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CPAN World Wide Web HTML HTTP CGI WebService Modules

WebService::30Boxes::API - Perl interface to the 30 Boxes API

WebService::Advogato - XML-RPC interface to

WebService::Audioscrobbler - An object-oriented interface to the Audioscrobbler WebService API

WebService::BBC::MusicCharts - Retrieve and return UK music chart listings

WebService::Backlog - Perl interface to Backlog.

WebService::Basecamp - Perl interface to the Basecamp API webservice

WebService::Bloglines::Blogroll - Perl extension to get a blogroll from

WebService::Bloglines - Easy-to-use Interface for Bloglines Web Services

WebService::BuzzurlAPI - Buzzurl WebService API

WebService::CIA - Get information from the CIA World Factbook.

WebService::CRUST - A lightweight Client for making REST calls

WebService::CRUST - A lightweight Client for making REST calls

WebService::CaptchasDotNet - routines for free captcha service

WebService::Careerjet - Perl interface to Careerjet's public search API

WebService::ChangesRSS - Do something with updated blogs on Weblogs.Com, using the RSS which contains blog's updated information.

WebService::ChangesXml - Do something with updated blogs on Weblogs.Com

WebService::EveOnline -- a wrapper intended to provide a consistent interface to the MMORPG game, "Eve Online"

WebService::Eventful - Perl interface to EVDB public API

WebService::FC2::SpamAPI - FC2 blog spam API client

WebService::FogBugz - Perl interface to the FogBugz API

WebService::FreeDB - retrieving entries from FreeDB by searching for keywords

WebService::Geograph::API - Perl interface to the API

WebService::Gnavi - Use Gnavi API From Perl

WebService::Google::Reader - Perl interface to Google Reader

WebService::Google::Sets - Perl access to Google Labs Sets site

WebService::Google::Suggest - Google Suggest as an API

WebService::GoogleHack - Perl package that ties together all GoogleHack modules to implement Natural Language Processing techniques that use the World Wide Web as a source of information. Use this package to access all the functionality of GoogleHack.

WebService::GoogleMaps - Automated interface to Google Maps

WebService::Hatena::AsinCount -- Interface for Hatena::Bookmark:Asin's getCount XML-RPC API

WebService::Hatena::BookmarkCount -- Interface for Hatena::Bookmark's XML-RPC API

WebService::Hatena::Exist - Interface to the HATENA exist API

WebService::Hatena::Fotolife - Interface to the Hatena::Fotolife AtomAPI

WebService::Hatena::Graph - A Perl interface to Hatena::Graph API

WebService::ISBNDB - A Perl extension to access

WebService::Images::IMGSpot - upload an image to

WebService::Images::Nofrag - upload an image to

WebService::JugemKey::Auth - Perl interface to the JugemKey Authentication API

WebService::KakakuCom - Handle WebAPI of

WebService::LastFM::SimilarArtists - Module to retrieve Related Artist information from /

WebService::LastFM - Simple interfece to Last.FM Webservices API

WebService::Lingr - Low-level Lingr Chat API

WebService::Livedoor::Auth - [One line description of module's purpose here]

WebService::Livedoor::Weather - Perl interface to Livedoor Weather Web Service

WebService::Lucene - Module to interface with the Lucene indexing webservice

WebService::Mappoint - Client SOAP implementation for Mappoint, Microsoft's geographic maps web service, based on SOAP::Lite.

WebService::Mogo2 - Perl Interface to


WebService::NFSN - Client for the NearlyFreeSpeech.NET API

WebService::Nestoria::Search - Perl interface to the Nestoria Search public API.

WebService::Nextbus::Agency - Superclass for data structures designed for Nextbus website

WebService::Nextbus - A screen scraper useful for propagating the data structure of WebService::Nextbus::Agency.

WebService::NoPaste - Post to Paste Web Pages

WebService::OCTranspo - Access Ottawa bus schedule information from

WebService::OkiLab::ExtractPlace - Perl interface to the OkiLab ExtractPlace web service

WebService::Pathtraq::API::NormalizeURL - Normalize URL using Pathtraq API.

WebService::PhotoZou - Easy-to-use Interface for PhotoZou Web Services

WebService::Postcodeanywhere::BACS::REST - Perl API for postcodeanywhere BACS Information webservice

WebService::Rakuten - A Perl interface to the Rakuten WebService API

WebService::Recruit::Dokoiku - A Interface for Dokoiku Web Service Beta

WebService::Recruit::HotPepper - perl interface for HotPepper Web Service

WebService::Recruit::Jalan - A Interface for Jalan Web Service

WebService::Reflexa - Perl wrapper for Japanese assoc word search engine.

WebService::Riya - Perl interface to the Riya API

WebService::SimpleAPI::Wikipedia - Handle WikipediaAPI of SimpleAPI

WebService::SongLyrics - Retrieve song lyrics from

WebService::Stikkit - Perl interface to the Stikkit API

WebService::StreetMapLink - An API for generating links to online map services

WebService::SyncSBS::D2H - and hatena bookmark sync

WebService::TRIPIT::Thesaurus - Perl wrapper for Japanese thesaurus search on

WebService::TWFY::API - API interface for

WebService::TagTheNet - Retrieve tags using the REST API

WebService::Tagzania::API - Tagzania API Interface

WebService::Technorati - a Perl interface to the Technorati web services interface

WebService::TestSystem - Web service for implementing a distributed testing system.

WebService::TicketAuth - Ticket-based authentication module for SOAP services

WebService::TimeLine - Perl interface to @nifty TimeLine API

WebService::Timelog - A Perl interface to Timelog API

WebService::Trynt::PDF - Easy Interface for Trynt PDF Web Services

WebService::Upcoming - Perl interface to the Upcoming API

WebService::Validator::CSS::W3C - Interface to the W3C CSS Validator

WebService::Validator::Feed::W3C - Interface to the W3C Feed Validation service

WebService::Validator::HTML::W3C - Access the W3Cs online HTML validator

WebService::Windows::LiveID::Auth - Perl implementation of Windows Live ID Web Authentication 1.0

WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor - Perl wrapper for the Yahoo! Term Extraction WebService

WebService::YahooJapan::WebMA - Easy-to-use Interface for Yahoo! Japan Web MA Web Service

WebService::YouTube - Perl interfece to YouTube