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CPAN String Lang Text Proc Lingua Modules


Lingua::AF::Numbers - Perl module for converting numeric values into their Afrikaans equivalents

AM::Abbreviate - Expand or Contract Amharic Abbreviations

Lingua::AR::Db - Perl extension for translating Arabic words into another language

Lingua::AR::MacArabic - transcoding between Mac OS Arabic encoding and Unicode

Lingua::AR::Word - Perl extension to get the stem and ArabTeX encoding of Arabic words

Lingua::AlignmentSet - Tools library to manage an Alignment Sets, i.e. a set of sentences aligned at the word level.

Lingua::Alphabet::Phonetic::NetHack - map ASCII characters to names of NetHack items

Lingua::Alphabet::Phonetic::Password - enunciate a password as words

Lingua::Alphabet::Phonetic - map ABC's to phonetic alphabets

Lingua::Any::Numbers - Converts numbers into string.


Lingua::Bork - Perl extension for Bork Bork Bork

Lingua::BrillTagger - Natural-language tokenizing and part-of-speech tagging

Lingua::CS::Num2Word - number to text convertor for czech. Output text is in iso-8859-2 encoding.

Lingua::CollinsParser - Head-driven syntactic sentence parser

Lingua::Conjunction - Convert Perl lists into linguistic conjunctions

Lingua::Cyrillic::Translit::ICAO -- Cyrillic characters transliteration into ICAO Doc 9303

Lingua::DE::ASCII - Perl extension to convert german umlauts to and from ascii

Lingua::DE::Num2Word - positive number to text convertor for german. Output text is in iso-8859-1 encoding.

Lingua::DE::Sentence - Perl extension for tokenizing german texts into their sentences.

Lingua::DE::TypoGenerator - German Typo Generator

Lingua::DE::Wortschatz - webservice client


Lingua::EL::Poly2Mono - Convert polytonic Greek to monotonic

Lingua::EN::AddressParse - manipulate geographical addresses

Lingua::EN::Conjugate - Conjugation of English verbs

Lingua::EN::Contraction - Add apostrophes all over the place...

Lingua::EN::Fathom - Measure readability of English text

Lingua::EN::FindNumber - Locate numbers in English text

Lingua::EN::Gender - Inflect pronouns for gender

Lingua::EN::GeniaTagger - There's no fear with this elegant site scraper

Lingua::EN::Inflect::Number - Force number of words to singular or plural

Lingua::EN::Inflect - Convert singular to plural. Select "a" or "an".

Lingua::EN::Keywords::Yahoo - Automatically extracts keywords from text using the Yahoo! API

Lingua::EN::Keywords - Automatically extracts keywords from text

Lingua::EN::MatchNames - Smart matching for human names.

NameCase - Perl module to fix the case of people's names.


Lingua::EN::NameParse - routines for manipulating a person's name

Lingua::EN::NamedEntity - Basic Named Entity Extraction algorithm

Lingua::EN::Namegame - Creates a "Name-Game" verse from a name

Lingua::EN::Nickname - Genealogical nickname matching

Lingua::EN::Numbers::Ordinate -- go from cardinal number

Lingua::EN::Numbers::Years - turn "1984" into "nineteen eighty-four", etc

Lingua::EN::Numbers - turn "407" into "four hundred and seven", etc.

Lingua::EN::Numericalize - Replaces English descriptions of numbers with numerals

Lingua::EN::Segmenter - Subdivide texts into passages that represent subtopics

Lingua::EN::Sentence - Module for splitting text into sentences. - Shorten text to minimum syllables by using hash table lookup and vowel deletion

Lingua::EN::Summarize - A simple tool for summarizing bodies of English text.

Lingua::EN::Syllable - Routine for estimating syllable count in words.

Lingua::EN::Tagger - Part-of-speech tagger for English natural language processing.

Lingua::EN::Titlecase - Titlecasing of English words by traditional editorial rules.

Lingua::EN::VarCon - Provides access to the VarCon

Lingua::EN::WSD::CorpusBased - Word Sense Disambiguation using a domain corpus

Lingua::EN::Words2Nums - convert English text to numbers

Lingua::EO::Supersignoj - Convert Esperanto characters

Lingua::ES::Numeros - Translates numbers to spanish text


Lingua::EU::Numbers - Converts numbers into Bask.

Lingua::En::Victory - Perl extension for egotistically expressing victory.

Lingua::FA::MacFarsi - transcoding between Mac OS Farsi encoding and Unicode

Lingua::FA::Number - Converts English numbers to their Persian HTML/Unicode equivalent

Lingua::FI::Genitive - Finnish genitive

Lingua::FI::Hyphenate - Finnish hyphenation

Lingua::FI::Inflect - Finnish inflect

Lingua::FI::Kontti - Finnish Pig Latin

Lingua::FI::Transcribe - Finnish transcription

Lingua::FR::Numbers - Converts numeric values into their French string equivalents

Lingua::FR::Nums2Words - Converts numbers to French words

Lingua::FeatureMatrix - Perl extension for configuring groups of phonemes into feature groups

Lingua::Features - Natural languages features

Lingua::Flags - Provide small flag icons

Lingua::GA::Gramadoir - Check the grammar of Irish language text

Lingua::HE::MacHebrew - transcoding between Mac OS Hebrew encoding and Unicode

Lingua::HE::Sentence - Module for splitting Hebrew text into sentences.

