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CPAN String Lang Text Proc Text Modules

Text::ASCIIMathML - Perl extension for parsing ASCIIMathML text into MathML

Text::ASCIITable - Create a nice formatted table using ASCII characters.

Text::Abbreviate - Perl extension for text abbreviations and ambiguities

Text::Affixes - Prefixes and suffixes analisys of text


Text::Annotated::Line - strings with annotation about their origin

Text::Aspell - Perl interface to the GNU Aspell library

Text::AutoLink - Automatically Linkfy

Text::Autoformat - Automatic text wrapping and reformatting

Package) -- an object-oriented module for facilitating event-based file system indexing.

Text::Balanced - Extract delimited text sequences from strings.

Text::BarGraph - Text Bar graph generator

Text::BasicTemplate -- Simple text/HTML/generic template parsing module

I<Text::Bastardize> - a corruptor of innocent text

Text::Beautify - Beautifies text

Text::BibTeX::BibStyle - Format Text::BibTeX::Entry items using .bst

Text::BibTeX - interface to read and parse BibTeX files

Text::Bidi - Unicode bidi algorithm using libfribidi

Text::Bind - Bind Perl structures to text files

Text::Brew - An implementation of the Brew edit distance

Text::CHM - Perl extension for handling MS Compiled HtmlHelp Files

Text::CPP - A full C Preprocessor in XS

Text::CSV::DetectSeparator - Helps to find the fieldseparator in a csv-file

Text::CSV::LibCSV - comma-separated values manipulation routines

Text::CSV::Separator - Determine the field separator of a CSV file

Text::CSV::Simple - Simpler parsing of CSV files

Text::CSV::Track - module to work with .csv file that stores some value per identificator

Text::CSV::Unicode - comma-separated values manipulation routines with potentially wide character data

Text::CSV_PP::Simple - Simpler parsing of CSV files [PP version]

Text::CSV_PP - comma-separated values manipulation routines

Text::CSV_XS - comma-separated values manipulation routines

Text::CSV - comma-separated values manipulator

Text::Capitalize - capitalize strings

Text::ChaSen - ChaSen library module for perl

Text::CharWidth - Get number of occupied columns of a string on terminal

Text::Chomp - a module implementing a portable chomp.

Text::Chump - a module for parsing Chump like syntax

Text::Cipher::KeywordAlphabet - Substitution cipher based on a keyword alphabet

Text::Cipher - Very flexible base class for text ciphers.


Text::CommonParts - return the common starting parts of phrases

Text::Compare - Language sensitive text comparison

Text::Conjunct - join lists of items together

Text::Context::EitherSide - Get n words either side of search keywords

Text::Context::Porter - Text::Context with inflection awareness

Text::Context - Handle highlighting search result context snippets

Text::Contraction - Find possible expansions for a contraction.

Text::Conversation - Turn a conversation into threads, one line at a time.

Text::ConvertPlatform - an object class for formatting text between different platforms.

Text::DHCPparse - Perl extension for parsing dhcpd lease files

Text::DWParse - Module for processing Dreamweaver MX templates

Text::DeDuper - near duplicates detection module

Text::DeSupercite - remove supercite quotes and other non-standard quoting from text

Text::Decorator - Apply a chain of filters to text

Text::Delimited - Module for parsing delimited text files

Text::Diff::HTML - XHTML format for Text::Diff::Unified

Text::Diff::Parser - Parse patch files containing unified and standard diffs

Text::Diff3 - compute three-way differences between texts.

Text::Diff - Perform diffs on files and record sets

Text::Document - a text document subject to statistical analysis

Text::Domain - Localization of gettext domain settings

Text::DoubleMetaphone - Phonetic encoding of words.

Text::EP3::Verilog - Verilog extension for the EP3 preprocessor.

EP3 - The Extensible Perl PreProcessor

Text::EasyTemplate - A simple text template system.

Text::Echelon - get random Echelon related words.

