint::* - All 6 PerlPoint modules in section.

Plucene::Analysis::CJKAnalyzer - Analyzer for CJK texts


Plucene::Plugin::Analyzer::MetaphoneAnalyzer - Metaphone analyzer

Plucene::* - All 11 Plucene modules in section.

Pod::Generated - generate POD documentation during 'make' time

B<Pod::PerlPoint> - a POD to PerlPoint converter class

PostScript::CDCover - a simple module that generates CD covers in Postscript

PostScript::Calendar - Generate a monthly calendar in PostScript

PostScript::Columns - Squeeze a text file into multiple columns.

PostScript::* - All 11 PostScript modules in section.

RDF::Core - An object oriented Perl modules for handling tasks related to RDF.

RDF::Helper - Provide a consistent, Perlish interface to Perl's varous RDF processing tools.

RDF::Laces - A module to string together RDF statements from Perl syntax

RDF::* - All 10 RDF modules in section.

RTF::HTMLConverter - Converter from RTF format to HTML.

RTF::Parser - An event-driven RTF Parser

RTF::Tokenizer - Tokenize RTF

SGML::DTDParse - Parse an SGML or XML DTD

SGML::Grove - an SGML, XML, or HTML document

SGML::Parser::OpenSP - Parse SGML documents using OpenSP

SQL::Abstract::Limit - portable LIMIT emulation

SQL::Abstract - Generate SQL from Perl data structures

SQL::AnchoredWildcards - add anchors to SQL wildcards

SQL::* - All 31 SQL modules in section.

Search::Binary -- generic binary search

Search::Circa - a Search Engine / Indexer running with Mysql

Search::ContextGraph - spreading activation search engine

Search::* - All 20 Search modules in section.


String::Alignment - Pair Sentence Alignment

String::Approx - Perl extension for approximate matching

String::BitCount - count number of "1" bits in strings

String::* - All 71 String modules in section.


Syntax::Highlight::HTML - Highlight HTML syntax

Syntax::Highlight::Perl::Improved - Highlighting of Perl Syntactical Structures

Syntax::* - All 6 Syntax modules in section.

TeX::DVI -- write out TeX's DVI file

TeX::Encode - Encode/decode Perl utf-8 strings into TeX

Template::Alloy::XS - XS version of key parts of Template::Alloy


Template::Plugin::DBI - Template interface to the DBI module

Template::* - All 166 Template modules in section.

Text::ASCIIMathML - Perl extension for parsing ASCIIMathML text into MathML

Text::ASCIITable - Create a nice formatted table using ASCII characters.

Text::Abbreviate - Perl extension for text abbreviations and ambiguities

Text::* - All 294 Text modules in section.

WordNet::QueryData - direct perl interface to WordNet database

WordNet::SenseRelate::AllWords - perform Word Sense Disambiguation

WordNet::SenseRelate::TargetWord - Perl module for performing word sense disambiguation.

WordNet::* - All 6 WordNet modules in section.

XML::API::WIX2 - WIX source file generation through an object API

XML::API - Perl extension for writing XML

XML::APML - APML parser/builder

XML::* - All 283 XML modules in section.

iCal::Parser::HTML - Generate HTML calendars from iCalendars

iCal::Parser::SAX - Generate SAX events from an iCalendar