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Red Hat Linux 8 Bible
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Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Con  [28 Jan 2005]
Adv-Routing-HOWTO: A very hands-on approach to iproute2, traffic shaping and a bit of netfilter. (Updated: July 2002)
Masquerading Made Simple HOWTO  [28 Jan 2005]
Masquerading-Simple-HOWTO: Describes how to enable the Linux IP Masquerade feature on a given Linux host. Should be used as a complement to the the (Updated: July 2002)
PortSlave How-To using the Linux Router  [28 Jan 2005]
PortSlave: A beginning document for using Portslave with the Linux router. (Updated: October 2000)
Querying libiptc HOWTO  [28 Jan 2005]
Querying-libiptc-HOWTO: Explains how to use the libiptc library included in the iptables package and how to use programs to query the internal structures. (Updated: April 2002)

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