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CPAN World Wide Web HTML HTTP CGI Kwiki Modules

Kwiki::AdSense - Google AdSense Plugin For Kwiki

Kwiki::Ajax::Toolman - Tool-man Javascript Libraries for Kwiki

Kwiki::AnchorLink - Provide Anchor wafl phrase to kwiki

Kwiki::Archive::Cvs - Kwiki Page Archival Using CVS

Kwiki::Archive::Rcs - Kwiki Page Archival Using RCS

Kwiki::Archive::SVK - Kwiki Page Archival Using SVK

Kwiki::Atom - Kwiki Atom Plugin

Kwiki::Attachments - Kwiki Page Attachments Plugin

Kwiki::AuthorOnlyPageEditing - Only the author of the page can edit it

Kwiki::Autoformat - Autoformat preformatted text

Kwiki::Backlinks - Maintain and display a simple database of links to the current page

Kwiki::Blog - Blogging for Kwiki

Kwiki::BreadCrumbs - Kwiki Bread Crumbs Plugin

Kwiki::BroadcastMessage - Broadcasting Messages on Kwiki site.

Kwiki::CachedDisplay - Speed-up Kwiki page display by caching

Kwiki::Cache - Kwiki Cache Plugin

Kwiki::Comments - Post comments to a page

Kwiki::ConfigBlocks - Config kwiki page behavior in the kwiki page

Kwiki::CoolURI - makes the Kwiki url cleaner

Kwiki::DB - base class of front-end of DBI engines for Kwiki

Kwiki::DMOZLink - Create a link to from your Kwiki

Kwiki::DNSBL - Blocks edit from ip addresses in DNS Blackhole lists

Kwiki::DatedAnnounce - Create a date sensitive section of output

Kwiki::Diff::Mutual - The selection of revision of both parties of Diff is enabled.

Kwiki::Diff - display differences between the current wiki page and older revisions

Kwiki::DisableWikiNames - Disable Kwiki WikiNames auto markup

Kwiki::DoubleClickToEdit - Double Click Starts Edit

Kwiki::Edit::AdvisoryLock - Will warn the user if someone else might be editing this page.

Kwiki::Edit::BackgroundSave - Will allow a user to save the current page they are editing while contining to edit the page.

Kwiki::Edit::ContentionManagement - Allows the user to do something when contention occurs besides starting over!

Kwiki::Edit::RequireUserName - Replaces Kwiki::Edit in order to require a user name to edit

Kwiki::Edit::SubEtha - SubEthaEdit Plugin for Kwiki

Kwiki::Email - Kwiki Email Plugin

Kwiki::Emoticon - Emoticon phrase for Kwiki

Kwiki::EscapeURI - uri escape to raw UTF8 links

Kwiki::Export - export Kwiki content into other Wiki formats

Kwiki::Favorites - Kwiki Favorites Plugin

Kwiki::FetchRSS - Wafl Phrase for including RSS feeds in a Kwiki Page

Kwiki::Footnote - Footnote plugin for Kwiki

Kwiki::ForeignLinkGlyphs - display an image after links that aren't local

Kwiki::Formatter::CaptionedImage - Will display an image to the screen with a caption below it.


Kwiki::Formatter::Hatena - Kwiki Formatter with Haten Style

Kwiki::Formatter::Note - Allows you to put "Notes" in your wiki.

Kwiki::Formatter::Pod - Kwiki Formatter Subclass for Pod

Kwiki::GDGraphGenerator - put pretty graphs into your Kwiki pages

Kwiki::GoogleLink - easy links to Google searches

Kwiki::GuestBook - Kwiki Guest Book Plugin

Kwiki::HanConvert - Trad./Simp. Chinese convertor


Kwiki::HomePagePreference - User Selectable HomePage

Kwiki::HtmlBlocks - Kwiki HTML Blocks Plugin

Kwiki::IRCMode - colorized IRC conversations in your Kwiki

Kwiki::Icons::Crystal - Kwiki Crystal Icons plugin

Kwiki::Icons::Gnome - Kwiki Gnome Icons plugin


Kwiki::Infobox - Slash-like Infobox plugin for Kwiki

Kwiki::JSLog - Provides JSLog library for Kwiki

Kwiki::JSON - Provides the JSON javascript library for Kwiki

Kwiki::Keywords - Keywords for Kwiki

Kwiki-Kwiki - Kwiki Kwiki is a Wiki

Kwiki::ListPages - List all Kwiki Pages

Kwiki::LiveSearch - Search and Display pagelink on the fly!


Kwiki::Markdown - A Markdown formatter for Kwiki.

Kwiki::MindMap - Display what's on your mind.

Kwiki::ModPerl - enable Kwiki to work under mod_perl

Kwiki::Navigation_Toolbar - Navigation Toolbar

Kwiki::NewPage - Kwiki New Page Plugin

Kwiki::Notify::IRC - announce updates to your Kwiki on IRC channels

Kwiki::Notify::Mail - send an email when a page is updated

Kwiki::OpenSearch::Service - Make your Kwiki compatible to A9 OpenSearch

Kwiki::OpenSearch - OpenSearch plugin for Kwiki

Kwiki::Orphans - Discovered Orphaned Kwiki Pages


Kwiki::PPerl - Run Kwiki under PPerl

Kwiki::PageInclude - Include other page into this one

Kwiki::PagePrivacy - Kwiki Page Privacy Plugin

Kwiki::PageStats - Count and show page hits with a hook.