Text::Editor::Vip - Perl Editor

Text::Embed - Cleanly seperate unwieldy text from your source code

Text::Emoticon::GoogleTalk - Emoticon filter of GoogleTalk

Text::Emoticon::MSN - Emoticon filter of MSN Messenger

Text::Emoticon::Yahoo - Emoticon filter of Yahoo! Messenger

Text::Emoticon - Factory class for Yahoo! and MSN emoticons

Text::EscapeDelimiters - escape delimiter characters within strings

Text::EtText - editable-text format for HTML output

Text::ExtractWords - Perl extension for extract words from strings

Text::FIGlet - a perl module to provide FIGlet abilities, akin to banner

Text:FastTemplate - a class implementing a fill-in template


Text::Filter - base class for objects that can read and write text lines

Text::Find::Scalar - Find scalar names in a text.


Text::FixedLength::Extra - various niceties for Text::FixedLength lovers.

Text::FixedLengthMultiline - Parse text data formatted in space separated columns optionnaly on multiple lines.

Text::FixedLength - Parse and create fixed length field records

Text::Flowchart::Script - A simple language for Text::Flowchart

Text::Flowchart - ASCII Flowchart maker

Text::Flowed - text formatting routines for RFC2646 format=flowed

Text::Flow - Flexible text flowing and word wrapping for not just ASCII output.

Text::Folksonomies - Simple folksonomy parser

Text::Forge - ERB/PHP/ASP-style templating for Perl

Text::FormBuilder - Create CGI::FormBuilder objects from simple text descriptions

Text::FormBuilder - Create CGI::FormBuilder objects from simple text descriptions

Text::FormatTable - Format text tables

C<Text::GenderFromName> - Guess the gender of a "Christian" first name.


Text::Glob - match globbing patterns against text

Text::GooglewikiFormat - Translate Google Code Wiki markup into HTML

Text::Graphics -- A text graphics rendering toolkit

Text::Graph - Perl extension for generating text-based graphs.

Text::Greeking::zh_TW - A module for generating meaningless Chinese text that creates the illusion of the finished document.

Text::Greeking - a module for generating meaningless text that creates the illusion of the finished document.

Text::HandyMarkup - Handy markup parser & rewriter

Text::Hatena - Perl extension for formatting text with Hatena Style.

Text::Header - RFC 822/2068 C<header> and C<unheader> functions

Text::HikiDoc - Pure Perl implementation of 'HikiDoc' which is a text-to-HTML conversion tool.

Text::Hyphenate - Perl extension for blah blah blah

Text::I18N - Simple multi language markup

Text::Iconv - Perl interface to iconv codeset conversion function

Text::Identify::BoilerPlate - Remove repeated text

Text::Indent - simple indentation of text shared among modules

Text::Index - Create indices of a set of pages using a set of keywords - a module encapsulating access to the Ispell program.

Text::JavE - view and manipulate ascii art and manipulation files created in JavE.

Text::Kakasi - perl frontend to kakasi

Text::KwikiFormatish - convert Kwikitext into XML-compliant HTML

Text::Label::Prepender - dynamically prepend label to input strings

Text::Language::Guess - Trained module to guess a document's language

Text::LevenshteinXS - An XS implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance

Text::Levenshtein - An implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance

Text::LineEditor - simple line editor


Text::LooseCSV - Highly forgiving variable length record text parser; compare to MS Excel

Text::Lorem::More - Generate formatted nonsense using random Latin words.

Text::Lorem - Generate random Latin looking text

Text::MacroScript - A macro pre-processor with embedded perl capability - an object-oriented text macro engine


Text::Markdown::ApacheHandler - Processes files with Markdown syntax for Apache


Text::Match::FastAlternatives - efficient search for many strings

Text::MeCab - Alternate Interface To libmecab

Text::MediawikiFormat - Translate Wiki markup into other text formats

Text::Merge - v.0.36 General purpose text/data merging methods in Perl.

Text::MessageFormat - Language neutral way to display messages

Text::MessageLibrary - centrally manage lists of static and dynamic status, error, or other messages, encapsulated in an object

Text::MetaMarkup - Simple structured POD/Wiki-ish markup

Text::MetaText - Perl extension implementing meta-language for processing "template" text files.

Text::Metaphone::Amharic - The Metaphone Algorithm for Amharic.

Text::Metaphone - A modern soundex. Phonetic encoding of words.

