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CPAN String Lang Text Proc Template Modules

Template::Alloy::XS - XS version of key parts of Template::Alloy


Template::Plugin::DBI - Template interface to the DBI module

Template::Declare::Anon - Anonymous Template::Declare templates

Template::Declare - Perlish declarative templates

Template::Extract - Use TT2 syntax to extract data from documents

Template::Filters::LazyLoader - Loading template filter modules by lazy way.

Template::Plugin::GD - GD plugin for the Template Toolkit

Template::Generate - Generate TT2 templates from data and documents

Template::Iterator::AlzaboWrapperCursor - Turns a Class::AlzaboWrapper::Cursor object into a TT2 iterator

Template::Plugin::Latex - Template Toolkit plugin for Latex

Template::Like - Lightweight Template Engine.

Template::Magic::Pager - HTML Pager for Template::Magic

Template::Magic - Magic merger of runtime values with templates

Template::Multilingual - Multilingual templates for Template Toolkit

Template::Multipass - Add a meta template pass to TT

Template::Parser::CET - Template::Alloy based parser for the TT2 engine

Template::Parser::Greedy - reader/writer friendly chomping for TT2 templates

Template::Parser::LocalizeNewlines - Drop-in replacement Template::Parser that fixes bad newlines

Template::Patch - Apply parameterized patches


Template::Plugin::Apache::SessionManager - Session manager Template Toolkit plugin

Template::Plugin::AudioFile::Info - Template Toolkit plugin for AudioFile::Info

Template::Plugin::AutoLink - TT filter plugin to replace URL and e-mail address with hyperlink automatically.

Template::Plugin::ByDate - Keeps/removes included text based on whether the current date is within range.

Template::Plugin::CPAN::Packages - FIXME

Template::Plugin::CSV::Escape - CSV escape a string

Template::Plugin::CSV - Plugin for generating CSV

Template::Plugin::Cache - cache output of templates

Template::Plugin::Calendar::Simple - TT plugin for Calendar::Simple

Template::Plugin::Capture - TT Plugin to capture FILTER block

Template::Plugin::CaseVMethods - uppercase and lowercase letters

Template::Plugin::Chump - provides a Template Toolkit filter for Chump like syntax

Template::Plugin::Class - allow calling of class methods on arbitrary classes

Template::Plugin::Clickable::Email - Make email addresses in to HTML links

Template::Plugin::Clickable - Make URLs clickable in HTML

Template::Plugin::Clone - clone objects within TT

Template::Plugin::Color - Template plugin for colour manipulation

Template::Plugin::Comma - TT Plugin to commify numbers

Template::Plugin::Config::General - Template Toolkit plugin which implements wrapper around Config::General module.

Template::Plugin::Cycle - Cyclically insert into a Template from a sequence of values

Template::Plugin::DBI - Template Plugin interface to the module

Template::Plugin::DBM::Deep - Template Toolkit plugin for DBM::Deep

Template::Plugin::Data::HTMLDumper - Template Toolkit plugin interface to Data::HTMLDumper.

Template::Plugin::DataHash - use INCLUDE_PATH to get confs with key fallback

Template::Plugin::DateTime - A Template Plugin To Use DateTime Objects

Template::Plugin::Datum - TT2 plugin that converts international date format to German date format

Template::Plugin::Decode - decoding filter plugin for Template-Toolkit.

Template::Plugin::Digest::MD5 - TT2 interface to the MD5 Algorithm

Template::Plugin::Digest::SHA1 - TT2 interface to the SHA1 Algorithm

Template::Plugin::DisableForm - TT plugin for HTML::DisableForm

Template::Plugin::DtFormatter::RelativeDate - return finder like relative date.

