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CPAN World Wide Web HTML HTTP CGI Apache Modules

Apache::ACEProxy - IDN compatible ACE proxy server

Bundle::Apache::ASP - Install Apache::ASP and required

Apache::Access::Headers - mod_perl HTTP header authorization module

Apache::Access::Abuse - Perl extension for avoid access abuse to your web site

Apache::Action - A method dispatch mechanism for Apache

Apache::AddHostPath - Adds some or all of the hostname and port to the URI

Apache::AddReqHeader - Add the value of form parameter to HTTP Request Header

Apache::Admin::Config - A module to read/write Apache like configuration files

Apache::Album - Simple mod_perl Photo Album

Apache::AliasList - Apache translation handler to process lists of aliases

Apache::AntiSpam::JavaScript - Encodes mailto: E-mail addresses with JavaScript

Apache::AntiSpam::SpamTrap - Add SpamTrap suffix to local-part in Email

Apache::AntiSpam - AntiSpam filter for web pages

Apache::App::Gallery::Simple - Elegant and fast filesystem-based image galleries

Apache::App::Mercury - Internal web messaging for Apache mod_perl


Apache::AppSamurai - An Authenticating Mod_Perl Front End

Apache::Archive - Expose archive files through the Apache web server.



Apache::AuthChecker - mod_perl based authentication module used to prevent brute force attacks via HTTP authorization.

Apache::AuthCookieDBIRadius - An AuthCookie module backed by a DBI database, and an optional Radius server.

Apache::AuthCookieDBI - An AuthCookie module backed by a DBI database.

Apache::AuthCookieLDAP - An AuthCookie module backed by a LDAP database.

Apache::AuthCookieNTLM - NTLM authentication with cookies

Apache::AuthCookiePAM - An AuthCookie module backed by a PAM .

Apache::AuthCookieURL - Perl Authentication and Authorization or session management via cookies or URL munging

Apache2::AuthCookie - Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies

Apache2::AuthCookie - Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies

Apache::AuthDigest - reimplementation of mod_digest.c in Perl

Apache::AuthExpire - mod_perl handler to provide Authentication time limits on .htaccess protected pages.

Apache::AuthKrb5Afs - integrated OpenAFS/Krb5 login for Apache

Apache::AuthLDAPBind - Authentcates a user to Apache by binding to an LDAP server as that user.

Apache::AuthLDAP - mod_perl LDAP Access Control and Authentication Module

Apache::AuthNetLDAP - mod_perl module that uses the Net::LDAP module for user authentication for Apache

Apache::AuthPAM - Authenticate apache request using PAM services

Apache::AuthPOP3 - Authentication and Authorization via POP3

Apache::AuthPerLDAP - mod_perl PerLDAP Authentication Module

Apache::AuthTicket - Cookie based access module.

Apache::AuthTicket - Cookie based access module.

Apache::AuthTkt - module to generate authentication tickets for mod_auth_tkt apache module.

Apache::AuthTypeKey - Apache authorization handler using TypeKey

Apache::Authen::Generic - A generic authentication handler for the Apache webserver

Apache::Authen::Program - mod_perl external program authentication module


Apache::AuthenLDAP - mod_perl LDAP Authentication Module

Apache::AuthenMSAD - Microsoft Active Directory authentication for Apache

Apache::AuthenMT - Authenticate using Movable Type's database

Apache::AuthenN2 - Authenticate into the NT and NIS+ domains

Apache::AuthenNISPlus - Authenticate into a NIS+ domain

Apache::AuthenNIS - mod_perl NIS Authentication module

Apache::AuthenNTLM - Perform Microsoft NTLM and Basic User Authentication

B<Apache::AuthenPasswdSrv> - mod_perl Authen Handler

Apache::AuthenPasswd - mod_perl /etc/passwd Authentication module

Apache::AuthenProgram - mod_perl external program authentication module

Apache::AuthenRadius - Authentication via a Radius server

Apache::AuthenSecurID - Authentication via a SecurID server

Apache::AuthenSMB - mod_perl NT Authentication module

Apache::AuthenURL - authenticates via another URL

Apache::Authenlemonldap - Perl extension for Apache with lemonldap websso

Apache::AuthzCache - mod_perl Cache Authorization Module

Apache::AuthzLDAP - mod_perl LDAP Authorization Module

Apache::AuthzNIS - mod_perl NIS Group Authorization module

Apache::AuthzNetLDAP - Apache-Perl module that enables you to authorize a user for Website based on LDAP attributes.