Text::MicroMason - Simplified HTML::Mason Templating

Text::Microformat - A Microformat parser

Text::Migemo - Migemo library module for Perl

Text::Modify - oo-style interface for simple, rule-based text modification

Text::MultiMarkdown::ApacheHandler - Processes files with MultiMarkdown syntax for Apache

Text::MultiMarkdown - Convert MultiMarkdown syntax toHTML

Text::MultiPhone - Package to retrieve the phonetics of a word

Text::NASA_Ames - Reading data from NASA Ames files

Text::NLP - Perl module for Natural Language Processing


Text::NeatTemplate - a fast, middleweight template engine.

Text::Netstring - Perl module for manipulation of netstrings

Text::Ngram::LanguageDetermine - Guess the language of text using ngrams

Text::Ngrams - Flexible Ngram analysis

Text::Ngram - Ngram analysis of text

Text::Normalize::NACO - Normalize text based on the NACO rules

Text::Number - Overloaded class for printing numbers

Text::NumericList - Perl extension for converting strings into arrays of positive integers and vice-versa.

Text::Orientation - Text Rotator

Text::Original - Find original, non-quoted text in a message

Text::OutdentEdge - remove indent chars.

Text::Outdent - Outdent chunks of text

Text::Oyster - evaluate perl code embedded in text.

Text::PDF - Module for manipulating PDF files

Text::PORE - Perl Object Rendering Engine

Text::PSP - Perl extension implementing a JSP-like templating system.

Text::ParagraphDiff - Visual Difference for paragraphed text.

Text::ParseWords - parse text into an array of tokens or array of arrays

Text::Password::Pronounceable - Generate pronounceable passwords

Text::Patch - Patches text with given patch

Text::Perlate - Template module using Perl as the langauge.

Text::Phonetic - A module implementing various phonetic algorithm

Text::Pipe::Bundle - install Text::Pipe and derived distributions

Text::Pipe::Encoding - Text pipes that can encode and decode in various ways

Text::Pipe::HTML - Text pipes that can encode and decode HTML entities

Text::Pipe::Translate - Translate text from one language to another

Text::Pipe::W3CDTF - Text pipes that parse and format W3CDTF datetimes

Text::Pipe - Common text filter API

Text::Pluralize - simple pluralization routine


Text::Printf - A simple, lightweight text fill-in class.

Text::ProcessMap - Create process diagrams in plain text format.

Text::PromptBalanced - Aid in creating CLI prompts that keep track of balanced text

Text::Pspell - Perl interface to the Pspell library

Text::Query::Advanced - Match text against Boolean expression


Text::Query::Simple - Match text against simple query expression and return relevance value for ranking

Text::Query - Query processing framework

Text::QuickTemplate - A simple, lightweight text fill-in class.

Text::Quoted - Extract the structure of a quoted mail message

Text::Quote - Quotes strings as required for perl to eval them back correctly.

Text::Record::Deduper - Separate complete, partial and near duplicate text records

Text::RecordParser - read record-oriented files

Text::Refer - parse Unix "refer" files

Text::Reflow - Perl module for reflowing text files using Knuth's paragraphing algorithm.

Text::Reform - Manual text wrapping and reformatting


Text::Report - Perl extension for generating mixed columnar formatted reports and report templates

Text::Repository - A simple way to manage text without mixing it with Perl


Text::Restructured - Perl implementation of reStructuredText parser

Text::RewriteRules - A system to rewrite text using regexp-based rules

Text::Roman - Converts roman algarism in integer numbers and the contrary, recognize algarisms.

Text::Same - Look for similarities between files or arrays

Text::Scan - Fast search for very large numbers of keys in a body of text.

Text::Scraper - Structured data fromstructured text

Text::ScriptTemplate - Standalone ASP/JSP/PHP-style template processor


Text::Sentence::Alignment - Two Sentence Alignment

Text::Sequence - spot one-dimensional sequences in patterns of text


Text::Shift - Perl extension for shifting text

Text::Shoebox - read and write SIL Shoebox Standard Format files

Text::Shortcuts - A shortcut creation & usage engine

Text::Similarity - module for measuring the similarity of text documents. This module is a superclass for other modules.

