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CPAN User Interfaces Term Modules

Term::ANSIMenu - An infrastructure for creating menus in ANSI capable terminals

Term::ANSIScreen - Terminal control using ANSI escape sequences

Term::Activity - Process Activity Display Module

Term::Animation - ASCII sprite animation framework

Term::BashTab - A simple wrapper of ReadLine with bash-like E<lt>TABE<gt>

Term::Caca - perl interface for libcaca

Term::CallEditor - solicit for data from an external Editor

Term::Cap - Perl termcap interface - Perl module offering a Command-Line User Interface


Term::Encoding - Detect encoding of the current terminal

Term::GentooFunctions - provides gentoo's einfo, ewarn, eerror, ebegin and eend.

Term::Gnuplot - lowlevel graphics using gnuplot drawing routines.


Term::InKey - Perl extension for clearing the screen and receiving a keystroke.


Term::Interact - Interactively Get Validated Data

Term::Menus - Create Powerful Terminal, Console and CMD Enviroment Menus

Term::Menu - Perl extension for asking questions and printing menus at the terminal

Term::Newt - Interface to the Newt text windowing library.

Term::Pager - Page through text, a screenful at a time, like more or less

Term::ProgressBar::Quiet - Provide a progress meter if run interactively

Term::ProgressBar - provide a progress meter on a standard terminal

Term::Prompt - Perl extension for prompting a user for information

B<Term::Query> - Table-driven query routine.

Term::ReadLine::Gnu - Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library


Term::ReadLine::Zoid - another ReadLine package

Term::ReadPassword::Win32 - Asking the user for a password

Term::ReadPassword - Asking the user for a password

Term::Report - Easy way to create dynamic 'reports' from within scripts.

Term::Screen::ReadLine - Term::Screen extended with ReadLine

Term::Screen::Uni - Works exactly as L<Term::Screen> on evry platform Term::Screen is working plus Win32

Term::Screen::Win32 - Simple L<Term::Screen> style interface to the L<Win32::Console> capabilities

Term::Screen::Wizard - A wizard on your terminal...

Term::ScreenColor - Screen positioning and coloring module for Perl

Term::Screen - A Simple all perl Term::Cap based screen positioning module

Term::Shell::Enhanced - more functionality for Term::Shell

Term::ShellKit - Reusable command-line Perl environment

Term::ShellUI - A fully-featured shell-like command line environment

Term::Shelly - Yet Another Shell Kit for Perl


Term::Size::Perl - Perl extension for retrieving terminal size

Term::Size::ReadKey - Perl extension for retrieving terminal size

Term::Size::Unix - Perl extension for retrieving terminal size

Term::Size::Win32 - Perl extension for retrieving terminal size

Term::Size - Perl extension for retrieving terminal size

Term::Slang - Interface to the S-Lang terminal library.

Term::Spinner - A progress spinner for commandline programs

Term::StatusBar - Dynamic progress bar

Term::TUI - simple tool for building text-based user interfaces

Term::TtyRec::Plus - read a ttyrec

Term::TtyRec - handles ttyrec data

Term::Twiddle - Twiddles a thingy while-u-wait

Term::UI - Term::ReadLine UI made easy

Term::VT102::Boundless - A L<Term::VT102> that grows automatically to accomodate whatever you print to it.

Term::VT102::ZeroBased - Term::VT102 but with zero-based indices

Term::VT102 - a class to emulate a DEC VT102 terminal

Term::Visual - split-terminal user interface