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CPAN String Lang Text Proc String Modules

String::Alignment - Pair Sentence Alignment

String::Approx - Perl extension for approximate matching

String::BitCount - count number of "1" bits in strings

String::BlackWhiteList - match a string against a blacklist and a whitelist

String::Buffer - a simple string buffer class.

String::CRC::Cksum - Perl extension for calculating checksums in a manner compatible with the POSIX cksum program.



String::CamelCase - camelcase, de-camelcase

String::Canonical - Creates canonical strings.


String::Clean - use data objects to clean strings

String::CodiceFiscale - convert personal data into italian Codice Fiscale

String::Compare - Compare two strings and return how much they are alike

String::Diff - Simple diff to String



String::Ediff - Produce common sub-string indices for two strings

String::Equivalence::Amharic - Normalization Utilities for Amharic.

String::EscapeCage - Cage and escape strings to prevent injection attacks

String::Escape - Registry of string functions, including backslash escapes

String::Examine - String comparisions and offset checking

String::ExpandEscapes - Expand printf-style %-escapes in a string.

C<String::Expand> - string utility functions for expanding variables in self-referential sets

String::FixedLen - Create strings that will never exceed a specific length

String::FlexMatch - flexible ways to match a string

String::FormatX - Perl extension for formatting strings and numbers

String::Format - sprintf-like string formatting capabilities with arbitrary format definitions

String::Fraction - convert fractions into unicode chars

String::Gsub - regex on string object

String::IRC - add color codes for mIRC compatible client

String::Index - Perl XS module for strpbrk hybrids

String::Interpolate::RE - interpolate variables into strings

String::Interpolate - Wrapper for builtin the Perl interpolation engine.

String::KeyboardDistanceXS - String Comparison Algorithm

String::KeyboardDistance - String Comparison Algorithm

String::Koremutake - Convert to/from Koremutake Memorable Random Strings

String::LCSS_XS - Find The Longest Common Substring of Two Strings.

String::LCSS - Find The Longest Common Substring of Two Strings.


String::MFN - Normalize a string to produce a sane Unix filename

C<String::MatchInterpolate> - perform named regexp capture and variable interpolation from the same template.

String::MkPasswd - random password generator

String::Multibyte - manipulation of multibyte character strings

String::Mutate - extensible chaining of string modifiers

String::Nysiis - NYSIIS Phonetic Encoding

showMarkSpace - Parity handling functions

String::PerlIdentifier - Generate a random name for a Perl variable

String::REPartition - Generates a regex to partition a data set

String::Random - Perl module to generate random strings based on a pattern

String::RexxParse - Perl implementation of REXX parse command


String::Rexx - Perl implementation of Rexx string functions

String::Scanf - emulate sscanf of the C library

String::SetUTF8 - Set/unset the internal UTF-8 flag for a string

String::ShellQuote - quote strings for passing through the shell

String::ShowDiff - Perl extension to help visualize differences between strings

String::ShowHTMLDiff - Perl extension to help visualize differences between strings.

String::Similarity - calculate the similarity of two strings

String::Smart - Strings that know how to escape themselves.

String::Sprintf - Custom overloading of sprintf

String::StringLib - Perl extension for fast, commonly used, string operations

String::String - make values string

String::Strip - Perl extension for fast, commonly used, string operations

String::Substrings - module to extract some/all substrings from a string

String::Thai::Segmentation - an object-oriented interface of Thai word segmentation

String::Tokeniser - Perl extension for, uhm, tokenising strings.

String::Tokenizer - A simple string tokenizer.

String::Trigram - Find similar strings by trigram method

String::Truncate - a module for when strings are too long to be displayed in...