Apache::AuthzPasswd - mod_perl /etc/group Group Authorization module

Apache::AuthzSplitDomainUser - mod_perl module for checking the htgroup file while allowing you to manipulate with perl

Apache::AuthzUnix - Apache/Apache2 authorization handler for Unix permissions

Apache::AuthzUserDir - mod_perl UserDir authorization module

Apache::AutoIndex - Perl replacment for mod_autoindex and mod_dir Apache module

Apache::AutoLogin - Automatic login module based on encrypted cookies for sites using basic authentication.

Apache::AxKit::Language::LibXSLTEnhanced - AxKit extension to load perl callbacks for XSL

Apache::AxKit::Language::SpellCheck - XML Text Spell Checker

Apache::AxKit::Language::Svg2AnyFormat - SVG Serializer

Apache::AxKit::Language::XSP::ObjectTaglib - Helper for OO Taglibs

Apache::AxKit::Language::XSP::ObjectTaglib - Helper for OO Taglibs

Apache::AxKit::Plugin::AddXSLParams::Request - Provides a way to pass info from the Apache::Request to XSLT params

Apache::AxKit::Plugin::NotFoundIfPathInfo - return 404 if PATH_INFO is present.

Apache::AxKit::Plugin::Param::Expr - Add arbitrary expressions as AxKit parameters

Apache::AxKit::Plugin::QueryStringCacheRegexp - Cache based on QS and regular expression matching

AxKit::XSP::Session - Session tag library for AxKit eXtensible Server Pages.

AxKit::XSP::Session - Session tag library for AxKit eXtensible Server Pages.

Apache::AxKit::Plugin::Upload - upload tracking for AxKit

Apache::AxKit::Provider::DOM - Base Class For Parsed XML Providers

Apache::AxKit::Provider::File::Formatter - An AxKit Provider that can use any Formatter API module

Apache::AxKit::Provider::File::Syntax - File syntax XML generator

Apache::AxKit::Provider::OpenOffice - OpenOffice package file provider

Apache::AxKit::Provider::PodSAX - Dynamically Serve POD Files as XML

Apache::AxKit::Provider::RDBMS - Perl extension AxKit

Apache::AxKit::Provider::XMLDOMProvider - AxKit Provider for remote XML-DOMs available via HTTP

Apache::AxKit::StyleChooser::Hostname - Choose stylesheet using the hostname of the HTTP request

Apache::BabyConnect - uses DBI::BabyConnect to initiate persistent database connections

Apache::Backend::POE - Communicate with a POE server using persistent connections

Apache::Backhand - Bridge between mod_backhand and mod_perl

Apache::Blog - mod_perl weblog handler

Apache::BruteWatch - Watch the Apache logs and notify of bruteforce password attacks


Apache2::CGI::Builder - CGI::Builder and Apache/mod_perl2integration

Apache2::CGI::Builder - CGI::Builder and Apache/mod_perl2integration

Apache::CIPP - Use CIPP embedded HTML Pages with mod_perl

Apache::CIPP - Use CIPP embedded HTML Pages with mod_perl

Apache::CVS - method handler provide a web interface to CVS repositories

Apache::CacheContent - PerlFixupHandler class that caches dynamic content

Apache::Cache - Cache data accessible between Apache childrens


ChooseLanguage - Perl extension for accessing different versions of a website based on the user preferred language

Apache::Clean - mod_perl interface into HTML::Clean

Apache::ClearSilver - Apache/mod_perl interface to the ClearSilver template system.

Apache::Clickable - Make URLs and Emails in HTML clickable

Apache::CodeRed - Responds to CodeRed worm attacks with e-mail warnings

Apache::CompressClientFixup - Perl extension for Apache-1.3.X to avoid C<gzip> compression for some buggy browsers.

Apache::Compress - Auto-compress web files with Gzip

Apache::ConfigFile - Parse an Apache style httpd.conf config file

Apache::ConfigParser - Load Apache configuration files

Apache::ContentHandler - mod_perl extension for uniform application generation.

