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Digital Photographer's Handbook
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Note: Links for Canon, Microtek, Apple and EPSON hardware documents have now moved to the HelpSpy test site here, we apologize for the confusion caused during this transition process.


How Digital Cinema Works  [28 Dec 2007]
George Lucas didn't use any film creating "Attack of the Clones" -- the entire movie was shot on digital video! Find out what digital cinema is all about. (howstuffworks.com archive)
How Digital Picture Frames Work  [28 Dec 2007]
A digital picture frame is the perfect gadget for sharing digital photos with the computerless. Learn how these Internet appliances keep the technophobe in the loop. (howstuffworks.com archive)
How Video Editing Works  [28 Dec 2007]
Have a camcorder and a computer? Add a piece of software to the mix and you can turn a home movie into a high-quality video masterpiece. Learn about digital video editing. (howstuffworks.com archive)
How Webcams Work  [28 Dec 2007]
Webcams let you monitor your home, share live video with friends and show the world what's going on in your refrigerator. Learn how to set up your own! (howstuffworks.com archive)
IBM UltraPort Camera - Publications  [28 Dec 2007]




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