Text::SimpleTable - Simple Eyecandy ASCII Tables

Text::SimpleTemplate - Yet another module for template processing

Text::Smart::Plugin - Template Toolkit plugin for Text::Smart

Text::Smart - Processor for 'smart text' markup

Text::Soundex - Implementation of the soundex algorithm.

Text::SpellChecker - OO interface for spell-checking a block of text

Text::SpellCheck - Uses the aspell binary to generate spellcheck info

Text::Sprintf::Named - sprintf-like function with named conversions

starfish - A Perl-based System for Text-Embedded Programming and Preprocessing

Text::Statistics::Arabic - Performs statistical corpora analysis

Text::Statistics::Cyrillic - Performs statistical corpora analysis

Text::Statistics::Devanagari - Performs statistical corpora analysis

Text::Statistics::GreekAndCoptic - Performs statistical corpora analysis

Text::Statistics::Latin - Performs statistical analysis of corpora

Text::StripAccents - removes accented & special characters from strings

Text::Striphigh - Perl extension to strip the high bit off of ISO-8859-1 text.

Text::Stripper - a module for shortening text

Text::T9 - Text in 9 keys input.

Text::WikiFormat::SAX - a SAX parser for Wiki text

Text::TabFile - Module for parsing tab delimited files


Text::Table - Organize Data in Tables


Text::TabularDisplay - Display text in formatted table output

Text::Tabulate - a pretty text data tabulator that minimises the width of tables.


Text::Tags - parses "folksonomy" space-separated tags


Text::Template::Inline - Easy formatting of hierarchical data

Text::Template::Simple - Simple text template engine

Text::TemplateFill - Formatting of reports with templates from files, use for I18N

Text::Templater - A template engine

Text::Template - Expand template text with embedded Perl

Text::Templet - template processor built using Perl's eval

Text::Textile - A humane web text generator.

Text::Thesaurus::ISO - A class to handle ISO thesaurii

Text::Thread - format threaded items to ascii tree

Text::TikiText - TikiText

Text::Tmpl - Templating system perl library

Text::Toalpha - Convert arbitary characters into letters

Text::Tokenizer - Perl extension for tokenizing text files

Text::Trac - Perl extension for formatting text with Trac Wiki Style.

Text::TransMetaphone - Translingual phonetic encoding of words.

Text::TreeFile - Reads a tree of text strings into a data structure

Text::Tree - format a simple tree of strings into a textual tree graph


Text::Trim - remove leading and/or trailing whitespace from strings

Text::Truncate - Perl module with simple string truncating routine

Text::TypingEffort - calculate the effort required to type a given text

Text::Typography - Markup ASCII text with correct typography for HTML

Text::Typoifier - mangles text


Text::Unaccent - Remove accents from a string

Text::Undiacritic - remove diacritics from a string

Text::Unidecode -- US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text

Text::UpsideDown - flip text upside-down using Unicode

Text::VimColor - syntax color text in HTML or XML using Vim

Text::VisualWidth - Perl extension for trimming text by the number of the columns of terminals and mobile phones.

Text::Vpp - Perl extension for a versatile text pre-processor

Text::WagnerFischer::Amharic - The Wagner-Fischer Algorithm for Amharic.

Text::WagnerFischer - An implementation of the Wagner-Fischer edit distance

Text::Widont - Suppress typographic widows

Text::WikiCreole - Convert Wiki Creole 1.0 markup to XHTML

Text::WikiFormat::SAX - a SAX parser for Wiki text

Text::WikiFormat - module for translating Wiki formatted text into other formats

Text::WordDiff - Track changes between documents

Text::WordGrams - Calculates statistics on word ngrams.

Text::Wrap::Smart - Wrap text into chunks of equal length

Text::WrapI18N - Line wrapping module with support for multibyte, fullwidth, and combining characters and languages without whitespaces between words

Text::WrapProp - proportional line wrapping to form simple paragraphs

Text::Wrapper - Simple word wrapping routine

Text::XLogfile - reading and writing xlogfiles

Text::XmlMatch - Pattern-matching and grouping via XML configuration file


Text::vCard - a package to edit and create a single vCard

Text::vFile::asData - parse vFile formatted files into data structures

Text::vFile::toXML - Convert vFiles into equivalent XML