Apache::CookieToQuery - Rewrite query string by adding cookie information

Apache::CryptHash - Encrypted tokens for cookies

Apache::CustomKeywords - Customizable toolbar for MSIE



Apache::DBILogConfig - Logs access information in a DBI database

Apache::DBILogger - Tracks what's being transferred in a DBI database

Apache::DBILogin - authenticates and authorizes via a DBI connection

Apache::DBI - Initiate a persistent database connection

Apache::DB - Run the interactive Perl debugger under mod_perl

Apache::DebugInfo - log various bits of per-request data

Apache2::DebugLog - Multidimensional debug logging in mod_perl 2.x

Apache2::DebugLog - Multidimensional debug logging in mod_perl 2.x

Apache::DefaultCharset - AddDefaultCharset configuration from mod_perl

Apache::Description - Managing of descriptions in .htaccess

Apache::Dir - Simple Perl Version of mod_dir

Apache::Dispatch - call PerlHandlers with the ease of Registry scripts


Apache::DoCoMoProxy - NTT DoCoMo HTTP gateway clone for mod_proxy

Apache::DoCoMoUID - Add i-mode terminal's uid to HTTP Request Header

Apache::DumpHeaders - Watch HTTP transaction via headers

Apache::Dynagzip - mod_perl extension for C<Apache-1.3.X> to compress the response with C<gzip> format.


Apache::EnvDir - Dynamically set environment variables via a directory of files

Apache::ErrorControl - Apache Handler for Templating Apache Error Documents

Apache::FakeCookie - fake request object for debugging

Apache::FakeTable - Pure Perl implementation of the Apache::Table interface.

Apache::FastForward - new age of spreadsheet web services

Apache::File::Resumable - example of how to serve resumable files under modperl

Apache::FileManager - Apache mod_perl File Manager

Apache::Filter::HanConvert - Filter between Chinese variant and encodings

Apache::FilteringProxy - A configurable rewriting proxy module for HTTP servers in mod_perl.

Apache::Filter - Alter the output of previous handlers

Apache::FormatLog -- Base package to retrieve logdata for creating Apache access logs from mod_perl handlers.


Apache::GD::Thumbnail - Apache module which generates on-the-fly thumbnails using GD and libjpeg

Apache::GD::Graph - Generate Graphs in an Apache handler.

Apache::GTopLimit - Limit Apache httpd processes

Apache::Gallery - mod_perl handler to create an image gallery

Apache::Gateway - A Bloated Gateway Module

Apache2::GeoIP - Look up country by IP Address

Apache2::GeoIP - Look up country by IP Address

Apache::Gestinanna - Apache support for Gestinanna

Apache::GopherHandler - Gopher protocol implementation for Apache2

Apache::GuessCharset - adds HTTP charset by guessing file's encoding

Apache::GzipChain - compress HTML in the OutputChain

Apache::HEADRegistry - Apache::Registry drop-in for HEAD requests

Apache::HTMLView - Handling compiled HTMLView-fmt's as a mod_perl module in Apache



Apache::HealthCheck - Checks a set of urls for conditions and puts up whatever page you want

Apache::HeavyCGI - Framework to run complex CGI tasks on an Apache server

Apache::Htgroup - Manage Apache authentication group files

Apache::Htpasswd::Perishable - Perl extension for expiring htaccess entries

Apache::Htpasswd - Manage Unix crypt-style password file.

Apache::Icon - Lookup icon images

Apache::Imager::Resize - Fixup handler that resizes and crops images on the fly, caching the results, and doesn't require ImageMagick.



Apache::JavaScript::DocumentWrite - replaces document as javascript document.write

Apache::JemplateFilter - Jemplate complie filter for Apache

Apache::JumpByReferer - Jump or block by Referer header field

Apache::Keywords - Store keywords as a personal profile in a cookie.

Apache::LangPrefCookie - implant a language-preference provided by a cookie into httpd's representation of the Accept-Language HTTP-header.

Apache::LangURI - Rewrite Accept-Language headers from URI path and back


Apache::Layer - Layer content tree over one or more others.

Apache::Lint - Apache wrapper around HTML::Lint

Apache::LoadAvgLimit - limiting client request by system CPU load-averages

Apache::LogFile - Interface to Apache's logging routines

Apache2::LogF - Format Apache 2 log messages like sprintf

Apache2::LogF - Format Apache 2 log messages like sprintf

Apache::LogIgnore - mod_perl log handler to ignore connections

Apache::LogRegex - Parse a line from an Apache logfile into a hash


Apache::Logmonster - Apache log file splitter, processor, sorter, etc

Apache::MIMEMapper - associate file extensions with PerlHandlers

Apache::MONITOR - Implementation of the HTTP MONITOR method

Apache::MP3::Skin - A subclass of Apache::MP3::Playlist with the ability to "skin" the output using HTML::Template

Apache::MP3 - Generate streamable directories of MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files

Apache::MSIISProbes - Responds to worm attacks on Microsoft Internet Information Servers with e-mail warnings.