Lingua::HU::Numbers - converts numbers into Hungarian language text form

Lingua::Han::Utils - The utility tools of Chinese character

Lingua::ID::Nums2Words - convert number to Indonesian verbage.

Lingua::ID::Words2Nums - convert Indonesian verbage to number.

Lingua::IT::Conjugate - Conjugation of Italian verbs

Lingua::IT::Hyphenate - Italian word hyphenation

Lingua::IT::Numbers - Converts numeric values into their Italian string equivalents


Lingua::Identify - Language identification

Lingua::Ident -- Statistical language identification - a module encapsulating access to the Ispell program.

Lingua::JA::Fold - fold a Japanese text.

Lingua::JA::Hepburn::Passport - Hepburn Romanization using Japanese passport rules

Lingua::JA::Kana - Kata-Romaji related utilities

Lingua::JA::MacJapanese - transcoding between Mac OS Japanese encoding and Unicode

Lingua::JA::Mail - compose mail with Japanese charset

Lingua::JA::Numbers - Converts numeric values into their Japanese string equivalents and vice versa

Lingua::JA::Number - Translate Numbers into Japanese

Lingua::JA::Regular - Regularize of the Japanese character.

Lingua::JA::Romaji::Valid - see if the string is valid romanization

Lingua::JA::Romaji - Perl extension for romaji and kana conversion

Lingua::JA::Romanize::Japanese - Romanization of Japanese language


Lingua::JA::Sort::ReadableKey - Sorting and Romanizing Japanese

Lingua::JA::Summarize::Extract - summary generator for Japanese

Lingua::JA::Summarize - A keyword extractor / summary generator

Lingua::JP::Kanjidic - Parse Jim Breen's kanji dictionary

Lingua::KO::DateTime - convert time to korean format.

Lingua::KO::Hangul::Util - utility functions for Hangul in Unicode

Lingua::KO::MacKorean - transcoding between Mac OS Korean encoding and Unicode

Lingua::KO::Romanize::Hangul - Romanization of Korean language

Lingua::Klingon::Collate - Sort words in Klingon sort order

Lingua::Klingon::Recode - Convert Klingon words between different encodings

Lingua::Klingon::Segment - Segment Klingon words into syllables and letters

Lingua::LA::Stemmer - Stemmer for Latin

Lingua::Lexicon::IDP - OOP interface for parsing Internet Dictionary Project files

Lingua::LinkParser::FindPath - Find paths in diagrams generated by Link Grammar Parser

Lingua::LinkParser::MatchPath - Match paths in linkage diagrams

Lingua::LinkParser - Perl module implementing the Link Grammar Parser by Sleator, Temperley and Lafferty at CMU.

Lingua::MAF - Multi-Annotation Framework format writer

Lingua::MSWordSpell - Word spellchecker

Lingua::ManagementSpeak - Tool to generate managerial-sounding text and full documents

Lingua::Multinational::Translit::ICAO -- Multinational characters transliteration into ICAO Doc 9303

Lingua::NL::Numbers::GroeneBoekje - Convert numeric values into their Dutch equivalents

Lingua::NL::Numbers - Perl module for converting numeric values into their Dutch equivalents

Lingua::NO::Num2Word - convert whole number to norwegian text. Output text is in ISO-8859-1 encoding.

Lingua::Num2Word - wrapper for number to text conversion modules of various languages in the Lingua:: hierarchy.

Lingua::PL::Numbers - Perl module for converting numeric values into their Polish equivalents

Lingua::POSAlign - Local alignment tool for POS tags

Lingua::PT::Abbrev - An abbreviations dictionary manager for NLP


Lingua::PT::Hyphenate - Separates Portuguese words in syllables

Lingua::PT::Inflect - Converts Portuguese words from singular to plural

Lingua::PT::Nums2Ords - Converts numbers to Portuguese ordinals

Lingua::PT::Nums2Words - Converts numbers to Portuguese words

Lingua::PT::Ords2Nums - Converts Portuguese ordinals to numbers

Lingua::PT::PLNbase - Perl extension for NLP of the Portuguese

Lingua::PT::PLN - Perl extension for NLP of the Portuguese Language

Lingua::PT::ProperNames - Simple module to extract proper names from Portuguese Text

Lingua::PT::Speaker - perl extension text to speech of Portuguese text

Lingua::PT::Stemmer - Portuguese language stemming

Lingua::PT::Words2Nums - Converts Portuguese words to numbers

Lingua::Pangram - Is this string a pangram

Lingua::Phoneme - MySQL-based accent-lookups.

Lingua::Phonology - a module providing a unified way to deal with linguistic representations of phonology.

Lingua::Phonology - a module providing a unified way to deal with linguistic representations of phonology.

