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CPAN User Interfaces Tk Modules


Tk::ActivityBar - Adds an indeterminate progress display to Tk::ProgressBar.

Tk::ApplicationNest - MainWindow Widget with special features.

Tk::Autoscroll - space invaders-like scrolling

Tk::BarberPole - A rotating barber pole -- Perl library browser.

Tk::Calculator::RPN::HP - Hewlett-Packard RPN calculators


Tk::CanvasDirTree - Perl Derived Canvas widget for browsing Directory Trees

Tk::CanvasFig - additional Tk::Canvas methods for dealing with figs

Tk::CanvasLogo - a Tk::Canvas widget that can support methods based on the Logo Programming Language as well as multiple turtles.

Tk::CheckbuttonGroup - widget displays and manages a group of related checkbuttons

Tk::ChooseDate - Popup Calendar with support for dates prior to 1970


Tk::CollapsableFrame - a Frame that opens and closes via a mouse click.

ColourChooser - Perl/Tk module providing a Colour selection dialogue box.

Tk::ContextHelp - context-sensitive help with perl/Tk


Tk::Copy::Mac - simulate a Macintosh Classic copy dialog.

Tk::CursorControl - Manipulate the mouse cursor programmatically


Tk::DBI::Form - Megawidget to offering edit, delete or insert a record.

Tk::DBI::Table - Megawidget to display a sql-Statement in HList.

Tk::DBI::Tree - Megawidget to display a table column in a tree.



Tk::DataTree - A tree widget for arbitrary data structures

Tk::DateEntry - Drop down calendar widget for selecting dates.

Tk::DatePick - Perl extension for Tk to pick dates

Bundle::Tk-Date - A bundle to install all dependencies of Tk-Date

Tk::DirSelect - Cross-platform directory selection widget.

Tk::DynaTabFrame - A NoteBook widget with orientable, dynamically stacking tabs

Tk-EMatrix-0.01 - Perl widget derived from Tk::TableMatrix.

Tk::Enscript - a text-to-postscript converter using Tk::Canvas

Tk::EntryCheck - Interface to Tk::Entry for controlling its maximum length and content in an easy way.

Tk::ErrorDump - An alternative to Tk::Error or Tk::ErrorDialog

Tk::ExecuteCommand - execute a command asynchronously.

Tk::FileDialog - A highly configurable File Dialog widget for Perl/Tk.

Tk::FilterEntry - An entry with filter

Tk::FlatCheckbox - an alternative checkbutton implementation for perl/Tk

Tk::FontDialog - a font dialog widget for perl/Tk


Tk::Gauge - create a multitude of analog gauge widgets.

Tk::Getopt - User configuration window for Tk with interface to Getopt::Long

Tk::Gpack - Abbreviated geometry arguments for pack, grid and place geometry managers.

Tk::GraphItems - Display relation-graphs on a Tk::Canvas

Tk::GraphViz - Render an interactive GraphViz graph

Tk::Graph - A graphical Chartmaker at Canvas.


Tk::Help - Simple widget for creating a help system for Perl/Tk applications

Tk::HexEntry - A hexadecimal Entry widget with inc. & dec. Buttons

Tk::HideCursor - Hide the cursor when it passes over your widget

Tk::HistEntry - Entry widget with history capability

Tk::HistMenu - a Menu widget with history capabilities

Tk::HyperText - Create and manipulate ROText widgets which render HTML code.

Tk::IDElayout - Tk Widget for Layout of Frames Similar to an IDE.

Tk::IPEntry - A megawidget for input of IP-Adresses IPv4 and IPv6

Tk::Image::Calculation - Perl extension for graphic calculations

Tk::Image::Cut - Perl extension for a graphic user interface to cut pictures.

Tk::JBrowseEntry - Full-featured "Combo-box" (Text-entry combined with drop-down listbox.


Tk::JFileDialog - A highly configurable File Dialog widget for Perl/Tk.


Tk::JPEG::Lite - lite JPEG loader for Tk::Photo

Tk::JPEG - JPEG loader for Tk::Photo

Tk::LCD - display Liquid Crystal Display symbols.

LabPopEntry - A LabEntry widget with an automatic, configurable right-click menu built in, plus input masks.

Tk::LineGraph - A 2D Plot widget written entirely in Perl/Tk.