Apache::MagicPOST - Perl module to emulate arbitray HTTP methods through POST

Apache::Mailtrack - keep track of views of HTML newsletters

Apache::MimeXML - mod_perl mime encoding sniffer for XML files

Apache::MiniWiki - Miniature Wiki for Apache

Apache::Mmap - Associates a scalar with a mmap'd file

Apache::Module - Interface to Apache C module structures

Apache::Motd - Provide motd functionality to a webserver

Apache::MultiAuth - Choose from a number of authentication modules at runtime

B<Apache::NNTPGateway> - A NNTP interface for mod_perl enabled Apache web server.

Apache::NavBarDD - A dynamic double-decker Navigation Bar

Apache::No404Proxy::Mogile - Implementation of Apache::No404Proxy

Apache::No404Proxy - 404 free Proxy

Apache::OWA - Run OWA applications under Apache/mod_perl

Apache::OneTimeDownload - Tolerant mechanism for expiring downloads

Apache::OneTimeURL - One-time use URLs for sensitive data

Apache::OutputChain - chain stacked Perl handlers

Apache::PAR - Perl extension for including Perl ARchive files in a mod_perl environment.

Apache::PHLogin - authenticates via a PH database

Apache::PageKit - MVCC web framework using mod_perl, XML and HTML::Template

Apache::ParseFormData - Perl extension for dealing with client request data

Apache::ParseLog - Object-oriented Perl extension for parsing Apache log files

Apache::Peek - A data debugging tool for the XS programmer

Apache::PerlVINC - Allows versioning of modules among directories or v-hosts.

Apache::Perldoc - mod_perl handler to spooge out HTML perldocs

Apache::Pod - base class for converting Pod files to prettier forms

Apache::Preompress - Deliver already compressed files or decompress on the fly

B<Apache::PrettyPerl> - Apache mod_perl PerlHandler for nicer output perl files in the client's browser.

Apache::PrettyText - Simple mod_perl PerlHandler for text files

Apache::Profiler - profiles time seconds needed for every request

Apache::ProxyConf - Generate Proxy Configuration for browsers.

Apache::ProxyPass - implement ProxyPass in perl

Apache::ProxyRewrite - mod_perl URL-rewriting proxy

Apache::ProxyScan - proxy module to integrate content scanners

Apache::ProxyStuff - mod_perl header/footer/proxy module

Apache::Proxy - Perl interface to mod_proxy

Apache::Queue - An HTTP file queueing system.

Apache::Quota - Flexible transfer limiting/throttling under mod_perl

Apache::RSS - generate RSS output for directory Index.

Apache::RandomImage - Lightweight module to randomly display images from a directory.

Apache::RandomLocation - Perl extension for mod_perl to handle random locations.

Apache::Recorder - mod_perl handler to record HTTP sessions

Apache::RedirectDBI - Redirect requests to different directories based on the existence of a user in one or more database tables

Apache::Reload - Reload changed modules

Apache::Request::I18N - Internationalization extension to Apache::Request


Apache::RequestNotes - pass form and cookie data around in pnotes

Apache::ReverseProxy - An Apache mod_perl reverse proxy

Apache::RewritingProxy - proxy that works by rewriting requested documents with no client proxy config needed.

Bundle::Apache::Roaming - A bundle to install Apache::Roaming and prerequisites

Apache::SMTP - A simple SMTP server using Apache and mod_perl made simple with Apache::TieBucketBrigade

Apache::SPARQL::RDFStore - A mod_perl handler which implements SPARQL HTTP bindings with RDFStore

Apache::SPARQL - mod_perl handler base class to implement a SPARQL query service using HTTP bindings.

Apache::SSI - Implement Server Side Includes in Perl


Apache::Sandwich - Layered document maker

Apache::Scoreboard - Perl interface to the Apache scoreboard structure

Apache::Scriptor::Simple - The simplest way to activate Apache::Scriptor.

Apache::Scriptor - Support for Apache handlers conveyor.