Template::Plugin::DtFormatter - Easily create formatted string from DateTime objects

Template::Plugin::DumbQuotes - Transform educated quotes to dumb quotes

Template::Plugin::Dumpvalue - Interface to Dumpvalue through the Template Toolkit

Template::Plugin::Dumpvar - Dump template data in the same style as the debugger

Template::Plugin::Dump - alternative dumper plugin with Data::Dump

Template::Plugin::EnvHash - Environment Variable Hash for TT2

Template::Plugin::ExifTool - Interface to Image::ExifTool Module

Template::Plugin::FillInForm - TT plugin for HTML::FillInForm

Template::Plugin::Filter::HTMLScrubber - Filter Plugin for using HTML::Scrubber in Template , and some additional function;

Template::Plugin::Filter::Pipe - Filter plugin adapter for Text::Pipe

Template::Plugin::Filter::VisualTruncate - Filter Plugin for trimming text by the number of the columns of terminals and mobile phones.

Template::Plugin::GnuPG -- A simple encryption plugin

Template::Plugin::GoogleChart - Using Google::Chart as a template plugin

Template::Plugin::Gravatar - configurable TT2-based generation of Gravatar URLs from email addresses.

Template::Plugin::Group - Template plugin to group lists into simple subgroups

Template::Plugin::HTML::BBCode - Template Toolkit plugin which implements wrapper around HTML::BBCode module.

Template::Plugin::HTML::Prototype - Template Toolkit Plugin for the Prototype Library

Template::Plugin::HTML::Strip - HTML::Strip filter for Template Toolkit

Template::Plugin::HTML::SuperForm - Template Plugin for HTML::SuperForm

Template::Plugin::HTML::Template - HTML::Template filter in TT

Template::Plugin::Hatena - TT plugin for Text::Hatena

Template::Plugin::Heritable - OO dispatching and inheritance for templates

Template::Plugin::IO::All - IO::All + Template

Template::Plugin::Iconv - Text::Iconv for Template Toolkit

Template::Plugin::JSON - Adds a .json vmethod for all TT values.

Template::Plugin::JapanesePrefectures - easliy use Geography::JapanesePrefectures.

Template::Plugin::JavaScript::Compactor - TT plugin for Data::JavaScript::Compactor

Template::Plugin::JavaScript - Encodes text to be safe in JavaScript

Template::Plugin::Java - Generate Java Classes from XML description files and templates.

Template::Plugin::Jcode - TT plugin using Jcode methods as virtual method

Template::Plugin::Komma - TT2 plugin to commify numbers

Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat - filter to convert kwiki formatted text to html

Template::Plugin::LDAP - Handle LDAP queries in TT pages.

Template::Plugin::Lingua::Conjunction - Template Toolkit plugin for human-readable lists

Template::Plugin::Lingua::EN::Inflect - Interface to Lingua::EN::Inflect module

Template::Plugin::ListOps - Plugin interface to list operations

Template::Plugin::ListUtil - List::Util functions for TT

Template::Plugin::MP3::Tag - Interface to the MP3::Tag Module

Template::Plugin::MP3 - Interface to the MP3::Info Module

Template::Plugin::Markdown - TT plugin for Text::Markdown

Template::Plugin::MobileAgent - TT interface for HTTP::MobileAgent

Template::Plugin::Monta - TT2 Filter, Acme::Monta adaptor

Template::Plugin::NakedBody - Strip HTML wrapping to get just the naked body

Template::Plugin::Nbsp - TT2 plugin that inserts non-breaking space

Template::Plugin::NoFollow - TT filter to add rel="nofollow" to all HTML links

Template::Plugin::Num2Word - Convert numbers to words in Template.

Template::Plugin::Number::Format - Plugin/filter interface to Number::Format

Template::Plugin::POSIX - TT2 plugin to import POSIX functions

Template::Plugin::Pageset - wrapper for Data::Page::Pageset

Template::Plugin::Page - a plugin to help when paging through sets of results

Template::Plugin::Pagination - a plugin to help paginate pages of results

Template::Plugin::PerlTidy - Perl::Tidy filter for Template Toolkit

Template::Plugin::Perl - TT2 plugin to import Perl built-in functions

Template::Plugin::PodSimple - simple Pod::Simple plugin for TT

Template::Plugin::PwithBR - TT Plugin that changes paragraph and newline into p with br.

Template::Plugin::RPM2 - Template Toolkit plugin for RPM2

Template::Plugin::RSSLite - Module to use XML::RSSLite as a Template::Toolkit plugin.

