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A Perl Module Chain to faciliate the Creation and Modification of High-Quality "Portable Document Format" Files.

Version: 0.68

PDF::API2 - A Perl Module Chain to faciliate the Creation and Modification of High-Quality "Portable Document Format" Files.

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Array - Corresponds to a PDF array. Inherits from L<PDF::Objind>

PDF::API2::Resource::Font::BdFont - Module for using bitmapped Fonts.

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Bool - A special form of L<PDF::String> which holds the strings B<true> or B<false>

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Bsln - Baseline table in a font

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Cmap - Character map table

PDF::API2::Resource::Font::CoreFont - Module for using the 14 PDF built-in Fonts.

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Cvt_ - Control Value Table in a TrueType font

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Dict - PDF Dictionaries and Streams. Inherits from L<PDF::Objind>

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Fdsc - Font Descriptors table in a font

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Feat - Font Features

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::File - Holds the trailers and cross-reference tables for a PDF file

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Filter - Abstract superclass for PDF stream filters

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Fmtx - Font Metrics table

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Fpgm - Font program in a TrueType font. Called when a font is loaded

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::GDEF - Opentype GDEF table support

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Glyf - The Glyf data table

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Glyph - Holds a single glyph's information

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::GSUB - Module support for the GSUB table in conjunction with TTOpen

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Hdmx - Horizontal device metrics

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Head - The head table for a TTF Font

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Hhea - Horizontal Header table

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Hmtx - Horizontal Metrics

PDF::API2::HOWTO - A basic set of guidelines to use PDF::API2.

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Kern - Kerning tables

PDF::API2::Lite - lite pdf creation

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Loca - the Locations table, which is intimately tied to the glyf table

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::LTSH - Linear Threshold table

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Maxp - Maximum Profile table in a font

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Mort - Glyph Metamorphosis table in a font

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Name - String table for a TTF font

PDF::API2::Resource::Font::neTrueType - Module for using 8bit nonembedded truetype Fonts.

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Null - PDF Null type object. This is a subclass of PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Objind and cannot be subclassed.

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Objind - PDF indirect object reference. Also acts as an abstract superclass for all elements in a PDF file.

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::OldCmap - Character map table

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::OldMort - Glyph Metamorphosis table in a font

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::OS_2 - the OS/2 table in a TTF font

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Pages - a PDF pages hierarchical element. Inherits from L<PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Dict>

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::PCLT - PCLT TrueType font table

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Post - Holds the Postscript names for each glyph

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Prep - Preparation hinting program. Called when ppem changes

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Prop - Glyph Properties table in a font

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Segarr - Segmented array

PDF::API2::Resource::Font::SynFont - Module for using synthetic Fonts.

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Table - Superclass for tables and used for tables we don't have a class for

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Ttc - Truetype Collection class

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Ttopen - Opentype superclass for standard Opentype lookup based tables

PDF::API2::Util - utility package for often use methods across the package.

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Utils - Utility functions to save fingers

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Vhea - Vertical Header table

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Vmtx - Vertical Metrics

PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::XMLparse - provides support for XML parsing. Requires Expat module XML::Parser::Expat