Apache::SearchEngineLog - Logging of terms used in search engines

Apache::Session::Store::CacheAny - use Cache::* for Apache::Session storage

Apache::Session::Counted - Session management via a File::CounterFile

Apache::Session::Store::DBMS - Use DBMS to store persistent objects

Apache::Session::Generate::AutoIncrement - Use monotonically increasing IDs

Apache::Session::Generate::ModUniqueId - use mod_unique_id for session ID generation

Apache::Session::Generate::ModUsertrack - uses mod_usertrack for session ID generation

Apache::Session::Generate::UUID - UUID for session ID generation

Apache::Session::Lazy - Perl extension for opening Apache::Sessions on first read/write access.

Apache::Session::Store::Memcached - Stores persistent data using memcached for Apache::Session storage

Apache::Session::Store::Memorycached - Store persistent data on the network with memcached

Apache::Session::Store::PHP - writes to PHP4 builtin session files


Apache::Session::SQLite - use DBD::SQLite for Apache::Session storage

Apache::Session::Serialize::Dumper - Use Data::Dumper to zip up persistent data

Apache::Session::Serialize::SOAPEnvelope - serialize as SOAPEnvelope

Apache::Session::Serialize::YAML - use YAML for serialization

Apache::Session::Store::SharedMem - Store persistent data in shared memory

Apache::Session::Wrapper - A simple wrapper around Apache::Session

Apache::SessionManager - mod_perl 1.0/2.0 session manager extension to manage sessions over HTTP requests

Apache::SessionX - An extented persistence framework for session data

Apache::Session - Maintain session state across HTTP requests

Apache::SetWWWTheme - Standard theme generation, including sidebars and navigation bars

Apache::SharedMem - Share data between Apache children processes through the shared memory

Apache::SimpleReplace - a simple template framework


Apache::Singleton - Singleton class for mod_perl

Apache::SiteControl - Perl web site authentication/authorization system

Apache::SizeLimit - Because size does matter.

Apache::Stage - Manage A Staging Directory

Apache::Status::DBI - Show status of all DBI database and statement handles

Apache::StickyQuery - rewrites links using sticky query

Apache::Storage - Storing data in Apache.

Apache::StrReplace - Filter between string replace


Apache::Sybase::CTlib - Perl extension for creating persistant database connections to sybase using Apache and Sybperl.

Apache::Sybase::ConPool - A Sybase connection pooling module for Apache/mod_perl

Apache::Syntax::Highlight::Perl - mod_perl 1.0/2.0 extension to highlight Perl code

Apache::TaintRequest - HTML Escape tainted data to prevent CSS Attacks

Apache::TempFile - Allocate temporary filenames for the duration of a request

Apache::Template - Apache/mod_perl interface to the Template Toolkit

Apache::Test - wrapper with helpers for testing Apache

Apache::Throttle - Apache/Perl module for speed-based content negotiation


Apache::TimedRedirect - an Apache TransHandler

Apache::TinyCP - a tiny content provider to put up content really quickly

Apache::TopicMaps - Perl extension for serving topic maps.

Apache::Traffic - Tracks hits and bytes transferred on a per-user basis

Apache::TransLDAP - An Apache+mod_perl Trans Handler

Apache::Upload::Slurp - Component to slurp all uploaded file

Apache::UploadMeter - Apache module which implements an upload meter for form-based uploads

Apache::UploadSvr - A Lightweight Publishing System for Apache


Apache::Usertrack - Emulate the mod_usertrack apache module

Apache::VMonitor - Visual System and Apache Server Monitor

B<Apache::VimColor> - Apache mod_perl Handler for syntax highlighting in HTML.




Apache::Watchdog::RunAway - a Monitor for Terminating Hanging Apache Processes

Apache::WebDAV - Extensible WebDAV server for Apache.

Apache::WebSNMP - Allows for SNMP calls to be embedded in HTML

Apache::WinBitHack - An Apache module to emulate XBitHack on Win32

Apache::Wombat - embed Wombat within an Apache/mod_perl server

Apache::Wyrd - HTML embeddable perl objects under mod_perl

Apache::XBEL - mod_perl to transform XBEL into exciting and fooy HTML documents.


Apache::XPointer::RDQL - mod_perl handler for addressing XML fragments using the RDF Data Query Language.

Apache::XPointer - mod_perl handler to address XML fragments.

Apache::Yaalr - Perl module for Yet Another Apache Log Reader

Apache::iNcom - An e-commerce framework.

Apache::iNcom - An e-commerce framework.