B<Tk::LineNumberText> - Line numbers for your favorite Text-derived widget

ListboxDnD - A Tk::Listbox widget with drag and drop capability.

Tk::LockDisplay - Create modal dialog and wait for a password response.

Tk::LogScale - A logarithmic Scale widget

Tk::MARC::Editor - a free-form editor for MARC::Record objects

Tk::MARC - Perl/Tk widget set for editing MARC::Records

Tk::MDI - Multiple Document Interface for Tk



Tk::MatchEntry - Entry widget with advanced auto-completion capability

Tk::MenuHash - Ties a Tk::Menubutton widget to a hash object thingy

MesgBox - Perl/Tk module for message and button dialogue boxes.

Tk::MinMaxScale - Two B<Scale> to get a pair of values

Tk::MiniCalendar - simple calendar widget for date selection

Tk::MiniScale - A miniature scale widget

Tk::Mirror - Perl extension for a graphic user interface to update local or remote directories in both directions

Tk::Month - Calendar widget which shows one month at a time.

Tk::MouseGesture - Create bindings for mouse gestures.

Tk::MultiMediaControls - Create media player control buttons.


Tk::ObjEditor - Tk composite widget Obj editor

Tk::ObjScanner - Tk data scanner

Tk::ObjectHandler - Perl extension for Tk

Tk::PNG - PNG loader for Tk::Photo

Tk::PathEntry - Entry widget for selecting paths with completion

Tk::PerlInheritanceTree - Display a graphical representation of the inheritance tree for a given class-name.

Tk::PerlMethodList - query the Symbol-table for methods and its parents.


Tk::Playlist - Tk::HList subclass providing playlist-like manipulation

PlotDataset - An extended version of the canvas widget for plotting 2D line graphs. Plots have a legend and zooming capabilities.

Tk::PodSingle - Pod browser toplevel widget for single pod files

Tk::Pod - Pod browser toplevel widget

PopEntry - An Entry widget with an automatic, configurable right-click menu built in, plus input masks.


Tk::Program - MainWindow Widget with special features.

Tk::ProgressBar::Mac - a blue, 3-D Macintosh Classic progress bar.

NAME - Tk::ProgressBar

Tk::RadiobuttonGroup - widget displays and manages a group of related radiobuttons


Tk::ResizeButton - provides a resizeable button to be used in an HList column header.

Tk::RotCanvas - Canvas widget with arbitrary rotation support

Tk::RotatingGauge - a rotating gauge for Tk

Tk::Schedule - Perl extension for a graphical user interface to carrying out tasks up to schedule

SelFile - a widget for choosing a file to read or write


Tk::SignalSlot - An alternative to Tk::bind

Tk::SimpleFileSelect - Easy to Use File Selection Widget


Tk::SlideSwitch - a 2 position horizontal or vertical switch.

Tk::Splashscreen - display a Splashscreen during program initialization.

Tk::Splash - create a splash screen

Tk::StatusBar - A statusbar widget for Perl/Tk

Tk::StayOnTop - Keep your window in the foreground

Tk::Stderr - capture standard error output, display in separate window





Tk::Task - allow multiple "tasks" to proceed at once

Tk::Taxis - Perl extension for simulating biological taxes

Tk::Text::SuperText - An improved text widget for perl/tk


Tk::TextANSIColor - Tk::Text widget with support for ANSI color escape codes


Tk::Thumbnail - Create a grid of shrunken images.

Tk::TimePick - Perl extension for a graphical user interface to pick timestrings syntax mistake-secure

Tk::ToolBar - A toolbar widget for Perl/Tk

Tk::TreeGraph - Tk widget to draw a tree in a Canvas


Tk::WaitBox - An Object Oriented Wait Dialog for Perl/Tk, of the Please Wait variety.

Tk::WidgetDump - dump the widget hierarchie

Tk::Win32RotLabel - A widget that allows rotated labels on the Win32 platform.



Tk::Wizard - GUI for step-by-step interactive logical process


Tk::WorldCanvas - Autoscaling Canvas widget with zoom, viewAll, viewArea, viewFit, and center.

Tk::XDialogBox - create and manipulate a dialog screen with added Features.


Tk::XML::WizardMaker - easy way to build the Software Assistants and Installation Wizards based on XML description.

Tk::XMLViewer - Tk widget to display XML

Tk::XPMs - xpm images for icons

Tk::autobind - automatically bind a widget to an ALT-key