Template::Plugin::ResolveLink - Template plugin for HTML::ResolveLink

Template::Plugin::RoundRobin - Server data in a round robin manner.

Template::Plugin::SSI - Plugin to use SSI in Template Toolkit

Template::Plugin::Session - Template Toolkit interface to Apache::Session

Template::Plugin::ShellQuote - provides a Template Toolkit filter to shell quote text

Template::Plugin::Shorten - Template plugin to shorten/lengthen URLs

Template::Plugin::Shuffle - TT Vmethods for shuffling lists

Template::Plugin::Stash - expose the stash, ideal for I<Dumper>ing...

Template::Plugin::StickyQuery - TT plugin for HTML::StickyQuery

Template::Plugin::String::Compare - TT extension for Template::Plugin::String objects

Template::Plugin::StringTree - Access tree-like groups of strings naturally in code and Templates

Template::Plugin::StripScripts - TT plugin to filter HTML against XSS

Template::Plugin::Subst - s/// functionality for Template Toolkit templates

Template::Plugin::SumOf - calcurate the sum with VMETHODS.

Template::Plugin::TagRescue - TT Plugin to escape html tags except for marked

Template::Plugin::Text::Greeking - Text::Greeking interface in Template

Template::Plugin::Text::Widont - A Template Toolkit filter for removing typographic widows

Template::Plugin::TextToHtml - Plugin interface to HTML::FromText

Template::Plugin::Textile2 - Use Textile formatting with Template Toolkit

Template::Plugin::Textile - textile plugin for the Template Toolkit

Template::Plugin::TimeDate - TT plugin to parse/format dates using TimeDate

Template::Plugin::Tooltip - Template Toolkit plugin for HTML::Tooltip::JavaScript

Template::Plugin::Trac - TT filter for Text::Trac

Template::Plugin::Translit::RU - Filter converting cyrillic text into transliterated one and back.

Template::Plugin::TruncateJp - TT Plugin to truncate the text block to the length specified for multibyte characters

Template::Plugin::VMethods - install vmethods

Template::Plugin::VimColor - TT plugin for Text::VimColor

Template::Plugin::XML::Escape - Escape variables to suit being placed into XML

Template::Plugin::XML::LibXML - XML::LibXML Template Toolkit Plugin

Template::Plugin::XSLT - Transform XML fragments into something else

Template::Plugin::YAML - Plugin interface to YAML

Template::Plugin::DeJSON - de-JSONify a JSON string

Template::PopupTreeSelect - HTML popup tree widget

Template::Preprocessor::TTML - Preprocess files using the Template Toolkit from the command line.

Template::Process - Process TT2 templates against data files

Template::Provider::DBIC - Load templates using DBIx::Class

Template::Provider::DBI - A class to allow retrieval of templates from a DB

Template::Provider::Encode - Encode templates for Template Toolkit

Template::Provider::Encoding - Explicitly declare encodings of your templates

Template::Provider::FromDATA - Load templates from your __DATA__ section

Template::Provider::MD5 - MD5 Cached Compiled SCALARS for Template Toolkit

Template::Provider::Markdown - Markdown as template body, no HTML.

Template::Provider::OpenOffice - OpenOffice Provider for Template Toolkit

Template::Provider::PAR - Include templates from a path within a PAR or Zip archive.

Template::Provider::Unicode::Japanese - Decode all templates by Unicode::Japanese

Template::Recall - "Reverse callback" templating system

Template::Simple - A simple and fast template module

Template::Stash::Encode - Encode charactor code on stash variables

Template::Stash::EscapeHTML - escape HTML automatically in Template-Toolkit.

Template::Stash::HTML::Entities - Encode the value automatically using HTML::Entities

Template::Stash::Strict - Experimental strict high-speed stash written in XS

Template::TAL - Process TAL templates with Perl

Template::TT2Site - Create standard web sites with the Template Toolkit

Template::Timer - Rudimentary profiling for Template Toolkit


Template::Trivial - Simple and fast substitution templates