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How EUV Chipmaking Works  [28 Dec 2007]
Extreme ultraviolet lithography can produce microprocessors that are 100 times faster than today's fastest. Find out about EUV chipmaking. (howstuffworks.com archive)
How Microcontrollers Work  [28 Dec 2007]
Most modern electronic devices contain an embedded microcontroller. It's basically a dedicated computer. Find out how these devices work and experiment with one on your own! (howstuffworks.com archive)
How Microprocessors Work  [28 Dec 2007]
The heart of any computer is the microprocessor, also known as the CPU. Learn all about the amazing, ever-shrinking technology that makes your computer compute. (howstuffworks.com archive)
Installing/Upgrading A Processor  [28 Dec 2007]
Processor Upgrading FAQ  [28 Dec 2007]

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