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Red Hat Linux 8 for Dummies
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Linux AI & Alife HOWTO  [28 Dec 2007]
AI-Alife-HOWTO: Information about, and links to, various AI related software libraries, applications, etc. that work on the Linux platform. (Updated: June 2001)
Linux Quake HOWTO  [28 Dec 2007]
Quake-HOWTO: How to install, run and troubleshoot Quake, QuakeWorld and Quake II on an Intel Linux system. (Updated: December 1998)
Sat (Satellite Technology) HOWTO  [28 Dec 2007]
Sat-HOWTO: Investigates "State of Art" Sat connections in a Linux environment; how to get them faster and how to share them with many clients. (Updated: July 2002)
The Linux Gamers' HOWTO  [28 Dec 2007]
Linux-Gamers-HOWTO: A stepping stone to get the most common problems resolved and to give people the knowledge to begin thinking intelligently about what is going on with their games. (Updated: September 2002)
The teTeX HOWTO: The Linux-teTeX Local G  [28 Dec 2007]
TeTeX-HOWTO: Covers the basic installation and usage of the teTeX TeX and LaTeX implementation, plus auxiliary packages like Ghostscript. (Updated: November 1998)
Vim Color Editor HOWTO (Vi Improved w/sy  [28 Dec 2007]
Vim-HOWTO: A guide to very quickly setup Vim color editor on Linux or Unix systems. (Updated: November 2002)
VoIP Howto  [28 Dec 2007]
VoIP-HOWTO: Voice Over IP is a new communication means that let you telephone with Internet at almost null cost. This document covers how this is done. (Updated: August 2002)
Wireless Sync HOWTO  [28 Dec 2007]
Wireless-Sync-HOWTO: Explains how to perform a wireless, network sync between a Handspring Visor and jpilot or jpilot-sync. (Updated: December 2001)

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