Kwiki::PageTemperature - Provide a visual cue to the age of a page

Kwiki::PageTemplate - pre-fill kwiki page with this template

Kwiki::Pages - Kwiki Perldoc Pages

Kwiki::ParagraphBlocks - Kwiki Paragraph Blocks Plugin

Kwiki::PerlTidyBlocks - Kwiki Perl Tidy Blocks Plugin

Kwiki::PerlTidyModule - Kwiki Perl Tidy Module Plugin

Kwiki::PodBlocks - Kwiki Pod Blocks Plugin

Kwiki::Podcast - Podcasting in a Kwiki way

Kwiki::PoweredBy - Kwiki Powered-By Plugin

Kwiki::PreformattedBlocks - Kwiki Preformatted Blocks Plugin

Kwiki::PrinterFriendly - A Kwiki plugin to format pages for printing


Kwiki::Purple - Support Purple Numbers in Kwiki

Kwiki::QuickWAFL - Causes configured WALF methods to have their contents processed by the normal Kwiki formatting engine.

Kwiki::Raw - Provide an action to retrieve the raw wikitext of a page

Kwiki::RecentChanges::Atom - Kwiki Plugin to create an Atom feed of recent changes

Kwiki::RecentChangesRSS - Kwiki RSS Plugin

Kwiki::RecentChanges - Kwiki Recent Changes Plugin

Kwiki::ReferrerLog - Kwiki ReferrerLog Class

Kwiki::RenamePage - Better Names for Misnamed Kwiki Pages

Kwiki::Revisions - Kwiki Revisions Plugin

Kwiki::Scode - Saves you from Wiki spammer.


Kwiki::Search::Plucene - Plucene powered Kwiki search engine

Kwiki::Search::Spotlight - Use Spotlight as Kwiki search engine

Kwiki::Search - Kwiki Search Plugin

Kwiki::Session - Session support in your Kwiki plugin

Kwiki::ShellBlocks - Kwiki Shell Blocks Plugin

Kwiki::ShortcutLinks - WAFL-phrase shortcuts for arbitrary web links

Kwiki::Simple::Server::HTTP - Start a stand-alone kwiki http server

Kwiki::SOAP::Google - Experiment with SOAP request to Google through wafl.


Kwiki::SocialMap - Display social relation of this kwiki site

Kwiki::Spork - Kwiki Spork Plugin

Kwiki::TableOfContents::Print - Provides ability to print entire sections of the kwiki website based on the table of contents information.

Kwiki::TableOfContents - Provides a Table of Contents feature that a template can use to make a wiki work as a manual.

Kwiki::Technorati - Wafl Phrase for including Technorati Cosmos in a Kwiki Page

Kwiki::Template::TT2::UTF8 - UTF8 safe Kwiki Template Toolkit Class

Kwiki::Test - A helper module for testing Kwiki Plugins

Kwiki::Textile - A Textile formatter for Kwiki.

Kwiki::Theme::BlueOcean - Blue Kwiki Theme

Kwiki::Theme::Bluepole - A nice, blue Kwiki Theme

Kwiki::Theme::CPB - Kwiki Theme of some sort

Kwiki::Theme::ColumnLayout - Kwiki Theme with two / three column layout.

Kwiki::Theme::GreenHouse - Green Kwiki Theme

Kwiki::Theme::HLB - Kwiki HLB Theme

Kwiki::Theme::Hatena - Kwiki Hatena Theme

Kwiki::Theme::JustContent - Kwiki JustContent Theme

Kwiki::Theme::Klassik - Kwiki Klassik Theme

Kwiki::Theme::PerlMongers - A theme for Perl Mongers websites

Kwiki::Theme::Selectable - Kwiki Preference to Select a Theme

Kwiki::Theme::TabNav - A simple kwiki theme that looks beest using Kwiki::Toolbar::List

Kwiki::TimeZone - Kwiki Time Zone Plugin

Kwiki::Toolbar::List - Creates an unordered list for the toolbar items in a Kwiki site.

Kwiki::Trackback - Provide a trackback server within Kwiki and a place to display those trackbacks.


Kwiki::URLBL - Block edit based on added URLs by checking URL DNSBL

Kwiki::URLBlock - Blocks edit based on added URLs

Kwiki::UserMessage - Kwiki user message sub-system

Kwiki::Users::Auth - Properl 'users_class' that works with Kwiki::UserName::Auth

Kwiki::UserName::Remote - display the remote user name

Kwiki::UserName - Kwiki User Name Plugin

Kwiki::UserPhoto - User Photo Widget

Kwiki::UserPreferences - Kwiki User Preferences Plugin

Kwiki::Users::Cookie - automatically set Kwiki user name from a cookie based lookup

Kwiki::Users::Remote - automatically set Kwiki user name from HTTP authentication

Kwiki::VimMode - VimMode preformatted forms of text

Kwiki::Weather - Weather button and WAFL for your Kwiki

Kwiki::Widgets::Links - Just put some links on your widget pane.

Kwiki::Widgets::RandomQuote - Quote a random paragraph from all pages.

Kwiki::Widgets::RecentChanges - Widget version of RecentChaneges

Kwiki::Wikiwyg - Wysiwyg Editing for Kwiki

Kwiki::Yahoo - Wafl Phrase for including RSS feeds in a Kwiki Page

Kwiki::Zipcode - Kwiki Zipcode Plugin