Lingua::Preferred - Perl extension to choose a language

Lingua::RU::Antimat - Perl Module for removal Russian slang from chat, guestbooks, etc.

Lingua::RU::Charset - Perl extension for detecting and converting various russian character sets: KOI8-r, Windows-1251, CP866, ISO-8859-5, X-Mac-Cyrillic, russian text in english letters, russian part of Unicode and UTF-8. This module can be especially useful for computers with broken cyrillic locales.

Lingua::RU::Jcuken -- Conversion between QWERTY and JCUKEN keys in Russian

Lingua::RU::NameParse - Normalize Russian names

Lingua::RU::Number - Converts numbers to money sum in words

Lingua::RU::PhTranslit - Phonetic correct translit

Lingua::RU::Sklon - helps declensing russian word

Lingua::RU::Translit - Perl extension for decoding cyrillic translit/volapyuk

Lingua::Rhyme::FindScheme - find rhyme schemes in text.

Lingua::Rhyme - MySQL-based rhyme-lookups.


Lingua::SV::Num2Word - positive number to text convertor for swedish. Output text is in iso-8859-1 encoding.


Lingua::Sinica::PerlYuYan - Use Chinese to write Perl

Lingua::SoundChange - Create regular sound changes - alternative spelling of a given word in a given language

Lingua::StarDict - Perl interface to the StarDict

Lingua::Stem::Fr - Perl French Stemming

Lingua::Stem::It - Porter's stemming algorithm for Italian

Lingua::Stem::Ru - Porter's stemming algorithm for Russian

Lingua::Stem::Snowball::Da - Porters stemming algorithm for Denmark

Lingua::Stem::Snowball - Perl interface to Snowball stemmers.


Lingua::StopWords - Stop words for several languages

Lingua::Strfname - Formats people's names

Lingua::Syllable - attempt to return number of syllables in a word

Lingua::TH::Segmentation - an object-oriented interface of TH word segmentation

Lingua::TR::Hyphenate - A hyphenator for Turkish.

Lingua::TR::Numbers - Converts numbers into Turkish text.

Lingua::TagSet - Natural language tagset conversion

Lingua::TokenParse - Parse a word into scored, fragment combinations


Lingua::Translate - Translate text from one language to another

Lingua::Treebank - Perl extension for manipulating the Penn Treebank format

Lingua::TypoGenerator - Generate plausible typos for a word

Lingua::UK::Jcuken -- Conversion between QWERTY and JCUKEN keys in Ukrainian

Lingua::UK::Translit - Perl extension for correct transliteration of Ukrainian text in UTF-8 encoding to Latin symbols.

Lingua::Verbnet -- extract stats from verbnet xml files

Lingua::Wordnet - Perl extension for accessing and manipulating Wordnet databases.

Lingua::YaTeA - Perl extension for extracting terms from a corpus and providing a syntactic analysis in a head-modifier format.

Lingua::ZH::BPMFConvert - Rule-based conversion of BPMF into Hanyu Pinyin

Lingua::ZH::CCDICT - An interface to the CCDICT Chinese dictionary

Lingua::ZH::CEDICT - Interface for CEDICT, a Chinese-English dictionary

Lingua::ZH::ChineseNaming - Analyzing Chinese Names

Lingua::ZH::Currency::UpperCase - Convert Currency Numbers to Chinese UpperCase Format

Lingua::ZH::DateTime - convert time to chinese format.

Lingua::ZH::HanDetect - Guess Chinese text's variant and encoding

Lingua::ZH::Keywords - Extract keywords from Chinese text

Lingua::ZH::MacChinese::Simplified - transcoding between Mac OS Chinese Simplified encoding and Unicode

Lingua::ZH::MacChinese::Traditional - transcoding between Mac OS Chinese Traditional encoding and Unicode

Lingua::ZH::Numbers - Converts numeric values into their Chinese string equivalents

Lingua::ZH::PinyinConvert - Translation among various Chinese Pinyin Systems

Lingua::ZH::Romanize::Pinyin - Romanization of Standard Chinese language

Lingua::ZH::Segment - Chinese Text Segmentation

Lingua::ZH::Summarize - Summarizing bodies of Chinese text

Lingua::ZH::Summary - Extract summary from Chinese text

Lingua::ZH::TaBE - Chinese processing via libtabe

Lingua::ZH::Toke - Chinese Tokenizer

Lingua::ZH::WordSegmenter - Simplified Chinese Word Segmentation

Lingua::ZH::WordSegment - Simple Simplified Chinese Word Segmentation

Lingua::ZH::Wrap - Wrap Chinese text

Lingua::ZH::ZhuYinWen - ZhuYinWen Bastardizer

Lingua::Zompist::Barakhinei - Inflect Barakhinei nouns, verbs, and adjectives

Lingua::Zompist::Cadhinor - Inflect Cadhinor nouns, verbs, and adjectives

Lingua::Zompist::Cuezi - Inflect Cuezi nouns, verbs, and adjectives

Lingua::Zompist::Kebreni - Inflect Kebreni verbs